The “Professional Standards Bureau”

The other day FFFF did a post about the letter Travis Kiger received from Fullerton’s Interim PoChief, David Hinig, suggesting that at some point an FPD in-house institution called the “Professional Standards Bureau” might, some day, possibly, if they feel like it, get around to looking into his complaint about the behavior of Fullerton cops at the Joe Felz Memorial Crash Site in the early morning hours of November 9th, 2016. That’s when the former City Manager, after a night of election partying, jumped a Glenwood Avenue curb, ran over a tree, and tried to leave the scene of the accident.

Danny says you are either ignorant or misinformed!!!

Professional Standards Bureau. Okay, stop snickering.

I got to thinking about the long history of the FPD Culture of Corruption that happily existed right along side this supposed “Bureau,” and the recollection of all the embezzlers, thieves, pickpockets, perjurers, kidnappers, thugs, pill-poppers, scammers, liars, sex perverts and yes, killers, gave pause. But not for long, because you know, that’s all ancient history, right? The department was reformed by Danny Hughes, according to our lobbyist-councilwoman, Jennifer Fitzgerald.

But then something struck me. What was it? Think, Peabody.

Aha! A post from a just a few weeks ago.

Fullerton Police from left, Cpl. Eric Song, Patricia Arevalo, Sgt. Dan Castillo, Lt. Andrew Goodrich and Cpl. Donny Blume.
Photo by Steven Georges/Behind the Badge OC & Paid for by Fullerton Taxpayers

It was a ludicrous story dished out by the noisome “Behind the Badge,” all about the FPD’s hardworking crew that makes sure all the cops have got the right training, etc. Remember? The Professional Standards Bureau that takes its job so seriously! And do you remember who was the featured player in that stage production? Right. The adipose Andrew Goodrich, serial story-teller in the Kelly Thomas Affair, explainer of “excessive horning” tickets, etc.

Well, shit, howdy. And who was the Watch Commander on duty on the night of November 8th? The one who was in communication with his boss, Chief Danny Hughes, and who was therefore at the center of the Who Let Joe Go? controversy? That’s right! Goodrich.

So new Chiefie is promising that someday, maybe, the “bureau” run by Goodrich will get around to investigating…Goodrich. Well, isn’t that cute?



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  1. I completely trust my friend Andrew Goodrich to investigate himself. As such, the “independent person” has been sent home.

  2. Very little has changed in the last 10 years. The Chief’s Commission is worse than a fixture because is a cosmetic solution and can be used as a direct unopposed FPD PR extension. The Professional Standards Bureau and Internal Affairs are all about anything we, the FPD, do wrong , we self -investigate and selfcorrect. Dan Hughes-“the big reformer”- receives a full retirement pension now, at a time when he can go-and goes- to the private sector to double his income.

  3. You are attempting to surprise us in vain, as the expectations from a rotten organization are the promotion of individuals who guarantee the status quo.

  4. Recall Fitzgerald…anyone who’s been paying attention to what’s really going on knows – she’s pure evil. There’s no better time than now.

        1. Get 20 registered Fullerton voters to sign recall petition.

          Serve petition to Lobyist Concilwoman Fitzgerald.

          Gather enough signatures to qualify for the next ballot or special election.

          It’s actually rather simple.

  5. Ha,ha. Pomona Police is definitely overstaffed. Sergeant dude Joe spends hours and hours posting here. Commutes from place to place in order to use different ip addresses. Go do some work pal, you owe it to the tax payers.

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