Behind the Badge: Dan and Bill’s Excellent Oregon Adventure

Bill Rams, the principal of Cornerstone Communications and man behind Behind the Badge.

Last spring former Police Chief Dan “Galahad” Hughes and Bill Rams went up to Oregon to speak at a cop convention. The City paid for Hughes and Bill Rams’ plane tickets. Who is Bill Rams?

Bill Rams is the proprietor of “Behind the Badge,” a shallow, police feel-good PR outlet that sells its dubious information to public agencies so the taxpayers can pay for cop propaganda aimed right back at them. We have already noticed that this charming swindle was orchestrated in Fullerton behind the scenes by former City Manager Joe Felz – without any public input or council oversight.

Hughes went up to Portland to deliver of himself some sort of speech to the Oregon Association Chiefs of Police, titled “When Trust is Tested…Strategies for Restoring Public Confidence.” That name alone should cause a torrent of laughter here in more southerly latitudes given the Culture of Corruption in the Fullerton Police Department in which Captain Danny Hughes was an integral part of the management team, and that included theft, fraud, sexual battery, perjury, more perjury, false arrest, assault, more assault, more theft, destruction of evidence, kidnapping and homicide. His solution as soon as he became Chief? Hold an open house and hire a footling PR purveyor named Bill Rams. But I digress…


Why did the taxpayers foot the bill for Chief Danny’s air fare to Oregon in the first place? And why on Earth did we have to pay to send Danny’s little chronicler, Bill Rams, to a conference that had absolutely¬†nothing to do with Hughes’s job of running our police department?

Here is the full expense report.

Should the city be flying employees around the country on personal speaking junkets? Of course not. Should the City be paying their own vendors to fly around the country so they can hand out business cards? Of course not.

Sinnce Danny got his freight paid by us we can assume he was on the clock the whole time. And I would be remiss if I didn’t cynically ask whether or not “Chief” got a cash honorarium from OACP for his presentation. That would mean he got paid twice.


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9 Replies to “Behind the Badge: Dan and Bill’s Excellent Oregon Adventure”

  1. I looked for evidence that Rams had even written anything about this trip. Couldn’t find a thing.

    Sure looks like a marketing trip for Bill. Of course he is free to explain his presence (and Danny’s, too) here or even in his own publications.

    I wonder if we have a council person ready to call a halt to this unsupervised, unaccountable and apparently “evergreen” relationship.

  2. This is misappropriation, plain and simple. The conference served no purpose for Fullerton residents at all.

  3. The problem is very simple. Joe Felz was in charge and Joe Felz was an incompetent inebriate, doing whatever Fitzgerald told him to do. But what has changed after The Wild Ride? Whitaker has an opportunity to take charge, but soon that window will close – there will be a new, over-paid Joe Felz doing Fitzgerald’s bidding, backed up by Chaffee and Silva.

    That is all.

  4. 8:00 Am – 9:50AM – “Practical Strategies for Eliminating Civil Liability”. Not surprisingly Danny was not asked to speak on this subject. How much you want to bet that “treating the public with respect”, “not hiring psychopaths” and “try not to kill peaceful, unarmed, homeless people who are quietly sitting on a bench”, were not any of the talking points. Cops are the undisputed champs of the Circle Jerk.

    This needs to come up at city council. The FPD just continue to wank off on the public, and the public looks up at them as they take a full load to the fucking face. It’s shameful. it’s worse than Russian porn.

  5. Felt and Hughes had to sell to the rest of police departments in the nation how well FPD, headed by Hughes, reformed itself and how much Fullertonions believed it. This was to the point of lecturing all police departments in the US and showing the FPD as a model during Hughes egomaniac years.

    1. i’m pretty sure Oregon is one of the few states Trump lots by over 10%. The only thing he would send there is B2 Bomber.

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