Fitzgerald Quitting Fullerton?

Grab it and consume it as fast as you can…

Hmm. Former Fullerton Councilcreature for Hire, Jennifer Fitzgerald, may be getting out of Dodge. Word out and about is that Jennifer Fitzgerald wants to move. Out of Fullerton? I don’t know.

I’m sure not complaining about it, I’m hardly even wondering why.

See ya.

During Jen’s 8-year career driving Fullerton to the precipice of insolvency and immanent infrastructure collapse, she made it pretty clear that she was in it for whatever she could get out of it for herself, her campaign supporters and her boss, lobbyist Curt Pringle. Her last, desperate flail at influence peddling occurred in last fall’s election when her puppet candidate, Andrew Cho, dredged from the obscure depths of anonymity, was defeated by Fred Jung,

Why is this man smiling?

Now there are only two candidates willing to be “influenced” Fitzgerald: Jesus Quirk Silva and Ahmad Zahra. And the latter may soon have his legal troubles advertised for his constituents to peruse.

I’ll drink to that!

So maybe Fitzy figures it’s time to abandon the smoking wreckage she masterminded courtesy of two utterly incompetent but willing co-conspirators – Joe Felz and Ken Domer.

Maybe she figures her work here is done.

11 Replies to “Fitzgerald Quitting Fullerton?”

  1. She lost her rubber stamps Florby and Chaffee.

    Sure she pushed Zahra and Silva around – that was easy. But she knew she was finished. The Cho circus show was just a last desperate attempt to remain a playa.

  2. I’m not going to miss her either. She’s cost us all a fortune as her lies kept piling up. Yeah, Flory and Silva were impressed but thats about it.

    At least Doctor HeeHaw and Don Bankhead provided comedy relief!

    Fitzgerald was just all venom and greed.

  3. queen jennie was dethroned.
    riding the rail out of town.
    fullerton is ready to quick close/all cash on the quitter’s house.
    she cost us so much during her unbearable reign.
    lone question remains. who does ahmad give his puppet strings to now

    1. His strings are severed for good. Once his court date rolls around snd is convicted or takes plead, he’ll never get elected to anything. Not even my job would take him!

    1. That would be Tony Bushala. Kept Whitaker, knocked off Cho, got Jung elected. Destroyed Measure S. Downtown developer millionaire. Baaaaaaaad!

  4. I thought he was a billionaire! Million, schmillion. Every public employee in California is a millionaire.

  5. I think you nailed it. Nothing left to rake in. I wonder if Pringle has come to the same conclusion.

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