More Fitzgerald Fun: Bid Rigging and Nest Feathering?

Leaving Fullerton City hell a lot worse off than she found it…

In Fullerton, reasonable people may be forgiven for their skepticism regarding the probity of the folks in City Hall causes them to consider cynical possibilities.

In this case, the object of scrutiny is once again our former Mayor-for-Hire, Jennifer Fitzgerald, who has ditched Fullerton after years of working as a lobbyist on our dime. On her way out the door, Fitzgerald got some sort of gig with a company called Tripepi Smith, an outfit that hires itself out to governments to promote stuff like bond floatations and new taxes.

Yes, that is the answer!

Well, so what? you say. Somebody at Tripepi Smith thinks Fitzy is a useful addition to their stable of government string pullers; and they also think there is some way in hell she can peddle her wares in Texas, where she has fled.

The thing of it is, Tripepi Smith was given a contract by the City of Fullerton in 2020 to broadcast City Council and Planning Commission meetings. But that’s not all. The first RFP went out early in the year and there was only one respondent. You guessed it: Tripepi Smith. The incumbent 25-year contractor cried foul, claiming he hadn’t been notified, despite assertions to the contrary from now-fired City Manager, Ken Domer. And it turns out that Domer’s second in charge, Antonia Graham, actually had a testimonial on Tripepi Smith’s web page from when she was employed by Huntington Beach.

The embarrassed council put the gig out to bid again in April, and in August 2020 Tripepi Smith was once again selected – over the incumbent – by a hand-picked collection of cities – one of whom Tripepi Smith actually works for.

Now, what Fitzgerald’s efforts in this peculiar procurement were is, of course, a matter of speculation. But we do know that she controlled what went on in City Hall, and we also know that when it came to personal opportunities, she never missed a trick. Was she in cahoots with Domer to make sure the applicant pool for this service was small and that Tripepi Smith would inevitably get the job? I can’t say. But I can say that a suspicious bid process was followed by some sort of personal opportunity for Jennifer Fitzgerald. That is all.

13 Replies to “More Fitzgerald Fun: Bid Rigging and Nest Feathering?”

  1. I wonder if Tripepi Smith provides any type of city manager, get out of jail free, services. She certainly has experience in that sector. I wonder how many managers she can convince to put her phone number on speed dial?


    1. The Texas mask infringe of my freedom crowd will enjoy every bit of her charming personality. Her gal pal Joany Flory will be so sad to see her go =(.

      1. That’s not true. Texans love that marbled fat! Remember, a California “5” is a Texas “8”.

  3. This lady abused her power to wrongfully sue a blog that uncovered her misdeeds. She can rot in hell for all I care.

    1. Yeah, she was the main culprit, and Flory was only too happy to go along. Zahra and Silva are just puppets who were looking for scraps that fell of of SparkyFitz’s plate.

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