Palestine Protest Comes to Fullerton

I found this in the FFFF drop box today, notice of a protest and “banner drop” this afternoon:

River to Sea means reclamation of Palestine for its inhabitants who were pushed out of the way for the creation of the religio-political State of Israel.

Could be a fun event. It might also be interesting to see who doesn’t attend.

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  1. If it weren’t for Zionism there would be peace in the Middle East and a whole lot less terrorism in the world.

    Israel was created by American race-guilt at the expense of the Arab population.

        1. An antisemitic domestic terrorist, yes, but certainly not a “pro-American” or even a decent human being — “anonymous”.

      1. People who claim to be religious but do not practice or selectively practice its beliefs. It’s very common for politicians to align with a religion but to be secular and even immoral in practice.

    1. Colors of the Palestine flag. They use the watermelon as a substitute symbol for their flag. The Zio-Nazis have banned it and kill people for displaying it. But don’t forget; Israel is the “only democracy in the middle east”!

    1. We didn’t get enough notice of the rally to get our people out there to the City one. Did join the campus SJP one though!

  2. Didn’t Jung get slapped for using the city logo on business cards for his phony crew?
    Why is this whatever allowed to use what may look to the layman as an official logo for the City of OC?

    1. Please rethink your this whatever comment. There is no City of OC and nothing on the announcement looks like the County of Orange seal.

    1. There may not be any if Zahra doesn’t show up. But being there would be real bad for his “brand.”

  3. No show from Zarha or Shana. So much for our “progressive” council persons. Progressive Except on Palestine. However, there were many Jews and Muslims as well as mostly true Christians since it was sponsored by Pal Christians. No Zionist Christians of course. They are too busy on Sundays paying homage to the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv,

  4. Mr. Peabody, Israel is not a “religio-political State”. It’s a settler colonial regime. It uses the decoy of Biblical myth to ethnically cleanse the indigenous population. It has nothing to do with faith or worship of a supreme being. Unfortunately, many Americans have fallen for the trick that implicates Judaism and Christianity.

    1. I didn’t comment on the authenticity of the religious belief, only note that the regime uses it (at least) as a pretext for its existence

  5. Since when does “Fullerton’s Future” have anything to do with religion? Separate church and state man.

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