Pilferin’ Paulette Gets Rung Up

For when you discover a basement below the basement…

Normally a race for the county Board of Education would cause no excitement – not even a blip on the local political radar screen.  This year is different in our district election because one of the candidates is the unspeakably dishonest Paulette Marshall Chaffee who was busted just a year ago faking an address to run for the Fullerton City Council and then who then was caught stealing campaign signs twice.

Paulette Stolen Sign
Crime doesn’t always pay in Fullerton…

Well, this scofflaw now believes she should be on the Board of Education and true to form is telling voters she’s a former teacher supported by ridiculously posed images of her in a classroom. For this septuagenarian miscreant, just like her co-conspirator husband Bud,  the sky’s the limit as far as spending vast amounts for her own electoral gratification.

But Pilferin’ Paulette has competition in this election. In one case it’s from a guy named Tim Shaw who ran against Old Bud for 4th County Supervisor last year. He knows his opponents, husband and wife, pretty well and has created a website to help inform folks of the abysmally low level of moral integrity possessed by Bud and Paulette.

Well, Godspeed, Mr. Shaw. Anybody who helps expose the incompetent criminal conspiracy known as the Chaffee Crime Family should be applauded for their good work.

24 Replies to “Pilferin’ Paulette Gets Rung Up”

  1. Paulette kinda reminds me of Nancy Pelosi. Both are impulsive, ruled by emotion and do stupid things with no forethought of action. Paulette pilfers signs while on video. Nancy rips up government documents while on national TV. The difference is that Nancy is a somebody and Paulette will always be a nobody who wants to be a somebody.

      1. Yeah, let’s defend Nancy. Whenever she tries to take the Orange Man out or does something stupid his numbers go up another 5 percent. Real time odds for reelection : 60%.

        Go Nancy Go!

          1. Oh, I see the speech police have suddenly awoken. Like nobody has ever used political metaphors or compared one politician to another on the FFFF comment board before. It’s perfectly fine to bash the Orange Man. But Nancy’s off limits! I guess the big crusade for free and open speech only applies to the select chosen few. Reminds me of iron fist of Flory or Fitzgerald. My my. How the worm turns.

            1. You tried to hijack the post and you’re still doing it. I haven’t decided whether to send you to the cornfield. But if you insist…

    1. An education in education is a marker for inertia-driven incompetence. It would be better to look at candidates who have successfully demonstrated leadership in the real world.

      1. But what to do when everyone else appears to be either a career politician, have compromised morals, or both? As far as I can see none of the candidates meet the threshold of “successfully demonstrated leadership in the real world”.

          1. So in the absence of proven leadership in the real world or other objective qualifications, I think I’ll take my chances with the person with a Masters Degree in Education.

      2. Calhoun is supposed to be some sort of “Doctor” but the Slobserver doesn’t bother to inquire about how come that title isn’t included in a bio.

  2. “He identifies as a local businessman and an education advocate” …which means he is neither. Brandman is the worst sort of self-interested politician who is always looking for his next political home and backs to step on to get there. He cares about children and education as long as it will help him move up the political ladder and he’s demonstrated he’s not above using children and the elderly as a means to an end.

    1. Brandmand is a contender for worst of the worst. F that guy.

      Also, Matt Cunningham, chief Brandman apologist, outed sex abuse victims. I never get tired of that story.

    2. Yeah. Brandman has never had a real job – ever. He stole $25,000 from the County with a plagiarized “report” that Tom Daly gave him. Hes’s a shallow, do-nothing, creep. Sort of like Fullerton’s Zahra.

      1. Yet there are enough idiots, fools and corrupt people who vote for him to get him elected. People like Brandman ruin institutions and entire communities with their ego-driven, self-centered pursuit of glory, power and political fame. He’s a Newsom acolyte. Never really done any real work or created anything real. A true parasite — always sucking blood from others and then moving onto the next once they are drained.

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