9 Replies to “A Typical Redevelopment Light Fixture”

  1. I was pointing out these styrofoam prison towers to my wife last night at market night. Someone had poked holes in the stryofoam, probably with a pencil. She thought it was kind of funny that they were made out of foam. Then I told her how much we paid for them and how we would be paying again to replace them in a few years. Not good.



    Yes, they are made out of styrofoam and covered in a thin layer of stucco. I believe a firm kick would bring the entire structure to the ground. Grandmaster Tiger Yang, are you up for a challenge?

  3. This is ugly, inconvenient for pedestrians, and a waste of our money! Who made the decision to install these useless light fixtures? And, are they really Styrofoam???

  4. this is not a typical redevelopment light fixture. it is an expensive eyesore. someone needs to remind fullerton city council members that our economy can no longer support the aesthetic vision of the select few who are given easy access to our tax dollars.

  5. I like Travis’ idea about the Grand Master Tiger Yang. I say we do it on FFFF 1st Annual Whacking Day!

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