The Bad Joke

Our geriatric and corrupt County Supervisor is in big trouble. How do I know? Because Doug Chaffee sent out a hit piece mailer against his opponent, Sunny Park of Buena Park. It’s pretty unusual for an incumbent Supervisor to even acknowledge the existence of their opponent so Chaffee’ is scrambling with only 6 weeks until the election.

But that’s not the point of the post. Dig this:

Bud Chaffee goes for ironic humor…

Notice that first bit, the part about Sunny swiping campaign signs? Since when does Chaffee even think that’s a problem? After all, he helped his wife, Pilferin’ Paulette, hide the campaign signs she stole in their garage back in 2018. I don’t recall Chaffe ever reflecting on the “unfairness” to Paulette’s opponents, or the “jeopardy to election integrity.” What a swine.

Paulette Stolen Sign
Crime doesn’t always pay in Fullerton…

Anyway, the big difference between the two cases is that Sunny took her chances in court, and won her case. Doug Chaffee’s old lady pleaded guilty to get her record expunged and then claimed she was never convicted of anything. In fact, during the 2020 OC School Board election she sued Tim Shaw of La Habra for claiming that she had been convicted. She and her husband decided to play the political martyr routine.

The head and the hat were a perfect fit.

Well nobody ever accused the Chaffee Crime Clan of honesty, so there’s that. And nobody ever accused them of ironic humor, so they’re breaking new ground.

17 Replies to “The Bad Joke”

  1. Pilferin’ Paulette pleaded guilty because she was caught on video twice – trespassing and stealing!

    You have to admit, Bud Chaffee’s got no shame.

  2. I agree that Chaffee is in trouble. This sort of piddling thing is what you expect from the challenger.

    39% Chaffee’s gotta go.

  3. Sunny will be much worse. She is a leftist, woke libtard and will give us everything that comes with ideaology. At least Chaffee has voted so much like a Republican that the Dems didn’t endorse him. I often wonder if the two Chaffees are even together.

    1. Somehow Sunny got the label of a leftist. But there isn’t a single thing that suggests this. Anyway I sure hope Bud Chaffee is toast. Can’t wait for the burning bread aroma.

  4. Sunny is bought and paid for by the fire union goons. That alone disqualifies her for anything and everything.

    1. Agreed. Sunny stole signs. Doug is only guilty of stealing signs through insemination. Women make men do awful things. Sunny is a leftist because she is a pro-union pro-pension do nothing.

      1. A jury acquitted Sunny. Chaffee had stolen sign in his garage. He was aiding and abetting his wife’s nocurnal crawls. Nice to see that 39% Bud Chaffee has at least one supporter almost brave enough to stand up for him.

  5. Why in the confound pickin hell are we still talking about the asshole and his wife, residents of FULLERTON?? Wtf?

    When I think this city can’t sink deeper, it does.

    GET OUT while you can.

    1. Sad, isn’t it? Fullerton tolerated incompetents, boobs, old hens, snakes and intellectual degenerates for so long that the brain-diseased Chaffees became inevitable.

      1. It is worse than sad. The clown and his clown wife are still in Fullerton news? How? Why? The pig has made a full time job out of wallowing in Fullerton mud pit of politics.

        There is not one redeemable character running/campaigning in Fullerton, the city needs a complete swamp cleaning. Not sure that is possible. Where will the good people come from?

        Fullerton is a fungus among us….. like black mold. The more you ignore it, the harder it is to eradicate.

  6. What a hypocrite.

    What did he say about it? She’s getting all the love and support she needs?

    But hey, if you’re an Asian who was found not guilty, then it’s about election integrity.

    Maybe Doug is just a racist?

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