Important Public Service Announcement – The Shameless Hustle

Give ’til it hurts…and it may

FFFF has written about this particular scam before: the Fullerton cop union sends out a pleading request for donations to…itself. Now the supplicant is FPOA boss, Stewart Hamilton, and he writes to you just before Christmas – the Season of Giving!

The thing is so illogical, so dumb, and is really nothing more than pandering to the brainless, or maybe kids with access to their parent’s debit card.

Here’s the latest version of the plea for your hard-earned dough:

Notice first the emotional supplication from behind the Thin Blue Line: we’re there for you now we need you! Well, they want your money, that’s for sure, as will become evident by the end of the letter.

But no, it’s really not about money, see, it’s about family! “Knowing we are not alone” makes all the difference. Alone? They’ve got a over a hundred members plus a completely subservient city council majority.

The cheapest and dirtiest part of this greasy swindle is tying it to helping local charities and their good works. Except that there’s no details and no information about a charitable deduction. And what kind of gullible numbskull would make a charitable donation via the cop union? I’ll answer that: someone who shouldn’t have access to cash or credit.

The recipient is told that somehow his donation will “make a difference” to “fallen heroes” although this is not explained; possibly because Fullerton’s one and only “fallen hero” fell twenty-seven years ago.

There’s one in every crowd…

But the union, that pours tens of thousands of dollars into each Fullerton politcal campaign to elect lackeys on the council like Flory, Chaffee and Fitzgerald, wants you to know how much they appreciate your generosity. Give a hundred bucks and get a lapel pin! Give $250 and you can add a “toy K9” to your bric-a-brac shelf! Double down on that and you will get a “custom” plaque you may hang on your den wall – right next to the plaque with the singing rubber bass.

For the guy with only fifty dollars to part with, you, sir, will get a decal for your car window, although Mr. Stewart assures us that it will not get you preferential treatment should you be unlucky enough to fall into the clutches of the FPD. Still you have to wonder if, maybe, former City Manager, Joe Felz wasn’t displaying a decal the nigh he jumped a Glenwood Avenue curb, ran over a tree, tried to get away and was subsequently driven home by grateful members of the FPOA.

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  1. No thanks. I think I’ll just give my money to a real charity that can give me a tax deduction. This goofy, opaque pass through makes no sense.

    1. Obviously you guys aren’t up to date. The annual FPOA xmas party at the elks lodge when cops drive drunk northbound or southbound on Brea Blvd made for big changes! Hamilton is out, Kirk is in as the new president and Lenny Ledbetter is officer of the year! Hughes wasn’t in attendance bcuz 130 out of 145 cops would have beat his ass.., I heard the officer of the year acceptance speech was drawn out and incredible!! SB you’re my boy!!!(inside humor)

  2. The message is all over the map, it’s so poorly written. In the first paragraph the letter says that “the police association needs your help” but then in the second paragraph it shifts to the police themselves and their families, and that they are “thankful for holding us (them) up in your generosity.” You mean, without our “generosity” they wouldn’t be “held up” (whatever that means)?

    Then, in the next paragraph additional beneficiaries are introduced, we’re told that the “generous donation” will help support worthy causes like the Boys & Girls Club, etc., but in bold after that it says that “your generosity will make a difference that will benefit all officers, fallen heroes and our families. Become a Hero in the lives of those in need!” Just who are they talking about, and what are they in need of?

    This is just a pitiful attempt to hit all the bases and to try to stir people’s emotions (especially those who are reading too quickly) in the hope of getting more dollars. The FPOA should be ashamed to push this stuff out on the tax-paying citizens of Fullerton, especially during the holiday season.

    1. Yes, it is illiterate, but what do you expect. Whoever wrote it likely never got past the ninth grade.

      Well, if you chain enough monkeys to typewriters and give them enough time, sooner or later you will get something banged out that looks like an appeal for money.

          1. Yes! One of life’s winners! LOL. Only in California can a semi-literate fatass ripoff the taxpayers like that.

  3. You FFFF guys wish you too could be a Homeland Hero. You wise guys read too many books. See you at the shooting range civilian.

  4. Support FPD’s fallen heroes!






















    1. What about that big mouth “detective” who accused Whitaker of texting during meetings and who later cost the City half a million by extorting sex out of a victim? What was that low-life’s name?

      A perfect exemplar of the moral standard of the Culture of Corruption.

  5. You guys are expecting too much from the police, whose message has always been very simple and primal. Its appeal is within the blood and soil domain and is fond of reductionistic lines like we the good guys against the bad guys,
    Most police head honchos share one homogeneous political economic view, that is to say,that most public money is evil except for the money funneled to our police bank accounts. Of course, public money does not allow the public to duly scrutinize the organization. As I said once before, the need for police does not make necessary the police in its present form

  6. Sorry Joefelzgood, but Fullerton police have a horrible reputation. Frequently when I tell someone I live in Fullerton I get an ‘oh the city with the bad police’ type of response. These people may live out of state or out of the country, but they know Fullerton by its police departments bad reputation. Pretending it isn’t so increases the distrust

  7. Joe,,
    “each police union raises around $100,000 or more from these donation letters”

    So, how many police unions do this? Do you have a ballpark number?

  8. I must plead ignorance on the police unions. Have no idea each department has its own union. Maybe a union covers many cities. I thought there was a california police union. I am lost with this thing

  9. “And what kind of gullible numbskull would make a charitable donation via the cop union? I’ll answer that: someone who shouldn’t have access to cash or credit.”

    That is exactly what keeps the telescammers in business – old people with dementia. There is no difference between this scam and some crook calling up to steal your Alzheimer-affected grandmother’s identity.

    1. Except that the telescammer perps aren’t wearing badges and pretending to uphold the law. This is disgraceful.

  10. The cop said 30% of one’s donation is for the marketing company. Should not the flyer disclose the 30% cost? Let’s assume I make a $100 donation. $30 goes to the marketing company. We have $70 left . But we don’t know where the $70 is going because the writing is vague & ambiguous. Is the money for families of fallen cops? For the Boys and Girls’ Club? For other causes? What percentage goes to what? I can not direct my charitable contribution to where I want. Am I supposed to trust these cops who hide so much ?

    1. It’s probably an illegal solicitation. But who is going to do anything about it? The DA? The AG?


  11. I receive two or three phone callls from Fullerton Police every year asking for money for them. R u kidding me? We r paying full lifetime retirement pensions for these psychos. The MFs r still asking for more money

      1. “Of course we peons are not permitted to know what she was actually fired for, since the public is not privy to police personnel matters no matter how egregious a cop’s offense may have been;”
        The article is right on. Internal affairs internally resolves internal misconduct, mishaps and who knows what else.

  12. The institution legitimized by the State and Cities to use violence , judges itself any possible misuse of said violence or-at least- it does so to the extent that is able to keep it away from the public view.

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