Surprise: High School District Wants More of Your Money

Just in case you thought the City of Fullerton was the only government agency that wants to put their hand in your pocket, you can think again. Back on April 9th the Fullerton Joint Union High School District held another one of those ridiculous “workshops” where the only work going on is push polling designed to get the school board to put yet another school bond on the ballot.

This item was agendized under the harmless sounding title of Facilities Master Plan Update.

This was none other than an opportunity for the school district’s army of six-figure educrats to sing the blues about how they need hundreds upon hundreds of millions of new property taxes to bring the wonders of technology to the districts underserved teenagers.

Just as the City did, the high school district employed the kindly offices of a consultant, True North, to do a poll. And guess what? The consultant (who specializes in managing technology upgrade projects) informed the Board that indeed, yes, their survey of 695 individuals indicated support for a bond, perhaps not realizing that district property owners are still in the process of paying off two previous facilities bonds and will be doing so for another twenty years.

Well, there it is. As with Fullerton, the District will need to adopt a resolution pretty quickly to get this bond on the November 2024 ballot. These things usually are timed with annual budgets although assuming a victory at the polls remains iffy, indeed.

In March of 2020 the FJUHSD’s Measure K – a deceitful operation from A to Z – went down to defeat. So did the Fullerton Elementary School District bond attempt, Measure J, on the same day. Will the FSD try another bond double-header like they did last time?

Stay tuned Friends and let’s see what happens in June. And like last time we’ll be reporting on the Bond Sales Industrial Complex to see who’s funding such an attempt.

11 Replies to “Surprise: High School District Wants More of Your Money”

  1. Bushala beat ’em back for 4 years. That’s heroic work.

    They can’t beat a determined Local Hero with the resources to fight for all of us.

    Tony deserves a Key to the City!

    1. Hear Hear! Key to the City! High school trustees has Joanne Fawley, a communist; Vicki Calhoun, a know nothing; and a bunch of progressive nutjobs so Bond measure comin.

  2. The love of money is the root of all evil. The educrats at FJUHSD, the City of Fullerton public employee unions crime syndicate, and the prodigals on the Fullerton City Council must cleanse themselves of their unrighteousness and stop coveting their neighbor’s income!

  3. more money for schools benefits our community leaps and bounds more than giving more money to the police.

    so many sad comments here. selfishness, greed abounding

    1. Only in the warped minds of Progressives and Marxists would wanting to keep what you earned through your own blood, sweat, toil, and risk to take care of your family and its needs he considered “selfishness, greed abounding”.

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