Make It One For My Baby, And One More For The Road

Another party on a Tuesday night, and no DUI stops!

How fitting. Soon to be former councilwoman Ms. Jan Flory, one of the principal architects and mother hen of downtown Fullerton’s out-of-control culture of vodka. vomit and vehicular mayhem, is tossing herself a going away party. And naturally it’s at one of Fullerton’s fine dining establishments bars.

Here’s the outreach:

———- Forwarded message ———-

From: Jan Flory [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, December 07, 2016 11:07 AM

 Good morning!

 As you know, the new council will be seated on 12/13/16 at 6:30 p.m.  Would you pls get the word out that I will be having a soiree at Joe’s Bar and Grill after that council meeting.  I’ll have appetizers and a no-host bar to celebrate my leaving the council.  That doesn’t sound right, but it will be better than a funeral.  People will probably start showing up between 7:30 and 8. 

 Thanks a bunch and thank you for keeping so many people informed. 

 Jan Flory


You would think a Fullerton City Councilperson would be a little reluctant to have a political party at a downtown saloon given what happened the last time this occurred – five scant weeks ago.

Sappy McTree, We Hardly Knew Ye…

You’ve got to love the message of the “soiree”:

I’ll have appetizers and a no-host bar to celebrate my leaving the council.” 

Auld lang syne…

Maybe Flory figures if you have to buy your own drinks you’ll be a lot less likely to get drunk, drive off the road on the way home and require the interim police chief to cover up the whole mess.

We probably won’t be there, but we’ll be celebrating, too.


26 Replies to “Make It One For My Baby, And One More For The Road”

  1. At 10:00 the party moves up to Paul Dudley’s house. Please select a designated driver. And bring your own bottle.

    1. They probably HAD to have the going away party for Jan Flory at Joe’s Bar and Grill, as they are the only place around that will serve rattlesnake ; – )

  2. A rendezvous-soirée. Jubilee supper with canapés served on handcrafted serviettes, complemented with Cabernet Sauvignon. And the ceremonial grand finale: the guillotine!

  3. FFFF Pop Quiz:
    1.) Will Joe Felz be there?
    2.) How many drinks will he have?
    3.) Will he drive himself home after?
    4.) Will he have a police escort?

  4. If i were the FPD, I’d be all over this party. just imagine the windfall come collective bargaining time bagging yourself Mr. & Mrs. Fitzgerald, or maybe even Joe Felz again!

  5. I will be there. I plan on drinking all day today and tomorrow and then hitting this bash to celebrate my retirement. I’ll buy all your FFFF klan drinks with my retirement check. You realize just my time on the books is worth $200,000? The city writes me a check for that and that has nothing to do with my retirement. Plus my severance package due to leaving early, and then my retirement. Does it get any better than this? DannyBoy said he will hire me right away to watch Mickey too. Life is good.

  6. If Flory is the mother hen of the barforama, then Fitzgerald is the fox guarding the hen house. It will be fun to watch her disavow Popoff and the rest of the douche bags as soon as she tries running for her next office.

  7. All of you posting here are droolers living in your moms basement! Do you realize that no one cares about this blog or what you write about! It is the same lame 6-10 people posting! FFFF is lame I miss bushala and his cronies!

    1. To guy 4 F is forever lame,
      Despite liking it , I’m not affiliated with FFFF . All I can say to you is thanks for reading and posting

      1. JFD, are there going to be Fringies this year? I know it’s been a short season but still, a little Holiday gift for the friends? Whaddysay?

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