The Green Machine

Looks like somebody is delving into the relationship between Fullerton City Councilman Ahmad Zahra and the Southern California dope lobby.

Here’s a Public Records Act request made recently at City Hall passed along to FFFF, because, well, we’re interested in this sort of thing.

It’s interesting to see the names Zahra, Spiker, Rafiei and Thakur strung together. Ken Spiker and Associates is a government lobbyist who is interested in profiting from the legal weed game; and, of course we’ve all heard of Melahat Rafiei, the highly placed Democrat who was recently ensnared by the FBI in a bribery scandal in Irvine. It looks like somebody wants to know if one of Rafiei’s greasy tentacles extended into Fullerton’s politics, including ethics-free Fullerton School Board member Aaruni Thakur, who unsuccessfully ran for City Council with a fake address in 2020.

Melahat in better days. (Image shamelessly harvested without permission from Voice of OC)

Folks in a lot of Orange County towns are starting to wonder if Rafiei’s influence peddling in the marijuana dispensary game has been going on in their cities.

Apparently someone in Fullerton is wondering about that, too.

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  1. Zahra has been in bed with the weed cartel for years. I’m sure they’ve raised cash for him. I’m also confident in saying he’s tied into Melahat Rafiei who had her fat little fingers in every OC pie.

  2. Don’t forget Jesus Silva-Quirk. He went to work for that weasel Ortega guy who is also trying real hard to get into the dispensary lobbying business.

  3. Zahra’s followers believe any self-serving nonsense he spews. He’ll never let them believe he was connected to Rafieri.

  4. But, Birds of a feather flock together! Those kind of glad handers weasel their way into government and get into positions to abuse our children. Tar and feather ’em.

  5. Melahat plead guilty to basically bribing politicians dealt down to wire fraud (what a crock). It should remind us all that sometimes defendants receive no charge at all in exchange for community service (remember when delivering meals to seniors and bragging about it on Facebook was cool) in the case of a battery. Someone made a comment about the link between Melahat and a Fullerton politician and a wannabe. Will FFFF be uncovering more truths that voters in District 5 will ignore because they can’t see past the many lies of Zahara??????

  6. Rachel Dolezal claimed blackness and fooled enough smart people to become a chapter prez of the NAACP. Does anyone believe this guy is even Muslim? Cannibas isnt a shiite belief.

  7. I am absolutely appalled by the corruption that has taken root in our city council, and I firmly believe that decisive action is long overdue. Zahra’s criminal activities with FBI convict Melehat is completely unacceptable and the truth must be brought to light for the sake of our residents. (Mr School Board President Aaruni Thakur’s attempt to push weed onto our children is reprehensible!)

    Without swift and decisive action, Fullerton could easily follow in the footsteps of Anaheim, and I simply will not stand for that. That is why we need to recall Ahmad Zahra now. Together, we can send a powerful message that corruption will not be tolerated in our community and that we will fight to ensure that we protect the quality of life in Fullerton.

    It is absolutely unacceptable for elected officials to engage in corrupt and illegal activities, and it is important to hold them accountable for their actions. The impact of corruption on our city cannot be overstated – it erodes public trust, undermines the democratic process, and harms the most vulnerable among us. It is undeniably unfair when people with ill intentions and questionable morals, such as Ahmad Zahra are able to attain positions of power and authority. These individuals often abuse their power and influence to the detriment of others, causing immeasurable harm and suffering.

    Can someone please get this guy recalled and out of office???!!! Let’s send a clear message that corruption will not be tolerated!

  8. Zahra can’t be recalled! He listens to me! Finally, a man listens to me!!!! Please leave him alone so I have a male friend. I am so lonely because all I have is my pension from the City of Fullerton as a racist, ineffective code enforcement officer during the good ol’ days.

  9. Spiker is tied to the equally loathsome Chad Wanke in Placentia and the two of them have been shilling for the cannabis cartels for years now.

  10. Take a look at the major scandal that is beginning to blow up in Anaheim. Do some of the names sound familiar?

    Strange Bedfellows: UFCW Local 324’s Alliance With The Anaheim Chamber of Commerce to Legalize Cannabis

    According to a Form 802 that Mayor Ashleigh Aitken filed on January 8th, she reported giving two tickets worth $350 for a Ducks vs Bruins game at the Honda Center to Derek Smith, political director of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 324, which is based in Buena Park.

    Besides the fact Smith was treasurer of an independent expenditure committee that spent $138,155 to help Aitken get elected mayor, The Anaheim Investigator has discovered that his union entered into an alliance with the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce to legalize cannabis businesses.

    Click on the following link for the full story:

    1. Yeah, well that makes a lot of sense. Aitken was good pals with Melahat Rafiei who was/is also stroking Jesus Quirk-Silva and Zahra to pimp a wide open zoning for dope dispensaries in Fullerton.

      Zahra was caught pushing donors in her direction.

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