How do Fullerton cops know if you’re too high to drive?

Well, the short answer is that if they don’t get a call from the Chief of Police telling you to drive the dude home, they’ve got their man. And if they’re lucky they get to keep his impounded his car.

No, this is not Joe Felz…
Ironic use of photo by Bill Alkofer, OC Register

Seriously, though, the virtually useless OC Register ran another one of its slanted, pro cop pieces yesterday about the evils of mary-j-wanna, and I wouldn’t even bother posting about it except that it featured the images and words of Fullerton’s expert dope detecting cops.

The extreme irony of Fullerton cops being set up as exemplars in the detection of impaired drivers seems to have escaped the writers and editors at the Register, given the department’s behavior in the case of the Missing Maniacal Motorist, former City Manager, Joe Felz, who was apprehended after jumping a Glenwood Avenue curb, uprooting a tree, and trying to drive off. Despite emitting an odor of alcohol strong enough to be detected by a cop on the scene, the boyz in blue gave Joe a pass and a ride home. I’m not sure, but he may have been tucked into bed, and gotten a glass of warm milk and a cookie, too.

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  1. Apparently Felz is going around town telling people he was ratted out by the cops because he fired Cicinelli, Ramos and Wolfie; as if that somehow exonerates his own transgression.

    Sorry Joe, nobody is buying that. You’ve done enough damage, now go away.

  2. Sappy tree’s neighbor was awakened by the crash and failed escape from the scene. Good thing his vehicle didnt cooperate . How much more harm might Mr. F have caused in his urgency to leave the scene of an accident?

  3. The cop in the background was expelled from his high school football team. He was the first freshman ever to make the California all star squad as offensive tackle but couldn’t refrain himself from hitting people after the plays were over. As a police officer he is starting to overcome his tendency to use the baton first and ask for the driver license later. Be patient and give him more time. A great police recruit, hands down

      1. It’s Lenny Ledbetter. Milked commercial enforcement as long as he could, then was forced back into patrol, and all of a sudden gets “injured on duty” all the time….. Oh, and he once pulled over an Female headed to work and later married her… WTF?!?!?!, how does that happen?

  4. I’ve been pulled over five times by FPD. Not once I had violated any traffic rule. I did have to keep up with their attitude though

  5. too bad “rubber stamp” Fullerton city manager and drunk driver, Joe Felz, wasnt made out of rubber when he was drunk driving his car into a tree on Fullerton’s fine street. Grammar police found incriminating(?) evidence of Felz’s crime when the local suckhole “Fullerton Observer” placed at least one paragraph between the crime itself and Joe Felz. Only criminals put as many words possible between themselves and their actions. After this post, maybe Joe Felz wont feel grateful for the “Fullerton Observer”.

    1. I correct myself on the “Fullerton Observer” s unbiased reporting on the city of Fullerton. This local newspaper put two paragraphs between the crime and Joe Felz.

  6. The worst part about all of this isn’t that Felz was most likely driving drunk (and that was bad enough) but the coverup by FPD. And I suspect that every officer in the department down to the lowest level knows what actually went down in those early morning hours. But yet there is not one of sufficiently good character willing to come forward and tell the truth. The brotherhood is too strong. Clearly, nothing has changed since the coverup within the department after Kelly thomas’ death. What if, instead of killing a tree, Felz had killed some officer’s child or grandchild? Would they still be covering up for him? Remember, karma can be a bitch.

    1. If Felz had killed a retired police dog then Felz would be rotting in prison and there be a statue of the dog in front of city hall.

    2. Think that we know about Felz’s incident only because a neighbor happened to see it and was brave enough to speak up. What else has been going related to FPD misdeeds only the FPD knows

      1. No, at least one of the cops ratted out Felz. Most likely for the wrong reason, but hey! FFFF was the instrument that got the local media involved – and got the neighbor interviewed.

        Well done, Fringers!

        1. Yup. Good thing we have FFFF. … I hope that cop is not being ostracized or that informal disciplinary action is not taken against him for unveiling the FPD’s misdeed

    3. Corruption is top down…..speaking out…..against…corrupt Fullerton Police management…. will get you fired….Dan Hughes made sure every cop at the department knew termination was your future if you dared to speak the truth. If you’re a cop at Fullerton PD who do you turn to? The City Manager? The City Council?

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