Fullerton’s Newest DUI Cop Formally Charged

Anthony Valle on the left

Several weeks back, we shared that a Fullerton Police officer was arrested in La Habra for driving under the influence.

The charging document is now available. Prosecutors allege his blood alcohol content was 0.15% – almost double the legal limit.

Read the document for yourself:


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  1. Technically the complaint says the alcohol content was *at least* 0.15%. It could have been higher.

    I am not positive whether the notation in the upper right of the first page which says “0.19%” and “Collision” means that the BAC was 0.19% and a collision was involved.

    1. Also…..two new things on the complaint I haven’t seen before.

      I believe (not positive) “BWC Agency” means Body Worn Camera. Also, I believe the “BL” notation next to the 0.19% means “Blood”.

  2. Will the California Peace Officers Association be covering his criminal defense bill? Drinking and driving in a official vehicle seems to be a normal part of the job now.

  3. Why has the city zipped its lips? Shouldn’t they acknowledge their employees’ crimes and tell us what they can do to prevent this from happening again?

    Whitaker? Quirk? Dunlap? Total radio silence.

    Fullerton residents have to rely on dumb bloggers to uncover the truth… again.

    1. I’m obviously totally OK with bagging on drunk driving cops *anywhere*, but people shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that most FPD officers are out there doing a hard job the best they can without any hint of dishonesty.

      1. Except for all the ones beating homeless people, feeling up women, photographing minors, lying on reports, and accosting other cops at concerts

      2. Unfortunately, the good officers never speak up or speak out against the bad cops. Instead, they blame the conservative minority on the council for not giving them a raise.

      3. No, they’re not. Compared to other departments, the FPD gets a solid “F” grade in every category.

      4. One cannot see what does not exist. I’d wager there isn’t a solitary cop in FPD that meets your standard “doing a hard job the best they can without any hint of dishonesty”. That includes things like using their badge to get away with things that everyday citizens can’t (e.g. traffic violations, parking, using the carpool lane illegally, etc.)

  4. If what you say is true, why don’t/won’t you:
    1) police you’re own and report errant behavior or your Hero Brothers
    2) support immediate and permanent dismissal of violators/criminal cops
    3) Get rid of PORAC and demand immediate revocation of all police “protection” laws which shield your Hero Bro Felons

  5. The fact that a Fullerton cop was arrested in La Habra for a DUI doesn’t disprove that ALL Fullerton cops are bad. It only proves that not ALL La Habra cops are bad.

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