Slidebar Rock-N-Roll: The Nexus of Nuisance

We’re getting used to things like a City Manager involved in a crash getting a free ride home and no questions asked; for years downtown bars and night clubs have been masquerading as restaurants; Hell, we even had one club owner build a room addition on a public sidewalk and get away with it. How many FPD crimes large and small  have been hushed up, made to go away? Who really knows?

But if ever a Fullerton resident wanted to find an example of how there are two sets of standards that apply to folks in our town, he need look no farther than a greasy institution called The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen.

Playing the standards...
Poor misunderstood lad…

When it comes to double standards, no one quite succeeds like Jeremy Popoff, proprietor of the Slidebar.

Even if you are not a boozed up troublemaker from Norco, you may have heard of this place and its owner. This was the establishment from whence came the phony call that eventually cost Kelly Thomas his life five years ago. But this isn’t the story of a bar that wanted to get rid of a “nuisance.” No, this post is about a nuisance. A big one.

See, the Slidebar transforms into an entertainment venue at various times during the day, and every night. But the Slidebar has no Conditional Use Permit to so operate as required by the Fullerton Municipal Code. Why is that? Most likely because such a CUP would formally require noise monitoring. And there’s the problem.

Here’s a noise sampling from just outside this venerable establishment:

The Slidebar has been violating both the City’s noise ordinances and the noise levels established in the Transportation Center Specific Plan for years. The cops won’t do anything about it and neither, apparently, will the people paid to enforce the city’s code.

How come?

Stories have been circulating for years that the Slidebar treated Fullerton cops to free food and drink. Is this true? I don’t know, but it certainly gives pause – for a lot of reasons, maybe the least of which is an FPD lack of appetite for clamping down on this public nuisance.

And consider this: Mr. Popoff has made it his business to grease the political gears in Fullerton via campaign contributions. Big time. And is it any surprise that this fine establishment regularly hosts election night parties for incumbent city councilmembers?

I think I need a shower...
I think I need a shower…

Here’s a fun story from the Orange Juice Blog about our lobbyist-councilperson, Jennifer Fitzgerald, partying it up with the Slidebar proprietor, perhaps star-struck by Mr. Popoff’s low-grade celebrity and other mysterious charms. This was at precisely the same time that Mr. Popoff became such an expert at demographics and cartography that his districting map was chosen at the last minute by our feeble city council – unanimously. The sole purpose of that map was to illegally carve up downtown Fullerton – an indisputable “community of interest” – into five districts, thus ensuring that the downtown residents would never have a say in the governance of the open air saloon where they live. And the completely nonsensical ballot statement in favor of this gerrymandered embarrassment was written by none other than…Fitzgerald.

But back to the CUP and noise issues: would it be too cynical to suppose that Popoff’s connections to Ms. Fitzgerald is one of of the reasons this business continues to break the law with impunity?


29 Replies to “Slidebar Rock-N-Roll: The Nexus of Nuisance”

  1. This is a bunch of BULLSHIT!!! ALL THIS BLOG DOES IS BULLY PEOPLE!!! Jeremy Popoff is an asset to this community. He gives may upcoming artist a chance to play at Slidebar. Try to make their dreams a reality!! Who else does that!!! His a very good friend of mine and my family. Tony Bushala help the Slidebar come to live back in the days. He did some of the construction work at Slidebar. We all love the Slidebar!!! Who in Fullerton has not been there? Right?! Including the “Owner” of this bullshit blog Travis Kiger. Kelly Thomas death had NOTHING to do with the Slidebar. It was an unfortunate situation and bottom line he was killed by 2 COPS. Common sense… If I call 911 on someone and the cops “kill” that person am I going to be harassed by this blog? NO! Right?!!? Slidebar is in DOWNTOWN FULLERTON!!! Who do I complain about the noisy trains? Jeremy has try working with the idiots complaining about the noisy!!! I know for a fact! But they choose to hide behind this blog and complain like little bitches!!! Jennifer Fitzgerald keep up your GREAT work!!! Love seeing you with your kids in the neighborhoodas!!! Let’s make America LIT again!!! ROCK ON!!!


