City of Fullerton Calls it Quits Against Bloggers/FFFF


Yesterday, in a special meeting,  the City of Fullerton officially bowed to the inevitable and settled its retaliatory lawsuit against Joshua Ferguson, David Curlee, and this blog. The vote was 3-2 with Bruce Whitaker, Nick Dunlap and Fred Jung voting to end the bloodletting. Jesus Quirk Silva and Ahmad Zahra, who started the lawsuit and have stubbornly kept it alive, voted no. Whether they were laboring under the sunk cost fallacy or if it was simply a childish aversion to admitting their own culpability in the mess, will never be known.

Why is this man smiling?

It doesn’t happen very often that honest citizens can prevail against their government. In fact it almost never happens – a tribute to the tenacity of the courageous FFFF bloggers and their attorney, Kelly Aviles.

After a year and a half of lies, defamation, obstruction, incompetence, buffoonery, temporizing, more lying and running up huge legal bills the City has given up. Here are the main points:

$60,000 in compensatory damages to Ferguson and Curlee;

A public statement absolving Ferguson and Curlee of any culpability;

Legal fees for Kelly Aviles amounting to $230,000.

The winners here are justice (deliberately stalled, to be sure) and journalistic freedom against prior restraint; and, of course, any people who want to be able to get information that their own government is legally obligated to provide.

The losers, once again, are the taxpayers of Fullerton who are on the hook for $350,000 plus how ever much the legal team of Jones and Mayer have racked up – a sum estimated to be approaching $500,000.

Well, Friends, you can add as well as I can. At least three quarters of a million bucks to pursue this hare-brained retaliation against bloggers whose only desire was to get information from their own city government.

The train of thought was weak but it sure was short…

And so it is particularly amusing to consider the stammering, babbling statement from Jesus Quirk Silva that he was voting against the settlement because of his “fiduciary responsibility” to the people of Fullerton.

Axis of Casual Corruption.

Too bad the other two vindictive and profligate architects of this disaster have conveniently exited from our political stage: Jan Flory has resubmerged herself into whatever nasty swamp will have her; and our former influence peddling Mayor-for-hire, Jennifer Fitzgerald, is fleeing the state entirely, having feasted on the Fullerton carcass until there was no more meat on the bones.


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  1. This was always about punishing bloggers who had (and continue) to embarrass the City by shining the light on malfeasance and cover-ups in City Hall. Instead of trying to get better, the bureaucrats and politicians just decided to hunker down in their own squalid bunker and use public resources to defend their incompetence. What the fuck, it wasn’t costing THEM anything.

    Well, now it’s out there, like an unbandaged leprous wound: Jones is an evil, self-serving, incompetent bastard, and anybody who ever entrusted an iota of trust in that fat bag of gas should be put on a raft with him and sent out with the Japanese Current.

  2. Congratulations to FFFF and the good people of Fullerton who won the hard fight for truth and freedom of speech for all. The city of Fullerton has shown itself nationally and internationally to cover up its own crimes against humanity while accusing those who sought and seek justice for its victims of being liars and thieves. Please, keep up the good work for the good people of Fullerton.

      1. Sad but true, is there any recourse for Ferguson and Curlee besides the settlement from city of Fullerton. These two men were put through hell by the deep pockets of Fullerton.

  3. Congrats. Too bad the idiots who initiated this farce aren’t familiar with the law, technology and the Constitution. Never should have been filed, never should have gone on this long. I’m encouraged by the actions of some of the new City Council members and glad I voted for Dunlap.

  4. Imagine if the City’s attorney had to prepare formal written proposals with line item cost breakdowns and labor markup reports for city council. Then imagine if the City actually held the attorneys to their cost proposals. Now imagine a city hall free from the criminal mind of Zahra and the absent mindedness of Mr. Quirk-Silva. Imagine the shit that could get accomplished…

  5. Congratulations!

    Silva and Zahra are sort of our own little Council Antifa aren’t they?

    Let’s start planning now how to defeat them.

    but first, take a vacation you guys!

  6. Fuck you, Mystic. You’re dog poop.

    You, 4Fr’s, think you’re so smart, but you’re not.

    Jesus Silva 2022, if you can’t beat him, nobody can. He’s our man!

    1. Former Studant, did Mr. Silva teach you how to spell?

      My dog spot could beat Silva. 100% – he’s going down!

