Another Zahra Shakedown

Another day, another shakedown…

Another day, another little act of extortion on the part of Ahmad Zahra, the transactional incumbent in Fullerton’s District 5.

The latest comes to us from downtown business owner James Ko, who relates the tale of how, when he told Zahra to remove his name from Zahra’s his list of endorsers, the latter said he couldn’t because, ya know, the website could only be changed at great expense.

So according to Ko, Zahra demanded a $500 campaign donation to pay for the removal of Mr. Ko’s name!

Ko, acquiesced in this outrageous demand and paid the ridiculous extortion money, but has subsequently made a demand of his own, in writing: namely, that the ill-gotten loot be returned, post haste.

Will Zahra give it back? I’m betting no.

And of course this isn’t the first instance of a Zahra shakedown that FFFF has mentioned, and I wonder how many other unwilling contributions have been made to this one-man mob.

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  1. Well that’s not surprising. From what I’ve heard this guy thinks everything can be bought/sold. Transactional is right.

  2. We must not rush to judgment because we don’t know all the facts, This can all be explained with perfect ease as some sort of misunderstanding. Ahamad is a virtuous man who is an intrinsic and indispensable cog in Fullerton’s do-good community, helping the poor, the underserved, the people of color and the colorful people. We need to keep him in office to continue his ground breaking and back breaking efforts for the homeless, and the Latinos who count on him so much.

    1. “We must not rush to judgment because we don’t know all the facts”

      LOL! Obviously not how it works at FFFF.

      1. Thank you for joining me and the do-good community in supporting this fine man. He knows what the underserved need and he knows that to do his mission he needs new and talented city employees to make his dreams happen. All this work can’t be done with non-persons. And if we need a tax to to do God’s will and to pay for it, so be it.

        Thank you, John R Hugerhois!

  3. Everyone is transactional. Especially libertarians, so FFFF should understand the concept.

    Ko endorses Zahra. Zahra pays someone to update his campaign literature. Ko changes his mind. Zahra says ok, but it’s officially the Last Minute, I already incurred the expense, so if this is important to you to have it done immediately, you have to pay to make the change.

    Seems perfectly legitimate. Nothing is free. Right?

    And are you all still on board with the “arrested and charged” for assault thing? With those little caveats of “citizens arrest” and assaulting a iPhone (paid for) and charges being dropped… oh those details.

    1. Except he didn’t say the charges were dropped. And arrested is arrested. Actually he plea bargained and did community service just like your other friend Paulette Marshall Chaffee.

      But back to the post: 500 bucks to get rid of two words on a website? Pretty fucking stupid, aren’t you.

      1. No, citizens arrested is not police arrested. They’re different. Training, authority, judgment, aren’t ever likely in a “citizen’s arrest” particularly when it’s friend or a party to those in the dispute.

        $500 bucks for one emergency change? Every deployent of a website costs. As in switch from some other paying task to make whatever edits, go through whatever your release process is, which may include testing, deploy the site.

        If they used a content management system it is different, but you aren’t pretending to know.

        You sure are you’re an “IT guy?” Actually based on other people willing to accept that title, not surprised. One step below MIS guy, one step above help desk guy. Fuck you, twerp.

        1. Sorry but your boyfriend was arrested and charged by the DA. He was NOT exonerated. He did community service after pleading GUILTY. He got his record expunged so idiots like you would follow him blindly.

          $500 t0 remove a name. You really are a simpleton. But I guess we already knew that.

            1. FFFF site uses wordpress content management system. So editing content doesn’t involve any deployment. No idea what Zahra’s site uses.

              But if it’s worth $500 to you to correct that error, that’s what FFFF should charge.

              Prices aren’t a function of costs. They’re a function of what a person is willing to pay, and price elasticity of demand. Welcome to capitalism. Even though Zahra’s campaign isn’t a profit making business, whoever he contracts to do his website probably is.

              1. In other words you don’t know anything about this.

                Of course Zahra’s campaign is a profit making business, dumbass. That’s his MO. He’s unemployed and unemployable. You really are a fucking stooge, aren’t you?

                1. “In other words you don’t know anything about this.”

                  In other words, you understood nothing.

                  “Of course Zahra’s campaign is a profit making business”

                  No, campaigns aren’t a profit making business. That would be illegal.

                  “He’s unemployed and unemployable.”

                  Isn’t he though?

                  “You really are a fucking stooge, aren’t you?”

                  I don’t work for Zahra, or even care about him more than any other person I don’t know. I just don’t like lies, smears, and general bullshit.

                  FFFF should just stick to factual muckraking instead of picking sides and going after people with gossip and bullshit.

              2. Prices a function of what someone is willing to pay? Who paid?

                Ko allowed himself to be shaken down by the slimy little bastard. That’s not free enterprise, Karl, that’s extortion. Now just go away, housefly.

