A Streetcar Named Desire

It was bound to be a rocky ride.
It was bound to be a rocky ride.

Last week the ever helpful Fullerton City Hall scribe Lou Ponsi scribbled a story about how Fullerton needs a transit dedicated line from the CSUF area to the Fullerton “metro center.”

No, I am not kidding. “Senior” Planner Jay Eastman believes Fullerton has a metro center.

A cynic might conclude that the sole purpose of this venture is to more efficiently direct college kids into the open air saloon that downtown Fullerton has become.

Trolley? Bus? Light rail(!)? The world is Jay Eastman’s oyster, just so long as somebody else is picking up the tab. In this case the OCTA is going to pay 90% of the cost of a “study” to determine just what Fullerton needs: $270,000 worth, with us paying the other $30,000.

All of which goes to show that OCTA has an awful lot more money than they know what to do with.

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  1. The City pulls a bond for 7 million, because we don’t have the money, but we have $30,000.00 to blow on a “STUDY”? What is going on?

  2. Jeez, how does one get into the “study” business? For that kind of loot I’ll even teach the college kids to sing “How dry I am” and “99 bottles.”

  3. It makes sense to have better transportation between our mass transit hubs and our colleges.

    Must be a slow news month.


      1. Note that the O.C. Register article says that the $270,000 was being funded by Caltrans, and not the OCTA.

    1. You can both ignore the facts of how places like DTF suck the taxpayers dry, take the brightest of our youth and turn them into bad decision makers and unemployable as the government ships in the skilled labor with the H-1B visas to fill the jobs. It’s ok because St. Jude gets the ER visits, the FPD gets the fodder for their quotas, the dirtbag liquor peddlers get the green, the oncology and cardiac industries expand and the burnouts by age 27 are microwaving hot pockets in their parents basements playing video games. Yes sadly they have forgone the blessing of owning homes and raising families like the American dream offers those who have not been sucked into the destructive lifestyle that leads to a high speed joyride right into a brick wall. Libertarianism and licentiousness are mutually exclusive.

      Justice, prosperity, responsibility, toleration, cooperation, and peace are by no means embodied by the municipality’s disastrous Frankenstein creation downtown patrolled by Fullerton’s own version of Blackwater.

      Our kids are doomed to a life of debt and unemployment if we continue to feed them into a meat grinder and expect them to be able to compete sporting an L-taurine booze induced hangover as the world passes them by. As the magnet’s power of OC’s newest skid row gets cranked up as the gauss meter goes off the charts with the taxpayer funded planes trains and automobiles that bring em in with a new parking structure and bus line to boot the expansion of more of the same is what you will expect. You will know a tree by its fruit and it is harvest time in Fullerton. See you downtown-not.

        1. The American dream is not to live alone in a tilt up highrise eating gmo food getting irradiated by all the wireless devices beaming mindless bullshit into everyone’s heads. It is a big beautiful land full of beautiful people who sadly don’t even talk to each other anymore because of the media’s 500 channel circus that creates compartmentaliztion, the social engineering experiment gone awry, and the planned implosion of the economy by a bunch of dirtbag politicians that have sold these kids down the river Tobes while the booze and pills flow through the bloodstreams. The dream is still alive but not attainable if you are under their spell. Our leaders drink themselves to sleep and dream about stuffing their faces on cruise ships as the kids are on the road to nowhere staying up till midnite doing their homework. By the time they get to college the fast food, the vaccines, the tv, the fluoride and the high fructose corn syrup and the useless mindless rote curriculum have worked synergistically to drop the iq’s so the only things that young people can relate and respond to is Pavlov’s last call in DTF . The other side of the aisle is the160 iqs that we import that enter the fields of nefarious industries that work lockstep with the government in closing the walls in as the sleeping gas is released. The young people used to aspire to do great things, to be movers and shakers, statesman and go into public service to make things better. Yes Shimon we have a new American dream that to any other generation would look like a total nightmare.

  4. They could call it the Shawn Nelson Express. It could make a stop at his homeless shelter to dump off a shipment from downtown Fullerton.

