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  1. The public safety issue goes far beyond the inconvenience to pedestrians. Notice in the first photo at least one fire hydrant was behind the fence, and thus, inaccessible.

    Had you or me fenced off the fire hydrant in our front yards, the city would have arrested us for it.

    1. That fire hydrant was the only source of water for the contractor during construction. That’s why they closed off the entire sidewalk, so nobody would trip over the hose. Stupid shit like this happens all the time, but ONLY in Fullerton.

      1. D. Johnson, Fullerton is where the most absurd and stupid things happen and get approved. And also the place where only a hand full of people even notice or care.

        Fullerton is pathetic.

        Thankfully, this blog is getting more and more peoples attention. I’m more curious than ever as to why you shut it down when you did. You had Fullerton on its knees.

        Keep up the good work!

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