                1. “Prices a function of what someone is willing to pay? Who paid?”

                  Based on the article, Ko. Or at least promised to pay.

                  And apparently it was the right price, because he promised to pay it, and if the work was already done, he’s on the hook.

                  Courts don’t get involved in issues of how much consideration is appropriate for services rendered.

                  And before you get further confused, if any of this is true, Zahra is unlikely to be the service provider. Someone else did the work.

                  That’s how it works.

          1. Actually, what’s happening here is you have no idea what you’re talking about. I know how this stuff works. Have a nice day.

              1. “No you don’t. Any idiot can delete text from a website.”

                I had a boss once that thought that. He’d “crack open” the server every once in a while (his words) and completely fuck everything up.

                If it’s a bespoke site, no content management system, the normal approach is to redeploy the whole thing with each iteration. First to dev with all the other changes under development, then to staging for testing with a copy of production data, and after that to production.

                Unless it’s a hotfix in which it is a patch against staging code, and may skip dev.

                You say, OH but it’s just some text. No big deal. Well, that lack of process is how people fuck production and break things, or lose changes in future deployments because of quick hacks.

                At the end of the day, the guy wanted something he didn’t need, from someone who didn’t want it done. They agreed on a price to get it done anyway. The work was apparently done, then the guy who didn’t need it from the guy that didn’t want to do it had buyer’s remorse.

                That’s not a scandal no matter how you look at it.

                But it was a slow news day.

    2. Oh, sweet Moses, our head hurts! I keep telling Dr. Schwartzman about my cranial pain and he says it’s all in our head. I’m starting to think that Dr. Schwartzman isn’t even real, but then we don’t know if I am really real.

  4. What do you expect from our own little mafia guy,girl,him,he oh heck we will just limit it to gay. He does expect to have Chicago style politics as his blueprint. He doesn’t like people but will use anyone he can to “prove” he is an honorable candidate. Remember if he is talking to you, it’s more than likely lies. It started just after he took office. So be aware..he definitely is a wolf in sheeps clothing. And look at his campaign account. Holy crap. The PACs Unions Police and Fire have no clue who they are supporting.

  5. Sweating an immigrant small business owner for a $500 political donation is repulsive. Excusing it as a “last minute change” is insane. Hogerhuis: unconditional love does not mean unconditionally accepting bad behavior my man. You may want to rethink the stance. Sounds uber-elitest.

    1. Elite? Who is elite? And who’s the victim here? Seriously straining to understand what the duck is going on. I mean other than FFFF doesn’t want Zahra to win. That I understand.

      1. We are all the victims here! Or can you just not see the anal probe coming out of your backside Johnny. You may just be used to the feeling, but we’re all victims here of Zahra!

  6. LOL … the FFFF sort of a dyslexic mix of Klan wannabeeism and just plain fascist brown shirt intimidation decides to smear Zahra.

    Let’s hear Ko say this on his own, or are you folks threatening to burn his business down?

    Again, Norman Rockwellish posturing Fullerton politics run like a pale-skin version of a “Get Out” horror comedy.

    I would figure that BOTH Ko and I know something of how political shakedowns are done and what kind of forces do such shakedowns.

    … as our families come from places where such shakedowns have taken place.

    In any case, Zahra doesn’t exactly look like an obvious candidate for such behavior, but LOL … there are _plenty of folks_ around who’d fit that bill ;-), including … 😉 😉

    1. If I were you I’d keep my comments to myself and focus on you so-called vocation and keep your nose out of things you know nothing about.

      We got rid of Silva and hopefully, come Tuesday, Fullerton will get rid of you little boyfriend Zahra.

      We’re sick of lying little sacks of crap and tired of driving into potholes.

      BTW, was Zahra really exonerated of battery against a woman? Let’s see some proof.

        1. As a man of God, it seems reasonable Fr. Dennis Kriz, OSM would believe in a higher power like a Zahra, a snake oil salesman who rides into town promising the cures for all the town’s ills and bleeding the township dry.

          Why would you not account for the phrase: “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”?

          Sure you can think much of what FFFF here writes is rumor or innuendo, and blame one big bad Tony B as its funding source, but how do you rationalize all of these stories about abuse of power Zahra has committed, about the lies he’s told, about the trauma he has given to the people of this town?

          Or does the Bible saying “turn the other cheek” take literal meaning to your life of faith?

          And if so, just how many cheeks do we all have to give to this fraud?

          1. Listen I can’t endorse anyone. But I do see Zahra a lot at community meetings, meetings of service agencies, etc. Jung does that as well, as did Silva. But Zahra has probably done this the most.

            And when we had food distributions here at our parish during Covid, Zahra was here EVERY TIME helping with putting the food boxes into people’s cars.

            Again Jung was here too, and was outstanding as well.