  5. Someone had the idea a while back of adding a new metrolink line to Laguna Niguel when the need was not waranted.$417 million later we have the “ghost train.” because it literly pulls out many a night with nobody on it. I rode this train once just for turnaround trip to ride there and back and there was only one other person that rode partialy down and another person on the trip back.( The engineer lets some of the homeless sit on it while in dock.So at least its keeping people warm.)
    This train was never justified because there never was a need for it, Travis was right. http://www.fullertonsfuture.org/2010/metrolink-expanding-but-where-are-the-riders/

    I miss the common sense Travis brought to the city council board.We might have looked a little more at why we are paying big bucks for Trolley, more buses or light rail, when none of the college kids are riding the 26 OCTA route that already connects Nutwood to the transportation terminal in Fullerton .(This is direct connection to the univ. and the bars.Most of the bar culture is probably not from Cal State but from out-of -towners anyhow.)

    1. “Someone had the idea a while back of adding a new metrolink line to Laguna Niguel when the need was not waranted. $417 million later we have the “ghost train.”

      Public Transportation is another NIMBY issue. Streets, you need to account for the 417 million. Train service to Laguna Niguel doesn’t cost 417 million. However, running a train from Fullerton to Laguna Niguel isn’t the brightest idea. Laguna Niguel/Mission Viejo is THE worst station in the system and OCTA connection service there absolutely sucks.

      In cities where the Government and the Devlopers actually have their shit together, you can do some amazing things. More people need to emulate Daniel Burnham instead of Donald Bren.

      1. “Train service to Laguna Niguel doesn’t cost 417 million.”
        John… The NIMBY issue here is.. never mind, just go down to the fullerton train station and look around. Try to see what wasn’t there 4 years ago. There is more than just train service. They had to build extensive sidetracks for the turnaround trips.

        1. n.wikipedia.org/wiki/NIMBY (an acronym for the phrase “Not In My Back Yard”)
          take a look in your backyard then youll know whats there there.

      2. Of course, John, for 68 years people have been fleeing Burnham’s developments in favor of those perfected by Bren. How do you propose to force them back?

        1. I don’t think that’s entirely true, Steve. The move back into the City has more traction in Chicago than here in LA. Burnham created an urban masterpiece and put Chicago on the map, what Bren created is nothing more than a stucco Disneyland. Don’t get me wrong, OC is nice but we’re paying for shortsighted planning. What’s wrong with trying to improve public transport in OC? Nothing. What’s wrong with building a permanent homeless shelter? Nothing. I certainly hope that these “good” ideas survive the din of consternation of people who only give a shit about themselves. Steve, I’ve had the good fortune of living in a lot of different regions of our Country, OC is clearly the worst. It’s pretty (sort of), but still the worst. When I say “worst,” I mean in terms of traffic congestion, piss-poor planning, entrenched NIMBY attitudes and a general detachment from reality that will severely hamper it’s ability to thrive in the future.

          Steve, I don’t know if you can force them back. There has to be a breaking-point somewhere that creates the realization that maybe being in the ‘burbs isn’t so wonderful after all.

          @Streets-The rail sidings had to be built to accomodate the schedule and still keep the Fullerton right of way clear. The rail service to Laguna Niguel, like most things in OC, was poorly thought out.

          1. Too bad you can’t separate the Big Idea from the Big Scammers.

            Think, ARTIC, Santa Ana Street Car, Center Line, ad nauseam. Opposed by NIMBYs, all.

            And a damn good thing, too.

            1. You’re right, Mr. Peabody. It seems like all the “good ideas” end up becoming huge perversions of their original selves through all the “twisting” they have to go through to get enacted. I throw the word NIMBY around a lot because I’m convinced that John Q. Public, at least in Orange County, is perfectly willing to screw a majority of people out of a benefit to protect their postage stamp of territory. Look at what finishing the 710 Freeway would do for the region as a whole, enormous benefits. However, a small community of people in South Pasadena have successfully hamstrung the project into oblivion. That’s the type of stuff you’re up against. Look at The Great Park. That is one of the most corruption-tainted farces in County history all to block an airport. Not build a “park,” mind you, but strictly to block an airport. Infrastructure improvements are twenty to thirty years too late, it’s a mess. Orange County isn’t so idyllic anymore.

              1. And maybe the 710 extension would gut South Pas and destroy hundrds of historic houses and commercial buildings.

                I count on the citizenry to hamstring the Government Big Idea. And that’s because almost all the Big Ideas involve useless, graft infested, union built monstrosities.

                1. Yes just like the solar oven Lions field, the white elephant Fox, the Dubai towers, the hundreds of millions on Fullerton JC and still no nursing program just break dancing classes and sports fields and kids parking all over the neighborhoods as the $60,000 parking stalls sit empty. Give us a new bus line on the road to nowhere and call it what it is- route 66.

