The Tax Meeting

There it goes…

The City is meeting tomorrow to to talk about putting a sales tax on the November ballot.

The staff report wrongly states that the City Council requested this item, which is an intentional lie. The matter was placed on the agenda by the minority of Ahmad Zahra and Shana Charles, two individuals I wouldn’t trust to run a lemonade stand.

Show me the money…

These two fought long and hard to discuss the issue on June 4th, even though no public notice of a tax was on the silly revenue-grab agenda.

Tomorrow we will see a small army of Fullerton Boohoos crying out for a 13% sales tax increase on the ballot. Obviously they want to go for a general use tax because that only takes 50%+1 to win, whereas a special use tax requires 66% – an almost impossible hurdle.

But there’s the rub. A general use tax requires a 4/5 council majority to put it on the ballot, and the pro-tax Zahra and Charles don’t seem to be able to manage the simple majority required to put a special use tax on the ballot.

So what’s the point of this charade? We’ve seen this Zahra act before: mobilize his coterie of “underserved” residents to harangue the Council, and thus embarrass Jung, Whitaker and Dunlap.

Put your money in the bucket over there!

But this is not the ludicrous Trail to Nowhere, and bullying won’t work. There’s only one meeting available to get this done, and tomorrow won’t be it.

“Appetisers” for all…

The only question I have is whether District 4 candidate Vivian Kitty Jaramillo will stand up and support the tax.

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  1. You nailed it. Zahra just wants a chance to have his minions rail at the other three for an hour or so.

  2. It would be a great opportunity for tax hike supporters to announce a resident driven campaign to put it on the ballot.

    1. Not nearly enough time to make it happen in November. It would have to come from the City Council to make the November ballot.

      1. Well, I suppose they ought to have started earlier, given the slim chances of it getting on a ballot.

        1. You make a good point. Instead of the stupid “consultant” route.

          Maybe if Zahra had spent more time raising getting siggies for the tax and less time organizing protests for the Trail to Nowheresville.

          1. Or selling shirts at the Farmer’s market to paint the mural on Lemon. Always taking money from his minions in District 5.

          2. Zahra is a lot like Hunter Biden. He has no real marketable skills or talent so political grift is his primary means of survival.

                1. Or anywhere else. The “Doctor” isn’t in. But he sure loves the title.

  3. Relative sales tax change of 13% is actually an absolute change of 1%, yeah?

    Meaning: plus one penny on the dollar. Which would convey the meaning of the proposal better to most people.

    Seems to me you’re intending to confuse with your imprecise language.

    Also news flash: Zahra and Charles are members of Fullerton City Council, so when they request things of Staff, it’s reasonable to say at the request of the Council. No reasonable person would call that a lie of any kind.

    1. No, the Council is everybody, not just your two bobble heads.

      An increase percentage is based on what is increasing, not the amount per something else.

      We learned this in fourth grade.

      1. “An increase percentage is based on what is increasing, not the amount per something else”

        Hmm tf does that mean?

        The term of art is absolute versus relative change in a percentage. Without stating which, it’s simply ambiguous.

        I’d guess when most people refer to a x% increase IN A PERCENTAGE VALUE they mean an absolute change not a relative change. A (relative) percent change in a percent is just confusing. Which was PB’s intent. It makes a bigger number so it’s scarier.

        1. And the City uses the small number because it’s not so scary. Hmm. wtf.

          Hoggerbooger’s MBA from Cal State Fullerton Community College strikes again.

    2. Hoogie Haiku

      Lonely man speaks loud,
      Words clash like brittle echoes,
      Truth eludes his grasp.

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