Ed Endorses Young Kim

No there, there…

Running true to form, Ed Royce (R- Bad Dye Job) has apparently endorsed his vacuous protege, Young Kim, to replace him in Congress. It would seem that the job of County Supervisor isn’t as inviting an opportunity for this dedicated public servant to be serviced by the public.

Yes. I could do that job.

This really isn’t much of a surprise, given the Little Corporal’s penchant to endorse unqualified candidates for office. Of course a ling cod would make a better congresscritter than Young Kim, but that cuts no ice with Royce, whose career has been marked by a decided indifference to the well-being of his constituents.

The Village People just called…

This is good news for Tim Shaw who is now the only Republican candidate for 4th District County Supervisor, and as things stand, would certainly make a run-off against the Democrat’s carpetbaggin’ union goon, Coto Joe Kerr.

Still doesn’t live in district…

15 Replies to “Ed Endorses Young Kim”

    1. Of course it will.

      Who in their right mind would run against the $3,000,000 that comes with his endorsement?

        1. Huff maybe can raise money from his former clients, um, I mean lobbyists like Ed Roski. Nelson can shake down County vendors. But they both better hurry. Eddie is going to dump a bunch of cash on Younga.

          Unfortunately none of those three are worth a pig’s knuckle.

        2. You mean Judge Nelson, the guy with a law degree from a fifth rate law school on its way to defunctness? 8 years at the County and NOTHING to show for it.

  1. Another Korean war monger will fit into the Littleman’s shoes just right. Younga will also have good standing to promote Korean Bar girls rights to a minimum wage.

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