The Importance of Being Self-Important

When you’re a politician and really feel the need to promote yourself what do you do? You wait for an opportunity. Almost any opportunity will do if you’re truly needy and advertising your brand is critical to your narcissist mission.

Here, our esteemed Councilmembers from District 3 and 5 have joined forces for a truly unnecessary exercise in showing how wonderful they are – Jewish and Arab-Muslim leaders. Of course the word leader should be placed within quotation marks.

How wonderful. Except that I have to wonder about the use of the City letterhead bearing the official City seal. Is this sort of expression even legal? Someone should ask Dick Jones of the “I Can’t Believe It’s A Law Firm.”

50 Replies to “The Importance of Being Self-Important”

  1. At least they admit that they don’t have “impact” in the Middle East.

    Come to think of it, they don’t have any impact in Fullerton, either.

  2. Why? What would make either of them think anyone cares what they think? The level of self importance is off the charts! Amazing lack of understanding the moment.

  3. I’m quite surprised didn’t bring up the gays (from both sides, of course) who were victims of these horrible tragedies…

  4. Those who can make it happen. Those who can’t write useless memos.
    Charles and Zahra love the sound of their own above all.

  5. What an embarrassment. Personally, I’d rather hear the unsolicited, pointless thoughts of Egleth and Bernard.

    1. I can’t believe it’s not butter Humble! Come on though. No one wants to hear the rants and ravings coming from Bernard’s squeak raspy pie hole. Or the Espanol theater of speak perfect English Egleth. Both need a J-O-B!

  6. You people pretend everything Zahra and Charles do is a problem. It doesn’t have anything to do with what is actually going on. You’re just 100% on the attack 100% of the time for political reasons. That’s it.

    This blog post is a perfect example. Political leaders all over America sign on to these unity statements. It’s pure sentiment and won’t do anything but to get upset about it is deserving of ridicule.

    You’re doing everything wrong, haha, lol, get over yourselves.

    1. Don’t like it? Start your own blog in which you peddle the errant nonsense of these to fatuous fatheads. You can call it “Fullerton Observer Lite.”

    2. Their comments are genuinely out of place and lack an appropriate ADULT message. If true that other local “leaders” have made statements on these world events (why and who cares), it matters not and certainly doesn’t make them immune from criticism. Read their statement a couple times. Mentioning the violence and terrorism leading to war in the Middle East in the context of their noble fight to protect “peace and prosperity in our community” is asinine. What an opportunistic way to communicate their message. Why not wait for their Christmas Card?

    3. “You people” is the pejorative term smug, self-righteous, bloviating ideologic morons like JRH use to describe anyone who doesn’t worship the same false idols they do. Angry elves unite!

      1. Yes, you people.

        Sorry but angry, abusive mean girls cliques like this crowd aren’t a protected class.

    4. Which local “political leaders” have signed unity statements Johnny Know It All? None you big dummy. It is not in their scope of influence and most people understand it isn’t their place. Sometimes your smart ass comments hurt the very point you struggle to make. 100% attack? Have you heard your boy who wished he was demigod Ahmad? All he and his surrogates do is attack. But you’re either too uninformed or dumb to notice Johnny Know It All.

      1. Cuckold? Says the Bushala-cuck. And I bet you get paid nothing for either your bloviation activism or acquiescence.

        Unity statements make the most sense at the community level, in fact. Hate crimes are usually person to person, at the local level not national mass terror incidents.

        These unity statements tend to happen at all levels.

        1. Why are you so angry all the time. The Fullerton Observer is now running articles by some retired psychology therapist. Maybe she can help you.

          1. I’m not angry, but it sure describes the unhinged ad hominem insult comics that infest this comment section.

            They’re not educated sufficiently to be embarrassed at their content free posts.

            Ad hominem attacks and rhetorical baiting (“why are you so angry?”) = Instant capitulation.

            Meanwhile I endeavor to to bring facts and argument. You know, like we learned at university when they taught us to be fully fledged members of society.

            I guess if you cannot pound them with the facts, pound the table.

            1. You should stick to your own kind at the Observer. You can all chant your foolish mantra: “waste money good, question stupidity, bad.”

              1. You do understand that making the bicycle plan and applying for the grant all took government spending, right? After all that work which was requested by council in the form of the bicycle master plan, it got knifed for nonsensical reasons.

                Cancelling the trail was the waste of my money if you actually understand the facts of what happened. Why did it happen? We still don’t really know because the stated reasons were obvious dissembling.

                1. And “government” produced a stupid bike plan.

                  Government also produced a lying, misinformation application for the “Trail to Nowhere.” The truth is coming out. Nobody did any environmental testing as stated on the application. The application was a lie and the State could have easily revoked the grant – after the unused Trail to Nowhere was built.

              2. The angriest elf ever tries to convince everyone he isn’t angry. Angry fools like JRH are always entertaining.

            2. The angriest elf ever tries to convince everyone he isn’t angry. Angry fools like JRH are always entertaining.

            3. Self-righteous much? Sounds familiar. No wonder you defend their ludicrous hero letter.

  7. And can we get back to 24/7 attacks on the “dead” “you lost” trail that you’re not even a little bit worried about being a live political issue?

    1. The Trail to Nowhere is dead. We are going after the incompetence and lies that created it and that still bounce around in the noggins of its “supporters,” such as they are.

      And that includes your stupid Master Bike Plan which is also based on nonsense and shows impossibilities. But don’t let impossibilities get in the way of the abstract concept. The true boohoo mind hard at “work.”

  8. John R. Hogerhuis was voted “most likely to be a fucking idiot”.

    It’s in the yearbook.

    You see, we had him all figured out.

  9. Johnny Know It All is now Johnny Has An Opinion On Every Single Thing! You stupid nobody. No one cares what you think. Find your audience in the kiddie section idiot. Adults can see through your bull.

    1. john hancock, Doctor Shana’s “a” is equally long winded as Zero’s “a”. Hum, perhaps a narcissist trait?

      Wonder what Dr. Ott has to say about the subject.

  10. JRH thinks he can negotiate with a tiger with his head in its mouth. Fools think they can do anything regardless of their ability and circumstances.

  11. If these two are as insufferable and bloviating as a Council minority, imagine the shit show that will envelope Fullerton if they ever find themselves in the majority. 2024 voters, please be Uber careful and be paying attention because these two would be the final nail in the Fullerton coffin.

    1. So true. District elections have contributed greatly to getting morons elected. Both Shana and Akhmad were elected with way less than 50% of the vote thanks to 3rd candidate shills.
      For 2024, Jackass Silva will run again against Nick Dunlap in District 2. He must be defeated. In District 4, Bruce is termed out and who knows which socialist idiot will run.

      1. Fullerton is already screwed. There is nowhere to go but further down until Fullerton reaches its bottom and gets into a Civic 12 Step program.

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