            Jesus Silva was here occasionally (it was clear across town from his district) as was Sharon (she was one of the main people to put the people together to do this for our neighborhood).

            But I have to underline that Zahra was here _every time_ putting those boxes in people’s cars.

            Hard to feel ill of someone who does, consistently, these things for the most vulnerable.

            And of course there are clearly people who well … _weren’t here_ (and it’d be kinda nice to know at some point where they were — because it’s _possible_ that they were “down the street” doing the same thing some where … or … had “different priorities”)

            But I do want to say that the people I listed _were here_ helping out, and that was both _nice_ and appreciated by the people in our community that they helped.

            1. I don’t know who you are, sir, but I like the cut of your jib. You are clearly a staunch member of the do-good community who recognizes all of the life scarifices Zahra has made to improve the lot of the melanin-challenged, underserved community. I have seen him too at these events of which you speak, always graciously permitting himself to be photographed with those who need our help. Of course he doesn’t have to do it, and it digs deep into his free as a film maker and a physician.

              Keep up the good work, Father. Maybe someday we can meet behind the rood screen.

    2. Klan? You wanna go there? Let’s see. Who else wears outlandish robes and hoods?

      That’s right Roman Catholic priests and monks.

      Stick that in your censer and smoke it.

      1. Lol, there’s a history centuries to millenia years long that explains why a priest is vested at a Catholic liturgy, also thousands of years old, going back to the first Chrustian solemnizations of Jesus’ last supper.

        What does the Klan evoke when it puts on its sheets?

        What does a brownshirt evoke when he puts on his Nazi arm band?

    3. What Zahra “looks like” is neither here, nor there. People watching what he does know the truth about this little creep and his manic drive to create his “brand” and to finance it – including his plagiarizing water bureaucrats while making 4 grand a month attending their footling meetings.

  7. I would have to concur.
    The church’s checkered past with support of Nazis in WW2 to the dictators in South America, the Catholic church is about as hypocritical as they come when it comes to being on the right side of history.
    But piety is just a costume for wrongdoing and maybe our father can’t tell right from wrong anymore.

    1. LOL … 😉

      When I hear of a group called Friends for Fullerton’s Future (FFFF) that runs a blog like this one (!) 😉 … I honestly think of the Klan (a bunch of K’s …) and the jackbooted Fascists (another F …) that you’re somehow criticizing the Catholic Church for supporting.

      Just sayin …

      1. FFFF hasn’t molested any children Can your diocese say that? If I were you I’d stay out of politics until you’ve cleaned up your own nasty house.

        1. Well the Nazis did actually threaten the Catholic Church with “morals charges.”

          Hitler himself cast himself as something of a “defender of traditional values.”

          And he _personally shot_ at least one homosexual (in the Night of the Long Knives), his former friend Ernst Rohm, then head of the SA, for above all, being a homosexual.

          And yes, Hitler banned abortion, jailed homosexuals, even forced his friend Goebbels to stay with his wife rather than run away to Japan with a Czech actress named Lida Baarova (Goebbels aside being a war criminal was also something of a Harvey Weinstein of his time…).

          But more currently …

          While ANY child molested by anyone is a terrible crime, one is truly far more likely to be molested by the general population than by a Catholic priest.

          And let’s just do the numbers. A number of years ago, there was a screaming headline that 1000 people were molested over 70 years by three hundred priests in Pennsylvania (

          Awful. Certainly.

          But … and there is a very significant but here …

          Those who study these things say that full ten percent of the population of the United States will be sexually abused by the time they turn 18. (

          The population of of Pennsylvania is 13,011,000 (

          So there are about 1.3 Million people in Pennsylvania who have been sexually abused or can expect to be sexually abused by the age of 18, out of that 1000 were abused by priests (and this is assuming that every single one of those 1000 people who were abused by priests over those 70 years is still alive).

          This comes out to 0.077% of the total number of Pennsylvanians who were abused or can be expected to be abused, were abused by Catholic priests.

          99.92% of child (minor) sexual abuse victims were merely abused by the general population often of course one’s own family…

          Now there are 3,186,000 people living in Orange County and 143,000 residents of Fullerton.

          So there are 319,000 people who can expect to be sexually abused in Orange County while minors, 14,300 in Fullerton. Of those one could project that over the last 70 years 239 would hae been molested by Catholic priests in the County, and 11 in the city of Fullerton.

          Out of again, 319,000 victims countywide and 14,300.

          239 and 11 is still _awful_. But 319,000 and 14,300 is positively numbing.

          Enjoy your upcoming Thanksgiving …

    2. No, “Father” is just another fatuous, cliché spouting liberal who got taken in by his own retreaded rhetoric.

  8. Of course he was there loading boxes at the food drive he doesn’t have a job but I wouldn’t vote for him

  9. Hold up Father!

    Do you mean to suggest the determinant for being a good elected official in Fullerton is volunteering at food drives during Covid?

