Revisiting The Seven Walls of Local Government

What? We can't hear you. Please speak louder...
What? We can’t hear you. Please speak louder…

Over five years years ago this blog published an essay (broken into bite-sized pieces) on the subject of local government and how it exercises its ability to effectively marginalize and ultimately disenfranchise the very citizens it is supposed to be working for. It is called The Seven Walls of Local Government and it has both scholarly and entertainment value.

For the reawakening of the blog from its almost four-year snooze, I propose to re-schedule this masterpiece for the edification of the Friends. Stay tuned.


2 Replies to “Revisiting The Seven Walls of Local Government”

  1. This was my favorite series on FFFF. It really summarized all of the levels of pain that a concerned citizen goes through in trying to get something fixed in this city.

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