How the Newman Recall Could Kill the Gas Tax

Take a second and watch recall leader Carl DeMaio explain how recalling Josh Newman is the first step in a three stage plan to rescind the new car tax and fix California’s roads without new taxes.

To sum up his plan:

  1. Recall Newman and eliminate the 2/3rds Democratic majority in the state senate.
  2. Give legislature 30 days to rescind gas tax before additional recalls commence.
  3. Pass statewide initiative to commit existing tax dollars towards road repairs.

Now that’s pretty ambitious. But remember that this tax is just the first test case for the Democrats, who are working on other tax hikes as we speak. They’re now desperate to fill in the enormous financial gap left by the public pension crisis. Even just the elimination of Newman has the potential to stop the state from reaching back into our pockets over and over again.

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29 thoughts on “How the Newman Recall Could Kill the Gas Tax

  1. Yea, it breaks down on step 2.
    North OC has a history of recalls, and we like it.
    Don’t know of any other area like that, so step 2 is the weak link.

  2. Newman put party loyalty and political interest above the needs of California’s working class. Get a rope.

  3. This could work. The libtards and RINOS are terrified of this recall and are flailing. We had a guy in our neighborhood collecting sigs today. And that NEVER happens.

  4. I’ve seen petition gatherers at every shopping center I’ve stopped at in North OC this week. Someone is getting this done. It will all be over soon, Newman. Sleep tight.

  5. Starting an initiative based on untruth is reprehensible. Newman was NOT the deciding factor in the passage of the Transportation Funding measure. DeMaio knows very well that it takes 27 of 40 senators to pass any tax increase. The Gas Tax bill passed 27-11, with one Dem voting against it and Republican Anthony Cannella of Ceres voting for it. The Senate votes by verbal roll call, in alphabetical order. This bill passed the senate floor session on April 6th, the video is viewable on the Senate website in the archive (forward to 3:07:00). Newman voted when his name was called, he was the 20th Aye vote. He was NOT the vote that pushed it over the top, he was one of 27 Senators who voted it through. Targeting a duly elected senator and lying to voters about signing a petition that “repeals the gas tax” is dishonorable. Recall would cost taxpayers millions. Newman is the senator who introduced the bill to protect road repair funds from re-appropriation. How about telling the facts?

    1. Each vote was the “deciding factor.” And DeMaio has been upfront about the strategy of going after the weakest Dem, i.e. the one with the smallest margin of victory.

      Those are the facts. You claim a recall will cost millions. Who told you that and why are you spreading that lie?

        1. You must be freakin’ joking. You got a 2 million figure from the guy being recalled? Lady, you are situated deep in an echo chamber.

          Why don’t you go ask the OC Registrar of Voters what it will cost instead of relying on the word of the politician being recalled?

  6. Maybe people should read how the gas tax would actually save everyone hundreds of dollars personally and the state (aka citizens) hundreds of millions, if not billions by repairing what is damaged and maintaining what is not here and now. Fixing something that is broken is more costly than maintaining. I get that people dislike the tax, but let’s be real here. How much will an extra $.12 per gallon cost people in comparison to what it does? Let’s get even deeper. It’s not about the gas tax. It’s about Republicans being unhappy with the fact a democrat won this seat, something I’m sure many never thought would happen. Can’t handle the democratic process, oh yeah let’s find ways to circumvent the fair process with legal loopholes since in California they can’t possibly hope to pass discriminatory voter ID laws. 😀

    1. No, I’m a Democrat. It’s about the gas tax. What happened to all that other gas tax money we’ve been paying? Obviously wasted or they wouldn’t be demanding more. Why keep pitching billions into the Sacramento money pit.

      1. What do you mean by “all that other gas tax money we’ve been paying?”

        It gets spent on transportation, primarily, the roads. Why do you assume otherwise?

    2. Tossing a bad politician out with a recall isn’t a loophole. It’s in plain English right there in the election code!

  7. I look around and see a lot of city streets in bad shape, and some freeways. That’s in my local area.

    Gas tax IS spent on transportation from the reading I’ve done. And given that vehicles become more efficient but do just as much damage to the roads over time, I can see the need for adjustment of the gas tax to shore up our infrastructure.

    And don’t tell me about the bullet train. The money does’t just transfer from one thing to another.

  8. “I look around and see a lot of city streets in bad shape, and some freeways”

    Of course you do. And what does that tell you about how Sacramento has wasted the billions in taxes they already took from us.

    So please explain how Brown is going to fund his magic train. That money is going to come from existing revenue, get it?

  9. Newman is being scapegoated by the republicans in a most obvious way based and the angry citizens are being duped into signing those petitions by paid signature gatherers that play on their emotions no differently than what happened in our most recent Presidential election which, at this point in time, isn’t looking so good.

    1. Newman voted to raise my taxes. I will vote to recall Newman. No need for emotion. It’s a perfectly rational response.

  10. Fullerton successful recalled 3 city council members with good credentials. Those 3 where recaled not because of what they did.( didn’t vote to have the homeless beat down and run out of town,) but it was what they didn’t do. Fullerton and surrounding communities ~will~ successful recall Newman also for his lack of fiscal leadership. He justified his vote by introducing a constitutional measure the the money can never be diverted, but who believes that. There is always a loophole to be found.
    Its just too bad another couple lame ducks can’t be recalled at the same time.

    1. The Fullerton Recall of 2012 was a blasted failure. Kiger was out in a matter of months and the status quo continues to this day with a constant, never ending 3-2 union majority. To make matters worse, the recall gave us 8 years of Jennifer Fitzgerald. Who financed the recall in 2012? Who gave Fitzgerald a pass back then? Who made sure she got re elected? Who will finance a real recall now that a real one is needed for ALL FIVE OF THEM?

  11. A right wing zealot from San Diego that served one term on the city council then lost every other contest he entered will NOT steal my vote through this dishonest recall campaign. All of the signature gatherers took a crash course in lying ” excuse me sir, have you signed the petition to repeal the gas tax ?”
    Disgustingly dishonest

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