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We’ve covered the Red Oak development before – a four story, 295 unit development at 600 Commonwealth which does not have adequate parking and would create serious traffic concerns as residents block traffic on the West side of Commonwealth to turn into the project during rush hour.

Behold… it’s coming.

On January 16, the City Council on a 4-1 vote largely approved the Project, leaving the door just barely cracked for minor revisions to the proposal. I have spoken with the developer of the project, who has discussed potentially alleviating the parking issue by adding a level to the proposed parking lot, and while this would admittedly help the parking issue if they followed through, the traffic problems would remain. Think about it – just how exactly will the Westbound side of Commonwealth be traversable during rush hour if the left lane is being blocked every five minutes by a tenant looking to turn into their home?

So what’s different about this vote? Someone decided to do something about it.

The group Friends for a Livable Fullerton has decided to not take the vote lying down and have been circulating a petition. If they are able to collect the 6,800 required signatures it will qualify for a public vote of the voters of the City of Fullerton to overturn the Council’s resolution.

Pictured: Activism

So here’s the deal: Friends for a Liveable Fullerton need signatures and even more important they need people to circulate those signatures. So if you agree that it’s time to take our City back then help the volunteers at FLF. They can be reached through their facebook page at  or via email at  and help them get the signatures they need.

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  1. If Haluza won’t do her job, we’re going to have to it for her. And guess what? No bloated $180,000 salary + pension.

    1. Thank goodness both Fullerton and Brea (I’m not sure about Santana) are in PERS so no double dipping there for her. I am so sorry to see her selling out.

      1. “I am so sorry to see her selling out.”

        I think you may be charitable. She started her ‘career” in Brea Redevelopment – the worst of the worst. There may not have ever been anything to sell.

  2. Please come and sign the petition. Circulators will be at the following location at the times listed:

    Stater Brothers on Euclid
    Saturday 10a – noon & 4p – 6p
    Sunday 8a – noon & 4p – 6p

    Ralph’s on Harbor
    Saturday noon – 4p
    Sunday 2p – 4p

    Circulators may be at these location during additional hours as well.

    Thank you!

    1. Petition also available to sign at lolo boutique in down town Fullerton located in the Villa del Sol, 305 N Harbor Blvd. Open today (Sunday) from 11 – 5, closed Monday, open Tuesday – Friday 11am – 7 pm.

  3. Why not require the developer to provide shuttles from other parking areas to this development? And, of course, provide for the probable required additional police “protection” for the cars in the other areas? How about valet parking – how many residents would pay for that and rely on the professionalism of the “valets”?

  4. Thank you for keeping us informed.
    Today my wife and I signed the petition to stop this insane building. I just don’t get what our elected officials thought process is. Why turn a beautiful city into an overcrowded mess?
    The people of Fullerton voted overwhelmingly against the “Coyote Hills Development”. Did our elected officials not get this message? So instead of listening to the voice of the people of Fullerton, they figured out a loophole to proceed with this development.
    Then the city workers and PD get a massive increase in retirement and or salary. We dont have enough money to repair our city streets, however we have the money for salary increases. So where is the “Financial Responsiblity” of our so called city leaders? Is it time to “Drain the Swamp” as they say?
    The actions of our City Leadership makes one wonder if they gave this increase to city workers and PD in exchange for their votes. If that’s what happened with the increase to our city employees, what was the “pay off” to be for being so accommodating with developers at the expense of the citizens of Fullerton.
    The answers from our “elected officals” have been mindmind-boggling, however the truth to these questions is not very palatable either.

      1. Wait ’till district voting is in place. You can work your ass off to elect yourself an anti-development councilmember and still get stuck with a giant tower in your hood… by the other four district reps.

        1. That’s been one of my biggest fears about the district election model since day 1. Districting makes it too easy for councilmembers to play “good cop” and vote down all the HD plans in their district while approving them everywhere else.’

          1. Thanks to candidate Vivian “Kitty” Jaramillo who couldn’t get elected to the city council and then pulled the race card. She never complained about racial equality during her campaign.

      2. There were a couple of candidates in 2016 that talked about overdevelopment in Fullerton. I hope they’re helping out with this referendum effort. Otherwise, what good would they be? All talk and no action. Lame.

        1. One of the key organizers is Jane Rands, who had “Stop Overdevelopment” printed on her campaign signs.

    1. That actually makes a lot of sense. Then watch them tell you with a straight face that these projects PAY for street paving.

  5. You may sign the petition today at Stater Bros anytime between 8a (now!) to 6p.
    Come on down good people.

  6. Circulators are at the Stater Bros on Euclid. Sorry, don’t want to direct you to the wrong Stater. Thanks!

  7. Close your eyes. Imagine what your town would look like in six years, after all development projects the city has in the pipeline are finalized. Think of the landscape changes, overcrowding, traffic jams. Open your eyes now. Sign the petition. Talk to your neighbors and coworkers about it, volunteer if you can. There first condition to a good dream lies in the blocking of all nightmares.
    Wishing all Fullertonions the sweetest of the dreams,

    Lisa CSUF

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