Business as Usual – In Every Sense of the Term

Back on December 1, 2016 KTLA reporter Chip Yost made a Public Records Act request about information surrounding then-City Manager Joe Felz’s alcohol odorific Wild Ride.


His main business is dirty businesses.

Poor Chip. Of course he was given the big FU from Gregory Palmer, employee of the City Attorney and best known by us for his enthusiastic adult sex business work. Palmer cites disclosure laws that have now been thrown out by the State Supreme Court, and somehow believes that communications from then-Chief Danny “Galahad” Hughes are exempt, too.

One thing that was turned over is the following memo from Gretchen Beatty, HR Director, who somehow has taken it upon herself to write an apology for Felz even though she admits the latter is still “on duty.” Under the comical subject line “Keeping You Informed” she proceeds to tell her “colleagues” nothing they surely didn’t already know.

Gretch says the FPD is “completing its independent investigation” which is a wonderful oxymoron and also not true. But let’s not let truth impede upon the business of City Hall. Rather, let us observe business as usual.


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  1. Question: who was the first person Felz called that fatal night (for McSappy) when he realized he was drunk as a skunk, fled the scene of the crime, surrounded by cops with red lights flashing, sirens blaring, and in hot water?

    1. Felz either called Danny directly, or he called Shitzgerald begging her to call Danny. The more likely scenario is he called Shitz since they were doing shots together at the Slidebar.

      1. Let’s hope the “investigation” looks at Joe’s cell phone log. If he called Fitzgerald then the “investigation” needs to look into Shitz’s phone log to see if she called Danny. If Shitz called Danny, then they need to look at Danny’s phone log to see who he called to rescue Joe.

  2. “The Fullerton Police Department is completing its independent investigation”
    Let’s write it differently keeping the same meaning: “The Fullerton Police Depatment is independently investigating itself”

    1. LOL. She is very valuable. There is a shortage of labor with her skills in OC. For starters, anyone with intellectual integrity does not fit her informal job description. It’s all about value!

    1. Fullerton Police Department honesty and credibility were damaged. City officials complicity with FPD was underscored.

  3. The strategy on Day 1 was to downplay the whole thing (no one was hurt, business as usual, Felz “on duty”).

    StumbleJoe was trying to ride this out even by trying to get poor Sappy paid for ASAP the following Monday. T’was all for naught.

    Nobody wants a sloppy drunk for a City Manager – especially if he’s so incompetent that he can’t even orchestrate a decent cover-up.

    1. I think you are right about all that. It’s so funny. Our City Council put up with this clown’s incompetence for six years but it was the Wild Ride that did him in.

      I still wonder who made the call to Felz telling him things were NOT alright. Was it Fitzgerald? Or did she delegate that job to marble-mouth Jones to keep her chubby little fingers clean.

    2. FPD cops know what to do when someone is caught driving under the influence. & didn’t do it with Felz. I’m very concerned about FPD infringing on privacy rights too

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