4:1 Fullerton Council “Clueless” Ratio

Below is a link to a video of the January 6th Fullerton City Council meeting. Try this. Jump to item 14 and watch the various members discuss the proposal to RETROACTIVELY increase city employee pensions. Your challenge in responding to this post is to explain how any member other than Shawn Nelson does not appear to be clueless. In all fairness, Pam Keller may have escaped “clueless” status in this segmant as it was unclear as to when she figured out that the proposal was a bad idea. But for Quirk and Bankhead, it was as though somebody just let them know that the earth isn’t flat and they’re pissed. Heads are going to roll. By essentially implying to Nelson that opposing defined benefits to public employees is unconcionable, Bankhead is literally arguing that the math should be damned. It’s really worth the watch for the entertainment value alone if you know the players. Warning. If you were hoping that Sharon Quirk had a basic understanding of her responsibilities, have a martini first because you are about to be enlightened. http://fullerton.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=127

6 Replies to “4:1 Fullerton Council “Clueless” Ratio”

  1. Hooka, there is only one word that aptly descibes Bankhead, Jones, Keller, and especially Quirk: STUPID.

    While it’s possible to be intelligent and still be ignorant about this subject or that, being STUPID precludes any hope that you won’t ever get yourself informed.

    The funny thing about politics is how many really STUPID and incompetent people get into it. Basically their ambition far surpases their ability (of which they don’t have any because they are STUPID). Then they just become immediate staff sttoges because they can’t understand any of the crap that’s put in front of them and they have to rely on their “experts.” If they’re good and clean their plates they get a staff cookie.

  2. I love the picture of Mr. Jones, I can’t believe that Fullerton cannot find anyone who has any common sense that wants to run for office that does not already work for the government.

    Why is it that only stooges and nuts run for office?

    Perhaps Nelson can answer that question since he appears to be the only non-stooge.

  3. Julie, how is North Korea compared to Fullerton, and how surprised were you when you were elected to the Fullerton City Council and then reelected, especially since you didn’t even live in Fullerton, and do not understand english? I guess anyone can get elected to the city council if you say the right things 🙁

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