Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?

Here’s some Tuesday photo fun.

Apparently, Ahmad Zahra held some sort of meet and greet (I’ll talk to anyone, but I won’t tell them the truth) Sunday morn, behind a donut store.

There to greet him were some protesters who seem to be angry that he voted several times to allow marijuana dispensaries within 100 feet of homes and schools – at the behest of emissaries from the Long Beach weed store cartel.

Now, that’s not very good, is it.

14 Replies to “Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?”

    1. My fearless leader Ahmad makes me hold his sign all over town and only pays me in hugs. Go Bruins!!!!!!! Go Ahmad!!!!!!! Abuse me with promises of new sidewalks my cocky copilot.

  1. Don’t forget Mr. Quirk-Silva, the babbling bonehead who bent over backwards for the weed lobbyists. And the idiot geriatric Jan Flory who voted yes at her final meeting.

  2. The dope thing was a total fiasco. A last minute ram-through before Dunlap and Jung were seated. When the tried an emergency meeting to pull the plug Quirk and Zahra voted to keep the weed near schools and homes. Wiser heads finally prevailed 3-2, once again with Zahra and Quirk voting for the dispensary cartel.

    Zahra now knows people have NOT forgotten his attempt to undermine District 5 neighborhoods.

  3. Zahra was connected to the disgraced con woman, Malahat Rafei in that weed scandal. Those were her people he was voting for. Wonder if the Feds have him in what must be a long list of folks to follow up on.

  4. You should be ashamed of yourself for publishing that little boy’s picture on line! That’s illegal. I’m a lawyer and I will find you!

    1. Sounds like a threat. Are you afraid Zahra will download it? State your name and the Thought Police will be knocking at your law office door. Pinko Terrorist!

  5. We need to keep the big and “legal” cartel out of Fullerton city and its surrounding cities. We can clearly see how people can be deceiving and try to give their well practiced smile and stab you not only on your back but, right in front of you all-so !!!! And sadly this Fullerton council member is the perfect example of all of that. I don’t know who the people that were out side of that donut shop are; but I can tell you from first hand, that there were two ladies that approached me one saying she is an attorney and in a very threatening way and without any respect towards me said: “ I am an attorney and if I see any of this children’s pictures on the media I will find you, do you understand?” Without first asking me if I was going to publish them or not, she just assumed I was going to do it!!!!! I was SHOCKED AND FELT SCARED FOR ME AND MY SON’S WELL BEING!! WHY?! Knowing what Mr. Zahra did about two and a half years ago or so, battering a woman??!! And this “attorney” participated at the gathering of this council member threatening me??!!! So who is all this people Mr Zahra is surrounded by????!!!! TO ME WAS SCARY!!!!! And then the second lady that approached me pretending to be a passerby and then she asks me questions about Mr. Zahra and that there is no info on google about this council member’s legal issue……. My son was starting to record me and this “passerby” for my own safety and my son’s (in case something, anything happens to me) and she says to my son she doesn’t want to be recorded and then she tells me she is a Laweyer (lie-eyer)!!?? Then again WHO IS ALL THIS PEOPLE??!! WHY ARE THEY PRETENDING??!! WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO DO??!!
    Don’t they know this is America?!
    And if you are (adults in general) on a public place you are being PUBLIC!!!
    When I said “ when you are on a public place you know better since you are a lawyer, that you can be recorded or photographed”……. Then she said: “oh, I guess I shouldn’t have talked to you” and she left to Mr. Zahra reunion…..
    What’s happening to the USA and it’s people????!!!!!‍♀️

    1. Zahra tried to sell you out in to get dope cartel campaign contributions. Fortunately he was stopped by Jug, Whitaker and Dunlap.

      Zahra must go! Next time someone says they couldn’t find anything about Zahra on google tell them to come to this blog, or the Voice of OC facebook portal. Then show them a copy of the DA complaint!

  6. This is an example how CRIMINALS work their way up, first they get elected in the City, State, and they end up in congress…. Oh and their shenanigans backing them up, oppressing and treating the protesters.
    Shame on all of them, but what can you expect from the Mafia-Cartel guy Ahmad running again for district 5!
    Vote for Zahra if you’ll like to see security guards with bullet proof vests and their R-15’s standing in front of the dispensaries. He’ll make sure the 25 licenses end up
    Close to Your local Elementary’s JH’s specially around High Schools and colleges…. Oh why not close to homes, parks, even better next to homeless shelters.
    Vote for Zahra if you like the future of Fullerton with more drug addiction, war on drug cartels, homeless population.

    Why not throw a vote for his buddy Silva since they like to team up all the time.
    Vote them out NOW!

    1. Fullerton scum is really fluid…you wipe it away and there is more scum the fills the void.

      They have a rich history riddled with back door shenanigans and ulterior motives. From EVERY level of Fullerton government. They don’t care about residents, only their ASSets.

      What HONEST person wants to sign up to turn that ship 180°? (crickets chirping)

      Life is too short. No good deed goes unpunished.

      Due diligence will show not many cities in North OC are this corrupt.

    2. Sounds like a bunch of angry geriatric pill popping alcoholics. Nobody has ever died from marijuana but pills and booze kill all the time. You got no problem with liquor stores and your pain pills but are mad at a plant. Hypocritical ignorance.

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