The Grand Opening of the Stairs

The grand opening of the “Pine Forest Stairs” connecting Lions Field to Hillcrest Park was this morning.  I didn’t count but I’m guessing 30 people in attendance, about a third of which were City staff or elected/appointed folks.

A short 10-minute ceremony marked the grand opening:

Those of you strapped for time should watch this excerpt featuring Jennifer Fitzgerald.  Listen very carefully as she avoids using the word “bridge” when referring to the Great Lawn.  She’s so excited!

No other councilmembers besides Chaffee and Fitzgerald were in attendance, though former councilwoman Jan Flory joined them.

The event was somewhat unusual in that a number of people who probably see me as a City Hall adversary took it upon themselves to strike up a conversation, which was nice for a change.  Doug Chaffee and his wife Paulette Marshall were very friendly, as was Gretchen Cox, Parks and Recreation Commissioner.  From the City staff, John Clements and Don Hoppe were nice as well.

After everyone took a trip up the stairs, can you guess which councilmember found a reason to be nasty to me?  This isn’t a difficult question.

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  1. So there were 20 people there. All city-related. Sort of sad really. Until you consider the price tag. Then you get angry.

  2. I predict those stairs will only last through four Fitzgerald hair style changes.

  3. For real — you ever notice how Fitzy always seems to be talking out of the side of her mouth? That’s a glaring clue right there about her forthrightness and honesty.

  4. I’m glad this event was recorded. They can play these videos at Fullerton’s bankruptcy hearing in a few years.

  5. I’m pretty sure the other 10 people present were representatives of the Chamber of Horrors.

  6. “Pine Forest Stairs” WTF? There’s no forest at all. Just denuded slopes due to City neglect.

    That’s reminds me of the Blues Brother’s “Wish Sandwich” joke – two slices of bread and you wish you had some meat to go in it.

    1. I saw some scrawny little thing in the photo, looks like the tree from a Charlie Brown Christmas.

  7. “After everyone took a trip up the stairs, can you guess which councilmember found a reason to be nasty to me? This isn’t a difficult question.”

    Jesus will not be happy.

  8. How funny. Hugo is speaking to bunch of empty chairs. Not even Felz showed up.

  9. The main question: Did Fitzpringle make it to the top of the ‘pine forest stairs’, or did she get too winded and have her kids do it for her? Did her hairstylist let her even try with that new ‘do? Hey Jennifer ‘I’m beholden to outside developers and my bosses at Curt Pringle and hate every Fullerton citizen I can’t use to my advantage or who calls me out on my BS’ maybe you should just quit/resign your seat on City Council and save Fullerton from much more headache and boondoggles like these stairs. And that stupid, dopey bridge to nowhere must be stopped.

    Stack-and-Pack Haluza’s gone, Uncle Drunk Joe Felz is gone, now all we need is Fitzpringle to bow out gracefully (or drive home drunk and kill another one of Fullerton’s beloved trees) and we might have a fighting chance. Oh yeah- clean city hall’s halls by firing Don Hoppe (incompetent) and Hugo Curiel (even more incompetent) while you’re at it– pretty please with sugar on top. Thanks, bye

  10. Look at the sunshine coming through the gap where the hand rail beam meets the post behind Chaffee’s head. What a joke.

    1. Did you notice all the drip marks behind him too? City paid over $1.5 million for a wooden staircase!! They couldn’t even hire a qualified company to construct it properly. I guess that would have cost more. Smh.

  11. “This isn’t the end, this is the beginning.”

    Hopefully, for Fitzgerald this is the beginning of the end.

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