The Yellowing Submarine

Things never looked better for Fullerton.
Things never looked better for Fullerton.

An alert Friend directed our attention to the Fullerton Observer’s “reporting” of the recent Joe Felz/Danny Hughes Glenwood Ave. Road Rally. Here’s the article. As usual the Observer does its level best to downplay the incident –  since for the Yellowing Observers City Hall can do no wrong. If you want, you can see it here. Below is a facsimile.

Journalism at it's finest!
Journalism at it’s finest!

Let’s enjoy some of the unintended hilarity.

First notice that neither the chief player in this drama, nor even his august title are mentioned in the headline, a rather glaring omission, one would think.

It is not until the end of the second paragraph that we discover the tree killer is our beloved city manager; and it wasn’t until the next sentence that he is identified – only as “Mr. Felz.”

None of the pertinent facts are shared: that Felz had been drinking; that he had tried to drive away; that he had been given a pass on the breathalyzer test that would have been forced on you or me, or even Sharon Kennedy, editor of this mess.

Ironically, Page 6 contains a saccharine farewell to Chief Dan Hughes, whose last official task as chief was to make sure his boss got a safe ride home and tucked into bed without the worry of an annoying and embarrassing DUI rap. Thanks for the solid, man!

“Leaked to a local blog.” Ha ha! Yes, indeed! But no mention of the evil FFFF, where original and dangerous attitudes prevail! Jeez, even Sappy McTree got more shine than we did.

And finally: “…witnessing a driver (you mean THE driver) trying to maneuver his vehicle off the causeway.”

Causeway? Just like The Observer of old: error riddled, incompetent, supine and illiterate.

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  1. Kennedy has no intention of telling the whole much less the truth. She is so disingenuous. Makes you wonder if she gave birth to Barry and Joe who also love to weave tiny bits of truth into never ending diatribes of bullshit.

  2. Definition of yellow journalism: the practice of seeking out sensational news for the purpose of boosting a newspaper’s circulation, or, if such stories are hard to find, of trying to make comparatively innocuous news appear sensational. Also called sensationalism. — yellow journalist, n. This blog has posted EIGHT articles in the past six days on this story. By definition, you sirs are the yellow journalists. Simply reporting on a story, as the Observer did, is not yellow journalism.

    1. I think “yellowing” is a reference to a tired old newspaper that’s been left out too long.

      By the way, what is the appropriate number of blog posts after you learn that your city manager and police chief colluded to break the law?

    2. And you sir, have missed the meaning of “Yellowing Observer.” Yes, it’s an inside joke. You may search our archives if you like.

      The Fullerton Observer did no “reporting” at all – that’s the point of this post. It satisfied you as reporting? Well….hmm.

      Glad you can count to eight. But before tonight you may have to take at least one shoe off.

  3. I may be off base here, but I don’t think the Harpoon called or intended to call the Observer yellow journalism, he called int “yellowing” journalism, as in the color the paper turns after a few weeks (at least I think that’s what he meant). I can’t imagine anyone writing for FFFF would consider yellow journalism to be a bad thing, per se.

    Here’s the thing though: that article in the Observer leaves a LOT to be desired. Felz’s identity is buried and Dan Hughes isn’t mentioned at all (and while the extent of his involvement in the Sappy incident may be in dispute, the fact of his involvement is not). And the role alcohol consumption may have played is grossly underplayed.

    I get wanting to report this as a straight news story but remember: two sides to every story (at least). If you want to report the City’s official explanation of the incident uncritically, fine. But at least reach out to people in the community who have questioned the incident for a counter response (ie: “Critics, such as so and so of the such and such contend that…..”). Councilmember Whitaker has already made a public comment on the incident and if you want a pull quote from either myself or (I suspect), Josh Ferguson, or anyone else on this blog, just send us an email. Fullerton needs straight journalism just as much as it needs yellow journalism, but simply repeating official explanations from the city isn’t journalism at all, it’s just stenography,

    1. Sean, correct on all counts.

      We’ve been using the phrase “yellowing” Observer for at least seven years, often with images of a yellow submarine – ever sinking to new depths of confused, semi-literate editorials masquerading as “news.”

  4. I want to know where I can pick up a causeway for my front yard. I was just going to get a gnome and name it “Doug” but now my wife and kids are demanding a causeway – I guess it’s a status thing?

    1. O.K. let’s go with that one Sharon.

      Sure seems funny and/or ironic that you used to be able to devote a full page when it came time to run the stories about Chris Norby in the Fullerton Observer, or making sure that Manny Ramos’ domestic violence arrested doesn’t get too much attention.
      The only one you’re fooling is yourself!

    2. Let’s see if I get this straight.

      Instead of actually going out and researching a story, following leads, talking to any and all who might actually have some facts or viewpoints, you have a 4 paragraph story, 2 of which are one sentence long, and then give a link to another news source who has “the best full story”? I know all this research is hard and lots of work and it might be embarrassing if what your research finds is counter to your preconceived ideas, but that’s what happens when you are in journalism.

      Or at least should happen.

      The Observer claims to be a Fullerton specific paper, yet you want your readers to go and read about Fullerton news in a county wide source. Kind of like the LA times not wanting to spend the time doing a story about LA so they send their readers off to “the best full story” in the OC Register.

      1. The Observer is acknowledging that the Voice of OC is close to real journalism and the Observer is not. What’s the big deal? This is the most honesty I’ve seen out of that rag in a long time.

  5. Voters will nodoubtibly reject Fitzgerald when they learn of her role in giving Felz a “free pass” after a “hit and run” while obviously driving under the influence.

    Let her proudly wear this one around her neck, it’s a blessing in disguise.

  6. Welcome back FFFF.

    Yes, you nailed it. The Great Recall of 1994 threw the former enemies into a single camp whose mission could not have been clearer – keep the barbarians outside the gate. They been locked in more or less of an fond embrace ever since. Only little Ed Royce keeps stirring the pot – for hos own political purposes.

    But the average age of these characters must be about 75, or so. Time is not on their side.

    They now have a second recall history to rewrite and will try their hardest to do so.

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