                2. Eminent Domain isn’t a dirty word.

                  @Truthseeker-The Fox is a joke. When they built California Speedway in Fontana they didn’t realize that in the Summer the grandstands will get to about 125 degrees. IMO, Lions Field is a “good looking” facility they just screwed it up installing artificial turf.

                  @Mr. Peabody, I read an article in the Ragister about the guy who owns California Tile Wholesale on State College. It was a sob story about how the underpass work is pretty much going to destroy his business. I’m not a complete asshole, and I do feel some empathy for the guy but California Tile Wholesale isn’t a good enough reason to just stop work on State College. He’s being compensated, times change.

                  Mr. Peabody: “I count on the citizenry to hamstring the Government Big Idea.” That statement looks good on paper, but at the end of the day it’s the stupid leading the stupid.

  6. Calling it “Metro Center” is a bit like putting a silk bonnet on a pig. Good call, Fred. The Citigroup Building (Ogilvie Transportation Center) in Chicago is a “Metro Center.”

  7. does any one know the count on those open air saloons.. how many are on mr b’s property?

    oh and mr b.. thanks for finally trimming those bushes back over there on santa fe. it took long enough. hopfully that house doesn’t all come tumbling down now that the shrubs holding it up are gone. hope nobody gets hurt. hopefully nobody gets the idea to go back there and get hurt on purpose.

    maybe you should put a big fence around that place… and call it condemned.

  8. According to KFI 640 AM radio, very very few CSUF student there for the weekend alcohol festival.

    Its pretty low class, the FPD and the guns, knives, fights, no class bouncers and service, have been common knowledge for a very very long time.

    Go and yelp.com the BS its DEEEEEP!!! and long (years), I had to do my research. 🙁

      1. (U.S. District) “…Judge reprimands Fullerton police
        Seven women had accused Officer Albert Rincon of sexually harassing them or groping them during arrests. Two of them filed suit, and a judge has refused to throw out their case…”

        He is still able run free and with a badge and gun, the judge was pissed. And all on the Fullertons Taxpayer money, courtesy of the “Fullerton Culture of EVIL!!!”

          1. The same year Fullerton Police Officer Rincon was molesting female detainees in his squad car, the Orange County Human Relations Commission’s executive director, Rusty Kennedy, gave Fullerton Police Chief Pat McKinley an award for his police force’s “exemplary” police-community relations.
            How did Rusty Kennedy know Fullerton PD had “exemplary” police-community relations and not know this same police department’s officers were molesting female detainees?

            1. See no evil+Speak no evil+Hear no evil =

              Big annual taxpayer funded paycheck for Rusty Kennedy and his ilk.

              Silence IS golden in Rusty Kennedy’s case.

              Rusty is going to have his very own ring in hell in the afterlife for selling out the children of God who were truly were in need of someone in his position to speak up after their own voices had been silenced.

              1. Also its just your typical cover up and criminal enterprise as committees BS.

                There are very very many instances where reports were lost, ignored, discouraged, lied to, and threatened upon.

                “Thats why they are made an example of amongst local law enforcement, to the high degree.”

                1. when funding of Rusty’s commission is based on its assertion it acts as OC communities” “clearing house” and “mediator” for same communities’ complaints of civil rights abuses commited upon by their respective law enforcement

                2. interrupted,when the county funds rusty’s commission because it promises to promote itself as a mediator and clearinghouse for civil rights abuses committed against OC communities, it is reasonable to expect if same commission hands out awards for “exemplary ” police-community relations , it would seek out from OC communities complaints civil rights abuses from respective law enforcement.
                  If Rusty wasn’t preoccupied with staging award banquets for law enforcement’s “exemplary” community relations and more concerned with police abuses against OC communities, including fullerton, maybe Kelly thomas would be alive today

      1. The staff and students have to be all over town and the surrounding area, like most people. Errands, supplies and various things that must be done.

      2. faster :
        Cal State have state police there. And their own police station.


        Almost all their duty is pretty minor theft, and traffic.

        I do hope they are watchdoging the FPD and Civic Center.

        1. “This” is a town that “needs” Mutual Aid, of the cities surrounding Police and Fire departments.

          I see many more outside armed agencies and departments in town than FPD.

  9. Mr. Nelson- is fully awate his shelf life is about to end, he knows it and is trying to cash out as fast as he can- Now with the sarah palin- I mean Jenny Fitzy move- really Shawn? We all know your not better than that- but make it so obvious. Why not re-plenish that booze odor you emit, your a hack and everyone knows it. He wont be around next cycle. He will be a has- been, like he is right now, he just doesnt know it. Can anyone say jail time?

