Quirk-Silva Duo Under Investigation for Retaliation Against Sexual Assault Victim

Here’s a convoluted story from the Los Cerritos News about Fullerton councilmember Jesus Silva and his wife, California State Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva.

EXCLUSIVE: Fullerton Asm. Quirk-Silva Under Investigation for Influence Peddling and Retaliation Against Accuser of Asm. Cristina Garcia

The California State Assembly investigation involving groping allegations against Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia leveled by Cerritos resident Daniel Fierro has morphed into a wide-ranging political influence and retaliation investigation revolving around Garcia, 65th District Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (D-Fullerton), and her husband, Fullerton Council Member Jesus Silva.

Jesus and Sharon are accused of threatening a businessman with political retribution if he didn’t fire a public relations firm run by Daniel Fierro, a former Assembly staffer who accused Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D) of groping him earlier this year.

During the meeting, Quirk-Silva echoed her husband’s statements and made it clear to the businessman that he should fire Fierro because of his sexual harassment and groping allegations against Garcia.

The reportedly shocked businessman was then told that “not doing so might result in her [Garcia’s] political disfavor.”

Quirk-Silva denied all of the allegations via her office’s spokesperson. But if they are true, they could have serious implications for Fullerton’s political power duo. Would the Quirk-Silva’s really engage in threats of retribution against the victim of sexual assault? That doesn’t seem like a good choice in the current era.

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  1. The dummy Quirk-Silvas have become corrupted by the allure of power up in Sacramento. It’s the same sad story every time, and not really surprising.

    1. And we’re surprised by these allegations how! Look back at some of the decisions Sharon has made during the last fifteen years and see if it makes sense. Appears to be consistent stupid behavior on part of Sharon. I don’t know the hubby but you know the saying of birds of the feather. Just remember in November to send her home. The state of California has enough problems without Sharon to fuck things up even more. Can you honestly give one positive useful thing she’s done in the last fifteen years

      1. Depends on your point of view. Remember the pervert sex predator Albert Rincon? Quirky made a big deal about that situation to the media. And then did…NOTHING.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. You give someone a bit of power and invariably it goes to their head! I, too, have seen this first hand.

      I think the referenced businessman (victim) should be believed! Where is the investigation?

  2. Long time coming for these two idiots. She married him to get an Hispanic surname, and he can’t formulate a sentence without her hand in the back of his head. Time for a real Latina from our district. Vote for Alexandria Coronado.

    1. That’s right!!! He is a straight Paisa who acts likes he’s all that. And she he is a tacky bitch that tries to.play on her hispanic role. Two dumb assholes that need to get their head out of their ass!

  3. I have lived in Fullerton for 20 years and this Fullerton future.org site is a very sad representation of our citizens. These comments are crude as well as unfounded. Those who post such comments only highlight the sad state of political discussions these days. Sharon Quirk-Silva and her husband have always worked hard for our community. An unproven accusation is just that and no more.

      1. Just like the Chaffee’s. The left loves to double up and become a power hungry couple, so they can both wear the all important name-tags on their lapel while kissing the babies and impressing their friends.

        I’m not alone paying to God for both of these power hungry shady duo’s to lose: Sharon, Doug, Paulette (carpetbagger) and Jesus. #justgoaway

  4. She would have been out of politics long ago if Bushala didn’t let her off the hook. She donated socks to the homeless and they said she must be nice and great. They missed the boat on that one.

    1. Bushala had a long history of supporting many organizations, as well as the city until he saw the corruption and decided to write about it. He got this blog going, when all of Fullerton was in a living in a fog of delusion. Sometimes he was hilarious and bawdy, but he always did a lot of digging to put the facts out there. He put his thoughts and opinions out there, encouraged others, and started the tide that got old power brokers out of office. He poured personal time and finances into the blog. He was and remains a friend to many, despite a period of time being impugned on an almost daily basis by the Fullerton Observer. Fled to Mexico? I think not. He moved on, once he figured that he’d started a movement that could be carried on by others. But if ever there were a time for the fighting spirit to be brought forth, now is the time!

