Suspect Apprehended by FPD

A notorious criminal was nabbed by FPD after giving chase up North Pomona Avenue yesterday afternoon. Reports had been received that Victor J. Testudines had been spotted in the neighborhood.

Deceptively evasive.

Testudines was eventually apprehended by officers around 5:45pm by police after a lengthy foot pursuit.

“We had to chase  him down and that really pisses us off” said FPD spokesman Jeff Fragnet. Two officers received broken bones in the ensuing scuffle and were taken to St. Jude’s, according to Fragnet. “This is a bad hombre,” he added.

7 Replies to “Suspect Apprehended by FPD”

  1. Meanwhile, the cars on my street get pilfered weekly and my neighbor just experienced her second break in this year.

  2. Two thoughts:

    1) I can only imagine the opera Behind the Badge would have made of this story.

    2) No way an FPD offivcer could run down that tortoise.

  3. Why didn’t each officer get his own bone? Were they not deserving their own bone after a good walk? Is the new chief hiding the bones and only passing them out to his little favorites?

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