  10. OCTA, a public sector entity, funding primarily comes from these sources: federal taxes-17%, state taxes-24%,local taxes(directly us)29%, profit made from toll roads, fareboxes is whopping total of 9%, interest collected on reserve money-19%.
    Mr. Peabody, we, the good people of the OC, who pay federal, state, local taxes, are paying the total cost for the “feasibility study” of promoting light rail versus trolley or whether the existing bus service that has been operating for decades without major problems or complaints of inadequate service from Fullerton’s tansportation hub to CSU Fullerton.
    In light of the recent rapid push to purchase an empty furniture store on State College to bizarrely establish a homeless shelter complex on the outskirts of Fullerton where the majority of homeless are not known to congregate, I am suspicious of this latest “transportation” improvement that may only be a gimmick to whisk CSUF students to Fullerton’s downtown boozeries and then safely whisk them back to the campus so they may puke in the toilets there.

    1. “I am suspicious of this latest “transportation” improvement that may only be a gimmick to whisk CSUF students to Fullerton’s downtown boozeries and then safely whisk them back to the campus so they may puke in the toilets there.”

      With free passes for the homeless as far as State College!!!

  11. Bringing people with money to spend to places where they might spend that money. It sounds crazy, but it just might work.

    Actually, if Fullerton doesn’t want to do this, Brea might profitably set up a small circle line between Birch Street, Brea Mall, and CSUF. Not a bad idea, actually. Maybe toss in a stop at Craig Park too and one near the Plunge, so they could head back to State College via Elm. I’ll bet that that would revitalize Brea Blvd. between Imperial and much of the way to Fir.

    Too bad that it’s communism, or something.

    1. Yeah, go for it Mr. Moneybags. it’s somebody else’s money, right?

      Oh, right. Redevelopment boondoggles are a thing of the past.

      1. If it would make a profit for commercial interests in the area, exceeding the cost of the service, I expect that (if organized) they’d be interested in subsidizing it. Could there be tax money too? Maybe, if the residents think that the extra jobs and sales tax revenue to the city is worth it.

        Do you really need this explained to you?

        1. Obviously you have no business sense. Extra jobs? Sales tax revenue?

          There’s a reason you are 55 years old and broke.

    2. “I’ll bet that that would revitalize Brea Blvd. between Imperial and much of the way to Fir.”….. Hmmmmmm

      “I’ll bet”?

      Please be legally advised Esq. Diamond that the aiding and abetting as well as betting is a tort in the state of California and the common law.

    3. Besides continuation and escalation of the war on Communism known as Vietnam, here is another great idea of Nixon “In 1970, Congress passed, and President Richard Nixon signed into law, the Rail Passenger Service Act. Proponents of the bill, led by the National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP), sought government funding to assure the continuation of passenger trains. They conceived the National Railroad Passenger Corporation (NRPC), a hybrid public-private entity that would receive taxpayer funding and assume operation of intercity passenger trains. The original working brand name for NRPC was Railpax, but shortly before the company started operating it was changed to Amtrak”
      Amtrak has never made a profit since its inception, if not for the public’s hard earned money being taxed and used to subsidize Amtrak, Amtrak would be forced to shut down due to lack of money to continue operating a passenger railroad.
      Sidenote, rail passenger service was viable and may have flourished except for the federal government’s massive highway contruction plan. circa late 1940’s, that induced the public to travel by private car or bus a cheaper, easier way to travel.
      My point is why must our precious tax dollars be spent on studies to determine whether the existing public subsidized transportation system that is currently in place should be replaced or forced to compete with another public subsidized alternative public transportation system?
      Would the private sector invest its own money into this scheme or even study this scheme to see if it would be a profitable venture?

      1. Van the ultimate long term goal is to get us out of our evil cars and riding in theirs. Years back when they reformulated the fuels into requiring the higher temperature combustion blends and did away with carburetion, they also did away with the potential for clean 100+mpg. The technologies were there in the 1970s. I find it amusing that in the late 1960’s the State of California began regulating NOX emissions, and today we ADD NITROGEN to the fuels. The auto industry instead of machining the cylinder heads with hardened valve seats greased the skids for toxic tetra ethyl lead to remain in gasoline until the mid 1980s. Of course the MTBE that followed was mandated just long enough to contaminate the aquifers. For decades Detroit had everything come out with 4 barrels for years to get the pollution rates up so as to justify the birth of the draconian regulations and agencies like CARB which are destroying our States economy. Now they are cooking up every global warming, climate change, carbon tax, ozone man scheme imaginable to con us. This is just another brick in the wall.

