Fullerton City News Opines on Noise Debacle Downtown

Just kidding…

A publication called Fullerton City News features a very detailed look on the embarrassing nuisance noise situation created by Downtown Fullerton’s scofflaw bar owners, and the even less than feeble efforts of the City’s code enforcement crew to do something about it. As FFFF noted, here, City staff’s latest response to the 15 year old problem is to let the noise get louder.

By the way, I enjoy the fun Fullerton City News masthead and logo. It’s a takeoff on the city seal, and a nice and well-deserved shot at the less than worthless Fullerton Observer pretending to be “independent.”

Here’s the story:

“Since 2009 the Fullerton City Council has been going back and forth with bar owners and their proxies on City Staff, specifically in the Community Development Department, over how loud Downtown Fullerton should be on any given night.

The short version of this story is that staff is trying to implement a “noise zone” in Downtown Fullerton. Despite building housing basically on top of the bars (and approving a hotel at the train station), somehow it makes sense to make this mixed-use residential area LOUDER.”

See the whole article, here.

17 Replies to “Fullerton City News Opines on Noise Debacle Downtown”

  1. This is a very comprehensive report, addressing all the information our City Council should be addressing. I hope they read it.

    Staff should be ashamed of themselves, 4 Planning Directors and 4 City Managers abandoning any pretense of professionalism while kowtowing to Jennifer Fitzgerald and the douchebag bar owners.

  2. At least it’s good to know there’s somebody out there really paying attention. It sure won’t be the Observer’s collection of City Hall/Amhad Zahra stooges.

  3. The only blaring trash rap is only just occasionally occurrence of Hopscotch. The night owl has more welcoming sounds. Bourban street used to crank up their front outside speakers but are ok now.
    I’m not sure what all the fuss is about..
    Their are no longer loud bands on the train dock Fridays the tenant’s moved out . Looking forward to a Jazz club going in there

      1. Bushalas have been talking about a jazz something there for years. Nothing to show for it. Typlical Bushala antics. Mayor Nick isn’t doing anything about noise in downtown. He’s busy kissing babies and giving dumb speeches.

          1. Somebody call the wambulance! City staffers didn’t kiss the ground he walks on. If Bushala bothered to do anything in the last 20 years that isn’t punching down at Ahmad or opposing a trail he would know getting anything done is hard. Feeling sorry for yourself and complaining is easier.

            1. Bushala’s done more for Fullerton than the little weasel Ahmad Zero and his entire entourage of unemployed ass-kissers could could ever imagine doing.

                1. He stood up to the people that murdered Kelly Thomas and who then tried to cover it up. Where were you?

                2. Kelly Thomas?!! I was killed 13 years ago! What’s Bushala done since Mister Know It All?

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