Biden Bonus Bucks Bonanza!

Well don’t just sit there, go get it!

At a special session of our esteemed council tomorrow, our elected and unelected leaders will discuss how to spend the pile of printed money the federal government is sending our way under the rubric of “relief” cash.

This topic came up in June, as I recall, and because nobody seemed to know what the rules were regarding spending the loot, discussion of the issue was continued to a later date. But not before the councilmen weighed in on priorities. Mssrs. Whitaker, Dunlap and Jung stressed the need for infrastructure attention; Ahmad Zahra and Jesus Quirk-Silva tried their darnedest to signal to City Hall employees that all their hard sacrifices would be reimbursed. The matter came up again at an August meeting, wherein Zahra in a thinly veiled signal to the city workforce.

“Knowing that 70% of our services are labor-driven, it seems to me that prioritizing workforce really covers all of these departments. I think that should be where we focus.”

Well, I wonder what that really means. Our pipes and roads are of service to the citizenry and have been neglected for years. Did Zahra add the Capital Budget into his “service” percentage? Bet not.

More negativity. Just think positive!

Poor Zahra will not be at the meeting to dive into a long-winded and condescending lecture on the valuable workforce that has endured so much hardship in the past year and a half. But a lot of folks are just as concerned about the state of their car’s alignment, suspension, alignment, wheels and tires.

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  1. I think the money should all go to the employees and especially the managers who, as everybody knows, are the HEART of the city!

  2. $32 million won’t really put a dent in our street and pipe problems, so let’s just waste it on fat city employees.

  3. Spend it all on the fire whiners so they don’t leave us for OCFA. Spend lavishly on them for they are Heroes and Deserve.

      1. There are plenty of states where cops make under $60k per year and cause less mayhem. Union goons are only able to abscond with $300k+ in leftist paradise states.

  4. The rules are now known. So no streets – that would be infrastructure money that Manchins dumbass keeps blocking. So spend it on small businesses. Help who it’s supposed to help. Covid didn’t mess up our roads.

    1. Support public health expenditures.

    2. Address negative economic impacts of the pandemic.

    3. Invest in sewer, water, and broadband infrastructure.

      1. To be fair it’s a little more than 2 miles from the Lemon murder to the Pooch Park. But, by all means, let’s keep coddling the harmless homeless with free handouts because they’re all victims of circumstance and wealth inequity.

  5. Keep your eyes on Dick Jones. He will already be devising a speaking program for tonight wherein he can help out city bureaucrats. Wait and see.

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