14 Replies to “Fitzy on The Move?”

  1. If she’s leaving town, good riddance. But like certain kinds of parasitical fungus she’ll be hard to get rid of.

    1. Jenni, if you have it in you, which I doubt, but I’ll ask anyways; please, please, please take Domer with you.

      After all, you were the circus ring leader who rushed to give banjo boy a golden parachute, and that vote occurred after you announced you were not going to run for re-election. Very, very shady!

  2. In memory of the Jenn we have all grown to adore abhorring, a few of her greatest hits:

    Supported Measure S, which died on the vine.
    Supported A-mad Zahra, who is being criminally charged by the DA.
    Supported Joe Felz, who murdered a beloved tree and too committed a crime.
    Supported Dan Hughes, who was a liar and obstructionist. Thanks Mickey Mouse.
    Supported Jan Flory, who voted to pass the wacky weed bill.
    Supported not wearing facemasks in school, guess she wanted to kill all of our kids.

    I could go on and on, but I yield back the balance of my time so others can mention their favorite Fitz tunes.

    1. She worked hard to push the phony in-lieu water tax depriving the water system the funds to replace old main lines. And she lied about that too.

  3. Look at the large high rises !
    Curt Pringle
    Definitely had a hand in destroying our once beautiful city.
    Downtown bars.
    Pretty sad for Fullerton

  4. Now that there is only one party in Calif and OC, my bet is that she is coming to Texas where RINOS now go to retire.

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