      Is that you? I hope you’re not insuring this douchebag. That might be real costly.

      The Slidebar called the cops on Kelly Thomas and falsely accused him of breaking into cars – that led to his murder. And a lot of people believe that call was a set-up.

      You want to help your 3rd rate douche celebrity? Tell him to quit breaking the law and get a permit for his shitty business.

      1. Euclid Your Off your rockers!!
        READ THIS AGAIN! If I call 911 on someone and the cops “kill” that person am I going to be harassed by this blog? NO! Right?!!?
        Normally when someone calls 911 you’re a bit upset.. Right?!

        1. If you make a fraudulent call (a crime, supposedly, but selectively enforced in Fullerton) and somebody ends up “dead by cop” you may very well be harassed by this blog. Got it?

      2. This Popoff barking apology by the Bushalas….Popoff shouldn’t operate the Slide without the required permit. We’ve had enough with the illegal activities by your milieu. Freydel, Bushala, stick to your customizing insurance policies for each personal need or-which amounts to the same-stick to your running a computer program that automatically figures out your commission and ,Farners Insurance profit

    2. Your loyalty to your client is nice, but it hardly makes for an objective opinion. The place is an illegal nuisance and the sooner it is shut down the better we will all be.

      Next time one of those noisy trains leaves the station try to get be on it.

      1. That’s because the structure works for me and I don’t work for the structure. It is thought for good readers. For instance, instead of saying you are a mediocre reader, I choose the sentence “Averagelessness reader is you”, thus framing your low being fittingly

    3. comments like that make me want to spend my money on lawsuits and political hits. Jeremy is gonna get what he has coming for waking up hundreds of people (especially me) at 1:00 am countless times. And the lobbyist council woman will get hers too. Spouting off like that just hardens my vengeance.

  2. Jeremy Pissoff makes a living on disturbing the peace of others. Who’s the real Bully? Freydel, you are part of a bad kaball, you really atta keep yourself away from backing up doush bags.

  3. We should be grateful that there is a place for all of the worst people to gather. If only they could keep the noise inside.

  4. Wow!!! The dbs power peaks measured from the street!!! How about Popoff working on getting a permit and investing part of his profits in state of the art sound insulation material???

    1. Tell you what. If you really are who you say you are (we get a lot of impostors) I invite you to write a thoughtful post on why Jeremy Popoff is such an asset to Fullerton. Of course you and Popoff will have to take your chances in the comments section.

      You write it and I will post it. Deal?

    2. Oh this cannot be Freydel..this has got to be Joe Imbriano. He has always had hero worship for Tony and this blog and now admitting he is hot for you too. Watch your “back” Mr. Bushala!

  5. Thank you FFFF. What a great article!!!. I’ve read it three times. I deem it ihigher than reporting because is a work of civic art

  6. When I was a young man we listened to good music like Benny Goodwin and Cab Calloway boy those boys could really make you what to bust a rug!

  7. Big time loud noise concerts are the Slidebar signature event. Therefore, very important to the success of its operations. Not well governed municipality would allow this high noise level disturb anyone beyond the bar doors. A well managed city enforces the club to sound-insulate the premises or relocate to the middle of nowhere.
    A caring city official shall say first, “this should be illegal “, and only after asserting this, the official must ask herself, “is illegal now?”. If the answer is no, the true public servant does not linger, and promotes and helps introduce legislation to correct this incivility. I hope you heard Fitzgerald on this issue last Tuesday. I hope you understand now what she means when the LAW AND ORDER expression comes out of her mouth

  8. Youre pathetic. Contributing to the slidebar closing is probably the biggest accomplishment of your sad little existence. Find something better to do with your time.

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