The Sacrifice

Whenever government gets itself into a bind, the first impulse of our bureaucratic overlords and their elected representatives is to resort to the taxpayers for relief. In Fullerton the case is not much different except that here, allegedly, managers and department heads have agreed to 5% and 10% cuts, respectively during our time of troubles. Likewise, according the the union boss, rank-and-file paper pushers have been told to accept the same 5% deal. Whether this gesture of sacrifice is meant to be reimbursed if the proposed 17% sales tax increase is approved by voters remains to be seen.

But that’s not the point of this post.

The point of this post is to ask whether anybody has requested the same sacrifice from our Heroes – the guys and gals who provide “public safety” services to us peons. Word out of City Hall is that no offers have been made voluntarily and none have been demanded. Could it be that’s because the Hero unions are much richer and much more political than the organization representing other city workers?

We are always being bombarded by Hero propaganda that promotes the selfless service and sacrifices by people who ride around in cop cars and fire trucks. Well, I’ll believe that when these worthy public servants step up to the proverbial plate and take the same haircut as everybody else.

4 Replies to “The Sacrifice”

  1. I think the cops agreed to defer, not forgo their scheduled pay raise. How big of them. And the fire union goons aren’t giving up anything. In fact, those idiots are still standing there with their hands out asking for more pay and to staff another Engine in station 6. That way, we can all benefit from another million dollar crew lounging around the fire station waiting for something to happen. Or to help grandpa back on the toilet in the middle of the night. Dan Lancaster, the head fire union goon wants us to keep driving on cratered streets so he can pack another fire engine full of useless union dues paying humps who get paid to sleep on the job.

  2. Lol pay cuts they cut CSUF is letting go janitors and grounds keeping staff the lowest paid heros that’s right hero are go to give up 100 percent of pay and benefits.. because they are not white, Afro american staff and latinx workforce are loosing jobs not cuts and the administrators keep their job and take a symbolic 10% pay cut you don’t see that on the news do you.

  3. Cutbacks are happening in just about every industry, academic settings, our businesses, regardless of the type of work it is it always seems the cuts are the largest from the bottom the unseen people who provide valuable functions that people take rarely appreciate. Yeah it seems like the elected officials and the top paid administrative people never seem to cut their own jobs just the ones that seem to be held by minority workforces it’s unfortunate because they really never truly see the impact it causes on the lives and families It is definitely an unconscious bias

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