    1. This man is a legend (in his own stoopid mind). No one but idiot Ahmed would lie and say to the press he wanted to end the suit the whole time. Liar liar pants on fire psyyycho. Sell your bull to the unions. Theyre the only ones buying in bulk.

  7. Over at the Vodka and Orange Juice Blog, the asshat Greg Diamond argues that Jesus was right to vote against it to A) Protect (run cover) for Zahra OR B) to protect his wife who “serves in leadership”.

    What a bunch of horseshit.

  8. Silva is a toad. Doesn’t care about money that isn’t his. Cares even less about being smart.
    Without his wife wearing the pants, he would be another shiftless public school employee biding time until the monster pension kicks in.
    Zahra is just a Dem version of Trump. Evil bastard.
    The Dems won’t admit to it because they never reflect on themselves.
    Only live to shit on others for every slip and slide.
    They both need to be shown the door in 22.

  9. Big story in the San Diego Union-Tribune this morning about the settlement, which led me to check out this blog. After reading a number of posts and the comments, I have one question: “Why in the world would anyone continue to live in a place they think is such a terrible shithole?”

  10. Big story in SD Tribune led me to check out this blog is a long winded explanation for curiosity mate. Your question is just as obtuse like San Diego is without problems being 80 percent white I guess it could be “America’s Finest City.” Next time comment on your own shithole before you comment on mine. No one on this blogs thinks this is a terrible place to live (roads excluded). It just has terrible leaders and staff (some now former so less terrible).

    1. Good response, Fullerton is home, but sometimes it welcomes horrible guests who lie, cheat and steal from their hosts. Ferguson and Curlee upheld truth and morality by exposing Fullerton’s nefarious politicians, members of its government and civic leaders whose purpose to feast on the good works of this city. As for the Dropbox Affair these same nefarious persons used to persecute Ferguson and Curlee, it smells like entrapment.

  11. Can we get names of all the clowns involved? The J&M attorneys, the “security experts” and the Observer goblins who lied and ran cover for a corrupt city administration during this whole disgrace?

  12. most news stories are missing the point. These individuals were not sued because they hacked or posted confidential information… rather because they took something not intended for them and refused to give it back… If your neighbor whom you don’t like too well leaves a nice bike unlocked by the trash you might just ride off on it. But if they tell you they left there unintentianly and forgot about it do you not have an obligation to give it back? Such a waste of effort and resources on the city’s part to stop the bowling ball after commiting. These individuals spent 200k plus on preventing the city to get back what they asked for and then give it back for a settlement?…proving they are not acting in the best interest of principal but self interest .

    1. Yeah, you’re an idiot. That’s not what happened.

      The literal equivalent is you reading this story and commenting. The story was never intended for you, an idiot, to read it and comment. However, it was posted TO THE FREAKING INTERNET, so it’s a public document and intent is irrelevant.

      Your bike analogy is off point and stupid.

    2. Silly analogy , the impression given by media coming from Fullerton was these two men were hackers which implies breaching security measures put in place by public and private entities to protect documents/info not intended for public view because it may damage/compromise safety of assets and or persons. The city of Fullerton admits its Dropbox did not require a password to access its contents.

  13. ,… Interesting hearing Joshua calling in tonights new city council thanking them for his vacation money… I understand Your position ,everyone needs a hero, ..but that council represents all represents all of us . I would like/hope to see you broaden your scope beyond your circle, everyone who represents a city. … Not sure what you mean by posting to the internet yet it’s not intended for all to read/ never seen this possibly
    disclaimer on your news ,..but then make sure your news involves only your group interests and does not cross over to public Arena

      1. sure,Sorry ..for my 2 cents… Its just hard to see city council , who represents all our money,vote to pay out.. when there’s not quite enough left to cover

        1. So just what would you expect the city to do after initiating a totally bogus lawsuit? Just let Jones and his team keep running up a bill, hoping that Curlee and Ferguson would give up? I think they got off cheap, at least the defendants settlement and lawyers fees side of things. And don’t forget the $1M dollars the city paid out for “consultants” to secure the city network that they should have secured in the first place.

          This lawsuit was only foisted off on the defendants so that the city could try to blame someone else for their own incompetence. Any semi-intelligent lawyer would know that the city had no legal grounds for suing Curlee and Ferguson.

          Jones and his merry band of slimy lawyers has to go.

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