Another Stabbing Homicide

This is getting tiresome. The other day, another one.

Somebody found with a guy with a fatal stab wound; this time the location of the corpus delicti was discovered at the Fullerton dog park next to the former Hunt Branch Library. The cops say the stabbing occurred around one o’clock in the morning, meaning that probably somebody else, presumably not the killer, was hanging around the pooch park in the middle of the night, too. Apparently, none of these good citizens understood that Fullerton parks and trails close at sundown.

Well, that’s three stabbing deaths in the past month or so. A casual observer might almost perceive a trend. But I’m not going to rush to any irresponsible conclusions.

It is somewhat ironic that this crime was committed at what our Parks staff believes will someday be a spot on their expensive recreation trail gamble through Fullerton’s no-man’s land. Let’s let Parks “Deputy Director” Alice Loya remind us in a May 2021 staff report:

“…linking the Transportation Center and several parks, including
Independence Park at its terminus. This proposed trail aligns with the Hunt Branch Library to the west, providing potential future linkages.”

If we simply discount all the lies in those two sentences, we can discern, besides a comfortably compulsive prevaricator named Alice Loya, a city government unable to attend to existing facilities in this troubled area of Fullerton; and yet possessed of the mindset that remains the same: double down on previously wasted resources and continue the march forward. After all, it’s only other people’s money.

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  1. Alice Loya just makes shit up to giver herself something to do. But everything she touches turns to feces. She’s on of the last of the old culture around. She got as far as she could. And now it’s a lot cheaper to retire her so she can’t do anymore damage.

  2. I’d like to see some pictures of the existing right-of-way. You keep saying how bad it is and how nobody would want to walk along a trail their because of homeless, stabbings, security and what not. How about it?

    1. You can’t actually see pictures of the section of the “trail” that “staff” wants to waste over $2,000,000 on because it’s been closed for 15 years due to all the crime that pervades the area. It will always be that way.

  3. The lies pile up so fast you need wings…

    The “trail” doesn’t make it to the Transportation Center. It doesn’t link “several” parks, and it has no possible way to get to the Hunt Branch.

    Alice Loya.

    1. You know something the police don’t?

      Abigail GonzalezCastillo is still in custody, $1,000,000 bail, Booking #3211371, Case #21NF2783, currently set for arraignment on Sep 30, charges of Murder and an enhancement for use of a deadly weapon (duh).

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