Who’s Full of it? Whitaker or the City Attorney?

Bruce Whitaker Voice of OC

We’ve made it onto the Voice of OC again. The newest story [HERE] revolves around a fundamental problem with government secrecy – you never know who’s telling the truth after something nefarious happens.

According to City Attorney The Other Dick Jones™, the City Council voted in closed session back on 17 September to sue us for allegedly clicking links.

Council Member Bruce Whitaker, mind you, claims that no such vote happened back in September.

Only one of them can be telling the truth and with history as our guide we know where to place our bets.

To bolster their claims of a vote in September the City “cured” their illegal Brown Act violation two weeks ago on 05 November by allegedly re-voting to sue us 4-1 (Whitaker dissenting). But did they ever actually vote back in September or is that just a ruse being cooked up to make their case against us look less retaliatory?

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  1. But why did Jones drag Whtaker into his lie? That would have been unnecessary. My guess is that Whtaker just sat there as usual, silent as a clam when no vote was taken at all.

  2. Was this topic discussed during last nights city council meeting? If so, what were the comments of the other 4 council members? Or did they all put their hands over their mouths and say in unison “Oh, we can’t say anything, it was a closed session”?

    Was there a vote or wasn’t there?

      1. There’s one minor problem with going to the City web site. As best as I can tell, the City is trying to claim that, regarding the City web site, everything not specifically permitted is forbidden. Therefore, clicking on the link to download the council meeting agenda is forbidden without some notice to the contrary that it’s OK. You see any permissions of this nature on the City site? Me neither.

  3. Time for a federal investigation. The Fullerton City Council, City Manager and City Attorney are corrupt and it looks like they have engaged in unlawful and criminal behavior.

  4. Here’s how the City Attorney described the situation on the agenda:

    “Ratification of unanimous decision made in closed
    session on September 17, 2019”

    Note that the word “vote” is not used. More chickenshit from Dick Marblemouth, Esq.

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