The Shana Charles Experience

Wants healthy communities…

An alert Friend recently advised me to visit the web pages of the Fullerton Observer. There, according to this person, I could find an “open letter” written by our new councilwoman Shana Charles and addressed to Mayor Fred Jung.

Apparently Ms. Charles stood up and hauled herself out of the State of the City speech given by Jung and subsequently felt the need to share her reasons with the public. Maybe she thought nobody saw her leave, or cared.

Now going to the Fullerton Observer is not a task I undertake very willingly, but I was interested to see what sort of silly drama was taking place. Here’s a link to the aforementioned open letter.

Looking down from above…

The missive explains that she walked out of the lunch in protest of some sort of verbal mistreatment of Councilman Ahmad Zahra and follows with a recitation of all the wonderful things Zahra has done for District 5’s “underserved” folk, yadda, yadda, yadda, and reminds her readers that his brand is the only LGBTQ Muslim, and he deserves respect!

I get the vibe that that the whole stunt was pre-planned and that the dress rehearsal was probably staged in Zahra’s living room.

In any case, the preachy petulance shown by this woman is telling. She admonishes Jung to rise above his personal “vendetta,” obviously uninterested in publicly exploring her assertion and “urges” Jung to apologize to the poor, injured Zahra. “If you wish to continue as Mayor” she sternly intones, Jung must put aside his own interest, an ironic admonition given the ceaseless self-promotion performed by Zahra.

That’s not very good, is it?

I don’t why or how Ms. Charles got her schnoz all bent out of shape, or if she was even really offended at all; and it really doesn’t matter. The fact is that those who have followed the self-serving “public service” of the serial prevaricator Zahra know what sort of creature he is and will find it hard to imagine that he is even capable of being offended.

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  1. She fell for Zahra’s victim/martyr routine so she can’t be too smart.

    In fact, I’ll bet Zahra talked her into pulling this stunt.

  2. Why did she feel the need to weigh in? Ahmad can defend himself. If he can’t he should find different line of work. Alas Fullerton aint that lucky

    1. Work? I’m a doctor, a filmmaker and a businessman.

      George and I are going to London tonight to party with Elton John.

  3. People do not know what Akmad does behind the scenes when there are very few witnesses.
    He is truly evil.

  4. She is defending a councilman who has been charged by the DA, is that what she means by wanting “healthy environment “?

      1. Unless the conviction is hidden by a a guilty plea to make it go away and get your record wiped clean, which is what Zahra did.

  5. Ms. Charles fits perfectly into the world of the Observer. Together with Ahmad, they are well positioned to awake and silence the over-represented in Fullerton! In fact, as a state school teacher and as someone who identifies as non-male, Shana is well qualified to advance myriads of comities. Certainly, being a city councilperson grants additional authority to proclaim discrimination and expose illiberalities. Astutely, our erudite professor must have discerned a micro-aggression against Zahra’s sensitivities. But pray Mr. Peabody, what sayeth the Mayor at the State of the City luncheon? Did he lash out in a homophobic tirade? Did he designate Zahra a Terrorist? Quelle horreur! Please tell us Mr. P. What terrible words did Jung utter to denigrate our illustrious Gay Muslim Leader?

  6. That statement is a parody right? This ninny touched every boohoo base.

    FYI Healthy Communities doctor, Zahra hasn’t uplifted anything except his own bank account.

  7. Zahra should rise above his personal vendetta and focus on District 5. Dr. Charles stop being Zahra’s puppet and focus on your own District. These 2 councilmembers throwing tantrums, what a joke!!! Just go change your color for bad behavior!!

  8. He (ahamd) lies with such confidence, he reassures the handicapped, the old, and white guilt into believing he is a victim and savior. who will stop his march to martyrdom.

  9. Fullerton is the land of sheeple herded by false prophet shepherds who often abuse the sheeple to satisfy their carnal desires.

  10. FFFF’s been an “open letter” to this Zahra character for the last 4 years and he doesn’t seem to “get it”. Sorry Shana…printing a whining diatribe in Zahra’s Der Stürmer, Fullerton “Observer”, is dumb and embarrassing for you.

    1. It takes a certain sort of ignoramus or fool to buy into Zahra’s brand at this point. You’ve either had your head in the sand in the first instance, or up your ass in the second..

  11. This dummy has hitched her wagon to Zahra. That’s a bad decision. When he goes down not even the Fire Heroes will save their bacon.

  12. Let’s go back to Dr. Shana’s (cough) reasoning to vote yes to build a subsidized Boutique hotel in DTF fully equipped with “closed corridors” (unheard of) next to the industrial mainline railroad corridor (unheard of). Curious is serious, did she really say, “we need to accommodate visitors who visit the downtown Community Center a place to stay for the night in downtown, therefore I support this project”?

  13. Friends For Fullerton’s Future should do a poll in district 5 to see how many people in the District even know who their council representative is and what he does for a living.

  14. Surely the former Doctor of Pathology (& part time brain surgeon), Hollywood Star mingler & Fullerton’s most famous movie producer (right after James Cameron) can fight his own battles Shana.

    He’s a big boy with (by his own admission) deep credentials.

    If there is a beef with the honorable Mayor Jung, let Doc Z figure it out on his own.

    He doesn’t need your help Shana.

    Focus on your D3 constituents.

  15. Over 60% of District 3 did not vote for Shana. She should remember that as she so confidently believes she represents them.

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