Sharon Quirk Spinning Like a Top

doesn't it make you feel dizzy?
doesn't it make you feel kind of dizzy?

After receiving a barrage of criticism about her support of the McDonald’s relocation fiasco, Fullerton council member Sharon Quirk informed us and others about her decision to change her decision.

Our Redevelopment sources at city hall have told us that at the latest closed door session of the city council Quirk was dissuaded from her decision and in effect signaled her decision to changed her decision to change her decision.

We weren’t there, but we will bet anything that staff used there favorate standby “you cant do this he’ll sue us” to which we say, “let him“. Once again the bureaucrats at city hall have chosen to stay the course believing as they do that in Fullerton it’s better to hide the boondoggle later than to admit a mistake now, and with feeble council members like Sharon Quirk, they may be right.

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  1. Today, McDonald’s stock is at $57.18 and their Mkt Cap at $63Billion…is Fullerton that rich?

    Can’t McDonald’s step up and pay for Frisbee to move their restaurant closer to all of those hungry kids? This is the ultimate bamboozle Frisbee pulled off–kudos.

    Every Fullerton business owner should ask the city to pay to have them moved closer to their prime customers.

    Hard to believe council went for this. Free McNuggets?

  2. This blog is addicting! But it’s a lot cheaper than online day trading. I lost my *** in the ’90’s.

    So, Sharon, if I threaten to sue on behalf of taxpayers, you WILL change your vote?

    Staff and their hired legal guns will do all they can to save this fiasco–but they don’t have to face the voters whose pockets they’re picking!

  3. A lawsuit will be cheaper than the $5M+ to move one of the richest companies in the US retail outlets.

    Why the HELL should we pay for that? I don’t even eat there!!!

    CHANGE THE VOTE!!! (will make for exceptional hit-pieces)

  4. We shouldn’t pay for that is the answer! Free Nuggets or not, that is a rediculous decision on behalf of our council.

  5. McDonald’s may be awash in fast-food cash, but why should they drop one nickel to relocate Mr. Frisbee’s restaurant if he doesn’t even want to move? To what end? So that RDA can feel powerful in bullying him off the block? Frisbee should hold his ground, refuse to move and let the city staff blowhards (clowncil members included) whimper and whine, enough is enough.

  6. Isn’t OBESITY one of the biggest problems with America’s youth!? We are going to spend $6 million to move the McDonald’s CLOSER to the school so that the teens do not have to walk 150-ft FARTHER to get their 1000-calorie afternoon snack?! If Fullerton’s money is going to be spent on fast food restaurants, it should be to get rid of the damn things!

  7. jacaranda jay, I support the class action suit on behalf of fullerton residents to stop our taxdollars being wasted on its useless projects. I repeat myself when I say what does an elementary school teacher know about blight, redevelopment or government at any level. Quirk is our municipal jerk

  8. Van,

    You’re too hard on Quirk. She’s a nice person at least trying to do the right thing. Of the 3 who voted for this McBoondoggle, at least she’s openly considering switching her vote.

    It’s up to us to put her over. Call this the Big Mac Counterattack!

    As for the class action suit, make me a plaintiff!!

  9. Jacaranda Jay, let’s say a good looking married woman is “nice” too some single guy who is itching for some….., don’t you think that “niceness” may be misconstrued? “Nice” doesn’t get the job done in politics, it never has and never will, we need “good” leaders, intelligent ones, ones who will openly admit error. Do you think Quirk would admit error? Do you think she will hold “anyone” accountable for the mess she’s in, do you think she would even try to determine who was responsible for the 6 MILLION $ burger-cheese-meltdown?

    Van, you rock…………. JJ, your too….. “nice”!

  10. Kevin–True to all you say. I just objected to the word “jerk”.

    And, yes, I think she WOULD admit to error. In fact I think she already HAS admitted it was the wrong vote, but staff’s convinced her it’s too late to switch.

  11. larry teeters, I support a recall to remove fullerton council members who grossly mismanage our tax dollars. We are in an economic depression and these council members are wasting our tax dollars on silly RDA projects. quirk may be a nice lady, but nice is not a synonymous with intelligent or competent leadership. What collection of people put this paper and glue clown into municipal power?

  12. jacaranda jay, persuasion will not stop quirk or change her vote on Mcdonald’s fiasco because she is weak. It is evident she is clueless and that is why she is so easily swayed by stronger, self-serving politicians. quirk is fullerton’s Achilles heel.

  13. kevin T, thanks for the compliment. Jacaranda jay , don’t denigrate yourself by kissing council members’ butts to persuade them to sanity, it is undignified. stand your ground and force these incompetents out of office.

  14. Thanks for the opportunity. I like reading a different perspective to the many issues presented regarding our city.

  15. Minard, I’m glad to see that you like reading different perspectives to the issues, just curious, what’s your opinion on spending $6 million in tax dollars moving McD’s 150′ closer to Fullerton High School?

  16. With the knowledge I have at hand, I believe $6 million of the city’s money is a lot to waste on this project.

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