    What about the fact Zahra has done nothing on that council but put up the gay pride flag? He hasn’t fixed a road, helped open your precious shelter for the homeless, or accomplished anything measurable because he doesn’t work with anyone.

    He divides people and pits them against each other for his ego’s benefit because it is easier for a con man to work his con when everyone is distracted and angry.

    Name one thing Father Zahra led the votes and discussion and try not to give him a pass because he boxed food items for an hour or two.
    Even trump went to Puerto Rico after the hurricane.

    1. “He hasn’t fixed a road”

      Do you think that’s what councilmembers do? Personally go out and “fix roads?”

      The roads suck. You have to ask why, not just blame whoever is in office. They have no magic bullets.

      Fullerton had a chance to vote for bonds to “fix roads” among other things. We decided not to.

      Politicians aren’t the problem here. Voters are. During downturns upkeep on the roads fell behind. And no one wanted their taxes raised to pay to catch up.

      So we have to wait for things like COVID bailouts and the Infrastructure bill, or, once upon a time, the ARRA, to rain down from heaven.

      1. My head used to hurt until Dr. Schwartzman prescribed that new pill. Things are a bit foggy but we don’t care.

      2. No shit Johnnie. No one on council is “actually” fixing the roads. Try and follow along buddy. I know it’s hard with all the squirrels and all. He didn’t vote to move any money into improving infrastructure and if you knew a damn thing about their meetings, you would know. Don’t just regurgitate talking points from the Observer and do some independent thinking. Or does the R in your name stand for retard.

    2. I’m just going to say that Zahra’s truly a regular at various community forums — organized by CSUF, the Fullerton Collaborative, etc — and that he’s also gone the extra mile in helping out a particularly awful case involving the homeless on our streets.

      Here I also have to say that Fred Jung has often stepped up, and SQS has been stellar.

      But currently we have the absurdity of having a 150 bed world class Homeless Navigation Center that the Council Majority only wants 20 beds of while there remain over 300 people who are homeless sleeping on our streets and urinating on our lawns.

      But this is the “leadership” that the sponsor of this jackbooted FFFF pays for …

      Every single homeless person that urinates on your lawn or the wall of your business now, is there doing so because of Bushala.

      All glory and honor to him 😉

      1. The homeless piss on my lawn because they like it and because nobody is stopping the, The End. You’re worse than a fool, you’re a goddamned idiot.

      2. “Every single homeless person that urinates on your lawn or the wall of your business now, is there doing so because of Bushala.

        All glory and honor to him”

        Bearing false witness. Hmm. Baby Jesus ain’t gonna be happy.

        1. Bearing false witness 😉 …

          (1) Who created the 4Fs 😉 and pays for this site? 😉

          and (2) what about “bearing false witness” against Zahra? 😉 😉

          Try at least to be consistent. Yes, honestly laughing at this group 😉

          1. This site tells the truth – not false witness. You just can’t handle the truth about your little hero.

          2. I don’t think you’re laughing at all. Like most cringe-worthy BooHoos, you have no sense of humor. Just sense of self-righteousness. You a Jan Flory in medieval vestments. Laugh at yourself, first. And stop believing the stuff Zahra softly whispers in your ear at the next food boxing.

      3. SQS has never been “stellar” at anything, especially when it came to choosing mates.

        Fortunately, her brain-dead old man will be gone in exactly four weeks!

      4. Father…Father…Father, he is helpful in a few cases. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. If we are using the broken clock measurement for political success on that council, we are doomed.

        The shelter is a joke. You know it. Ahmad has done a big fat nothing to improve that farce and hasn’t bothered to work with anyone to help make it better. Because he has pissed off every single one of his colleagues and has no friends.

        You and I can debate these issues and I would win that debate Father.

        But your argument that Bushala is to blame for homeless pissing on our lawns and walls is really beneath you. Bushala has nothing to do with policy in this city no matter what Sharon Kennedy and her pretend journalist daughter believe.

        And to pretend otherwise means you are part of the problem.

  10. It appears that Zahra has gotten desperate – unleashing the unhinged priest to play on a blog that nobody reads. He’d be better off playing with himself. Is that still a sin, Dad?

  11. Father Kriz. Respectfully, I was surprised to read many (not all) of your comments. Particularly, those in relation to the operators(s) of this blog and the readers as well(?) – “ facists and clan wannabes”. I don’t understand why you post here, if you feel the way you do. I and other blog followers I know are no more Nazi or Clan than you. Tony is not OUR God, nor are any bloggers on here.

    Yes, this blog does not support Zahra. That fact and some of the language here bothers you. Why read it or respond to it then? I believe there is hypocrisy in your approach and many comments you make. Hard to avoid the appearance of – hate to say it – sounding holier than thou.

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