OCDA Digs In!

The investigation was late, but it sure was unconvincing…

An alert Friend sent in this image of a guy recognized as Orange County District Attorney investigator, Abraham Santos, at the scene of the Memorial Joe Felz Crash Site. Well, now we know that the DA is indeed involved in this mess. What sort of crime he might be investigating and how he is investigating it, are far from clear. No one was ever arrested, or charged. We aren’t even sure if anybody got a traffic citation for reckless driving. Could the DA be investigating the behavior of the Fullerton cops? For some reason that idea provides no consolation. But the sooner the deal is whitewashed, the sooner we can get the video recordings made by the cop cams.

Also please note that Sappy McTree has been removed.

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  1. “the Memorial Joe Felz Crash Site”

    I hear Doug Fitzflory wants to erect a monument at the site to mark the tragedy.

  2. Look at the damage to the curb. The Felz dude was so loaded!!!! Are those marks on the lawn from car tires?
    Best blog in Orange County

  3. I never saw Sappy McTree. It was never there. Everyone was under delirium from psychedelic mushrooms intake

  4. You’ve gotta feel bad for the guy who works the scandal-prone Tony Rackauckas, investigating the crooked FPD’s coverup of a corrupt city manager’s DUI accident. I wonder if it’s hard to wash off the stench when he gets home.

  5. That investigator is with the OCDA Special Prosecutions Unit.

    “The Special Prosecutions Unit prosecutes a variety of specialized felonies (arson, hate crimes, political corruption, and cases dealing with Mentally Disordered Offenders). Additionally, this Unit investigates officer involved shootings.”

  6. Felz needs jail time for hit and run, Hugh’s pension should be revoked for obstructing justice. The FPD coverup should make people mad as hell!

  7. This is how it works. When a candidate running for local office sells us the “PROUDLY ENDORSED BY THE FULLERTON POLICE DEPARTMENT “, what this means is “elect me and FPD is going to continue doing things the same way. Cover ups, macho men abuses and so on will continue. No one outside the FPD will be allowed to “repair” the institution”. The lesson to learned is that this sick and sickening organism will not heal on its own.

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