Behind the Badge

One of the more startling examples of stupid waste at Fullerton City Hall has been the exorbitant expense of Behind the Badge: fifty large ones a year for former bad OC Register “journalists” to publish and disseminate pro-cop propaganda pabulum. It was all phony crap meant to obscure the real news about the FPD: a litany of bad behavior and criminal activity that over the past decade has spanned the breadth of the California Penal Code. Fortunately, thanks to the Friends this ridiculous waste is coming to an end. We wanted to make sure, too, so we requested the good bye letter.

And here is our temporary police chief Dave Hinig, hand-wringing over the loss of what can only be described as no loss at all for the taxpayer:

Is this some sort of sick joke? Value? To whom? Certainly not for the people who were paying out almost $250,000 over the past four years.

And what’s really laughable is all this lachrymose bullshit over a contract that was made in secret, was grossly mismanaged, and that had no actual requirements for performance¬†– even if Joe Felz had had any inclination to oversee what he initiated.

Well, anyway, Behind the Badge is going away although why we have to pay another $8000 for two more months of this unadulterated literary manure is beyond me.

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  1. What is the real connection between the Police Department and Behind the Badge??? Why would anyone think that it is ok for the PD to pay a ridiculous amount of money every month? Once a person cancels there is no need to continue paying simply out of courtesy. For example, if my cable bill was ridiculously high, I would not call to cancel and then say “go ahead charge me 2 more months because you have been so helpful”. It all goes back to you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

  2. Believe it or not, the ones most happy about doing away with Behind the Badge are the good hard working cops who do not get praised by that propaganda outlet. Invariably, the objects of the hero worship regularly featured on that rag are the ass licking, promotion hungry, self worshiping piglets.

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