Fullerton Observer Steals Chaffee Story From FFFF

No news is good news…

Well, at least the truth is getting traction which is rare in Fullerton and even rarer within the yellowing pages, paper or electronic, of the Fullerton Observer. If you go to their on-line site, here, you’ll see what I mean. FFFF’s post about Paulette Marshall using fake websites as political advertising vehicles – in violation of FPPC rules – is repeated with minor rewriting. Even the images are the ones we published first.

No attribution, no nothing. Not even thanks for discovering something they never could have figured out on their own.

Anyhoo, Observers, thanks for the flattery!



10 Replies to “Fullerton Observer Steals Chaffee Story From FFFF”

  1. I for one would rather the Observer parrot Friends for Fullerton’s Future than parrot Kim Barlow or Karen Haluza, etc. Baby steps.

  2. “Thank you for the free publicity but this article is fake news. We are a new digital publication and just getting started and we are just as legitimate as you. Furthermore, PLR is used by many mainstream media sources and many favorite media personalities. You can speak to who you want to and we can speak to who we want as well. We believe Fullerton residents should have numerous sources of news, education, and entertainment opportunities. We do not accept political advertisements on our site. Paulette has been recognized around Orange County for her work in the community for years and we approached this as a human interest story not a political story and thought the opportunity to interview her was newsworthy for our residents. Thank you for the welcome. Sign up for our e-new stories at FullertonGazette.com”

    What a bunch of morons…”Thank you for the free publicity but this article is fake news”. WTF? Are they that dumb? I guess they are. LOL

    1. There is literally no one who has recognized Paulette Chaffee’s work in the community other than the Orange County District Attorney.

      Looking forward to seeing the Fullerton Gazette’s business license. I’m sure the FPPC will be interested in this in-kind campaign donation as well.

      1. Well, if you count midnight purloining of other people’s property as “work,” then Pilferin’ Paulette has indeed been recognized around orange County – and beyond!

    2. How ridiculous! The very title mentions Paulette Marshall’s Board of Education campaign. How on earth is that “human interests.”

      Looks like Douggie and Paulette are branching out from their earlier work as perjurers and petty thieves into a new realm of hucksterism!

  3. The Observer was alerted to the existence of the Fullerton Gazette by a reader. Our story was not a repeat of the FFFF story though we did also see your story when we went online to try and find information about the two fake sites. We will certainly attribute FFFF if you come up with any information about the two sites that we didn’t already find out and print. And of course we used screen shots from the fake sites themselves to illustrate the Observer story. Hilarious you think that our story or the screen shots were stolen from you.

    1. Sharon the way your newspaper covers this stories in our city is really unfair. How come your newspaper puts out stories that always defend the corruption? You have so many of the older people fooled in Fullerton and because of your newspaper the bad people remain in power and we’re suffering with these bad roads and more taxes and we have to be afraid of the police.

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