So What Happened At Foxborough Place?

Why is this man smiling?

While scanning the City of Fullerton public records requests the other day, I came across this interesting tidbit, requester, not yet known:

We already know that was the day our Councilman Ahmad Zahra was arrested, somewhere, somehow, for something. All the records for that case are locked up tighter than… well, real tight.

And the fact that this particular request is related to our bad boy’s bad day is reflected in the City’s perfunctory response:

2671 Foxborough Place. Why is this address of significance to the events of that day? Is this house the home of any of the principals in the Zahra battery and vandalism case? I don’t know for sure, but somebody thinks it’s relevant, and of course it’s all a big secret as far as our city government is concerned.

23 Replies to “So What Happened At Foxborough Place?”

  1. Hmm. That address is over near Buena Park off Malvern. Zahra doesn’t live there (it’s in D1) and neither does his ex-husband. The plot thickens!

  2. And then there’s the question of the Mysterious Monica whose name was redacted. There’s a more going on here than meets the eye.

  3. The ONLY reason for Zahra to have the case sealed is because he pled guilty and did his community service – which, by the way, was probably doing what he does all the time anyway – wandering around town latching on to other people’s efforts like the parasitical barnacle he is.

    Monica F. knows what happened, Will she talk? I wonder.

    1. I wonder if Zahra used his community service time the way Thieving Paulette Chaffee did…as a photo opp?

  4. Sounds like the ol’ Paulette Chaffee Marshall treatment.

    Wonder if either of them had to spit into the DA’s DNA database as part of their deals.

  5. what tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

    That old saying never loses effectiveness.

    yoooohooo MONICA!!! where are you?

  6. I’m seriously starting to wonder if the Zahra chap isn’t some sort of sociopath. A lot of the signs are there.

    1. Lack of conscience = Zahra.

      If he looks like a duck serial killer and swims like a duck serial killer, usually is.

  7. I heard Ahmad Zahra hurls homophobic slurs at himself and then pretends that everyone around him is a bigot.

    He’s a real nutcase.

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