FJC Hornets Take Top Spot in Final National Football Poll

Running past the opposition…

The Fullerton Junior College Hornet football team have been named the number one JC team in the country per The team went 12-1 in 2016 and was one aggressively lousy call away from beating Saddleback, and running the table.

So congrats you Hornets and die-hard Hornet fans.

And maybe somebody in the FJC administration will wake up and decide to start playing home games at FHS or over at CSUF.

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  1. I’m not a fan of computer-driven hypothetical awards, but they did actually win the California state championship on Saturday.

  2. Much idle talk has been brought up by some FJC football players on the stadium controversy. One of the first things to ask them would be: will you be playing for the Hornets in less than 2 years? Being the answer unequivocally “no, we must direct our attention to the neighbors near FJC. Many of them have lived in the neighborhood for 8, 12 and even 30 years. Most are going to continue living there for many years to come. They are part of the fabric that makes this community. Hence, FJC football players, individually, ought to start weighing how transient is their journey as Hornet players, as opposed to the neighbors’ long term enduring the stadium’s impact .
    Someone just mentioned FHS and CSUF as options. Did you know that there is a hs stadium where semi-pro teams play , just shy of a mile off 57 fwy Chapman exit?Hundreds of spectators are able to attend their games.
    Did you know that I once heard a FJC football player say that it was too much of a walk from FJC to FHS? Let’s put it bluntly: an athlete who complains about walking 150 yards before a game can not be a very good athlete (unless of course is all idle talk) Were you aware that pros must walk on average 275+ yards from where they park their cars to the playing turf?

    1. 1. Fullerton High stadium is inadequate, and has lousy field conditions. That’s why they play at YLHS.
      2. CSUF charges high rent.
      3. How really inconvenienced will the neighbors really be with maybe 6 home games on Saturday afternoons in the fall? The school and the football team predates any of the neighbors.

      1. What is the average attendance at an FJC game? 200?

        Get serious for a moment. Why should we waste millions on a “game day” venue when almost nobody cares?

        P.S. if the games are in the day, why the lights? Right- night games, night practices, maybe night soccer games, etc.

        The school has been there longer than the neighbors but not the use of a football stadium. Sorry. There’s already one right next door.

      2. Use your brain. Do you think $4,000,000+ is just for 6 home games?
        Bradford Stadium is another great option with artificial turf & plenty of seats. FJHS is also remodeling the stadium. Can’t have another stadium in Fullerton area.

  3. CSUF charges high rent!!!Tell Schulz to set aside 0.05% of funds that would go to the stadium. That pays the CSUF rent for the next 20 years. When are we start having an intelligent conversation here?

    1. BINGO!

      Except, of course, the response would be that the $ must be spent building something, not paying rent.

      1. Building something for something which can be done without that something as things are right now. Focus on giving the kids an education.

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