Who Says There’s No Such Thing As a Free Lunch?

The gift that keeps giving…

Here’s another in a series of small rip-offs that show how casually and frivolously Fullerton’s head employees threw our money around under the incompetent regime of Joe Felz.

Back in September, ¬†then Chief Danny Hughes decided to have a lunch “meeting” with the lawyers involved in Manny Ramos’s employment arbitration. Why? Most likely to get the taxpayers to pick up the tab. And we did. We also paid for the gustatory pleasures of Danny’s luncheon companions.

Here are the documents.

Okay, it’s not Maxim’s, its Islands, but still you would think our high-priced lawyers could afford to pay for their own food, right? After all, they were no doubt billing for the time it took to consume their Kilauea Turkey Burgers.


12 Replies to “Who Says There’s No Such Thing As a Free Lunch?”

  1. Approving all his department heads’ bogus expense reports must have been nearly a full-time job for good old Joe.

  2. I can’t believe that creep murdering cop Ramos is still trying to come back to Fullerton. It’s simple proof that police unions have too much power.

    1. Why not?? He has nothing to lose. He already won the criminal and civil trial without a penny coming out of his pocket.

  3. Most private businesses keep tight control on expense reports. Wonder if Hughes will get his hands slapped at Disney? Then again they did hire him

    1. Not sure about that. I spent years in the corporate world. Top executives going to strip clubs and expensing $1000+ dinners for a party of 3 was very common

    2. I used to have a Disney corporate card. Hughes will fit right in there. He’s in the entertainment business, after all.

  4. One has to wonder why our itty bitty city attorney would not be present at a meeting for a legal matter involving the city of Fullerton?

    Why would an attorney let his client do the talking when everyone and their brother knows that the last person you want talking to the other side’s lawyer(s) is the gabby police chief who supposedly terminated Ramos’ employment?

  5. This is a common practice in all private and public affairs. It’s to stay on good terms with the other party. Stop your bitching if any of you could you would do the same thing and you know it.

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