    2. Bushala was the millionaire that tried to buy off the council with the blood of Kelly Thomas. Once that happened, Bushala put in $500,000 because he saw the opportunity to run the city himself. He wanted to oust everyone and put in his own people. He got one guy in, Travis, then travis opened his mouth at his 2nd council meeting and got run out the next time around. Bushala owns a bunch of property in Fullerton. He loves to smoke weed and listen to his roosters.

      1. Bushala keeps it real. So what if he smokes weed, a lot of people do. Don’t hate because he has $.

  5. The full story with allegations of what was sent via text and in person is in the LA Times. http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-ca-cristina-garcia-retaliation-claim-harassment-20180928-story.html
    Here’s an excerpt:

    “Zahra, who heads a film production company, said he received a text in June from Silva, the assemblywoman’s husband, that raised questions about his hiring Fierro.

    “Is that the guy that is accusing Cristina? Is he familiar with OC? Fullerton?” Silva says in a transcript of the alleged text included in the claim filed Friday. The claim also says that Silva suggested that another consultant be considered.

    In an interview with The Times, Zahra said Silva stopped short of asking him to fire Fierro.

    “I asked him, ‘What do you want me to do? Do you want me to fire him?’ ” Zahra recalled telling Silva. “He said, ‘I’m not telling you what to do.’ ”

    Still, Zahra said, “I felt very intimidated.”

    Zahra said he received a June 15 text from Quirk-Silva asking for a meeting.

    He said that he and Quirk-Silva were among several politicians at a June 16 event in Anaheim at which, he alleges, the assemblywoman approached him and asked him why he had hired Fierro.

    “I said, ‘What do you want me to do?’ and she said, ‘Get rid of him,’ ” Zahra said. Quirk-Silva did not specifically address this allegation in her statement but denied that she retaliated in any way against Fierro.

    Zahra said Quirk-Silva did not bring up Garcia’s name or Fierro’s sexual harassment complaint during the conversation.

    Zahra kept Fierro as his consultant. And in the end, Quirk-Silva attended a fundraiser for Zahra in Fullerton and voiced support for his candidacy.”

  6. As interesting is this that was just posted by the LA Times 3 hours ago.
    At the heart of this story are a bunch of “Conservative” women living right here in Fullerton. If you’ve been unfortunate to come across Fullerton resident Gretchen Cox’s fake indignation in her many YouTube commercials that accuse Gil Cisneros of sexual harassment, then you’ll be interested to know -the accuser just recanted her story.
    Who else is Gretchen Cox connected to in the city? A bunch of aging conservative political women, including, Jan Flory.

    1. If you ever watched the woman’s original video -it really lacked substance. If this had happened, why not go to the police in this day and age? And let’s say if she did get ‘paid off’ in cash, then she lied knowing there’d be a payoff anyway. And why would the Republican women of Fullerton jump on this without a full investigation by the police before taking to YouTube, where they probably usually only watch cat videos?
      As for Cox and the conservative Republican women in Fullerton: They have never mentioned sexual harassment, sexual assault, or female trafficking on their social media feeds. They bring it up when it’s a trending topic or for some political gain, but doubt very much that they give a rat’s ass about it. It’s not one of their causes over the long haul.

  7. No surprises here. For years, SQS along with Keller, Taz, Florry and others would go to local businesses displaying opponents campaign signs and tell them to take those signs down or they will lose business. Intimidation is the name of their game.
    As for Cox and the rep women, this group has been turned into a tight knit gaggle of geese who cannot keep their original members making them go to other cities to harvest who they can. Cox is only loyal to Shader and Thacker who in turn are great friends with lefty Flory. Manipulation is the name of their game.

  8. Haha I believe it because Jesus retaliated against my son because my son complained about his boring ass at Nicolas Jr. High. He and his tacky wife need to be exposed. Karma is a real bitch and they deserve one another.

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