  12. I usually do not criticize without offering a solution.

    Therefore, with my creator’s permission, I intent to run for the California Senate 34 district held by Correa and against the most eligible left-liberal-progressive-socialist Jose Solorio as Libertarian if I can collect 40-60 nomination signatures of voters, who truly believe that my candidacy would made a positive change on their life, starting sometime in the December 2013.

    So, please pay attention to my political opinions so you can makeup your mine.

    Caveat: I refuse to be politically correct!

    Furthermore, I am not racist but in general, I do not like Zionists and their propaganda, so my candidacy wouldn’t benefit Jews!

    In addition, I believe that two penises or vaginas can’t produce a future generation which I am concerned about so I believe that the same sex marriage is frivolous.

    Other than that, I believe in the USA constitution including the non ratified Bill of rights and the Satan who may be my creator — who knows.

    It is your call!

    1. Stanislav,

      While I usually enjoy the free spirit that most of your diatribes are written, and that you say what is in your heart, I respect that, however I must say that I think your doing yourself a grave injustice by labeling all Zionists as being like Greg Diamond.

      I personally have found Greg to be extremely offensive to my sensibilities, however I certainly wouldn’t group the rest of the Jewish race as morally offensive as a result of my observations.

      I instead think that you owe it to yourself to keep an open mind about people before you meet them.

      Just my 2 cents.

      1. As a future California Senator, I do appreciate your honest and “politically correct” opinion.

        However, there is no room for separating good from the bad within the tribes.

        Fight for your tribe if you want it to survive!

        1. I do respect your honesty, and that your convictions are your convictions, and wish you the best of luck with your candidacy.

          1. “wish you the best of luck with your candidacy”……. Hmmmmmm


            Talk is cheap.

            However, if you truly mean what you have just stated you would sign my nomination papers and alert your best friends.

            We will have a signatory ball sometimes in December 2013 — including an unreasonable consumption of the finest Bohemian Plzeň beer.


            1. I should add that if your medical condition does not permit to consume finest Bohemian alcoholic beverage you my bring with you medicinal ganja, cocaine, hash, heroin, LSD, mushrooms and peyote.

              What ever keeps you spirituality healthy.

              It is your unalienable right and I am going to Sacramento to make sure that the left-liberal-progressive-socialist will not tread on it.

              1. Excellent!

                Please notice that I do not know who you are so keep looking for my announcements.

                In addition, I plan to run based on referral bases only so I do not need to face corruption element of the politics.

                So remember to send a word to your best friends like in the pyramid game.

                1. I think the only way to be “pure’ as a politician is to not have to depend on any sort of donations to get elected.

                  Does a man have spend a lot of money on a woman in order to be a “”good catch”?

                  I think the same thinking should apply to politics.

                  A person shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money in order to be attractive to voters.

                  Substance over style if you will.

              1. Wow Hermann, I thought you were dead — nice from you commenting at “F”FFF.

                It is Pilsner Urquell in your language to be exact — not synonymous with many of the Pilzner replicas.

                However, in Bohemia it is Plzeňský Prazdroj (IPA: [ˈpl̩.zɛɲskiː ˈprazdroj], Original Source of Pilsner)

                Na Zdraví!

      1. All his opponent has to do is send flowers to all the women in the district like Lou did on election day. Such a gentleman.

        1. truthseeker :
          All his opponent has to do is send flowers to all the women in the district like Lou did on election day. Such a gentleman.

          ………… Hmmmmmmm

          Would the blooming Erythroxylum, qualify as a flower?

          Would I get elected by sending its flour to the SD34 females?

          I know, that I use to got laid on it in the Redondo Beach, Red Onion and Newport Beach Bobby Mcgee’s, mentionin just some of my favorite 70’s hangouts.

          Maybe some of these MILFs and COUGARs would remember me?

          1. Oh Stanley, you are way too funny!!!! Memories aren’t they great. Stop now, and go back to singing with your friend Vern. Now that was great. Don’t make the same mistake as Greg did. Just enjoy life and blog all you want. But, don’t run for politcal office, it will ruin you.

  13. Why do city planners still exist now that the redevelopment agency is history? It is obvious that Jay Eastman has nothing better to do.

    1. This is an excellent opportunity to hold Jennifer Fitzgerald accountable to her campaign promises. She repeatedly said that private property rights were extremely important, so much so the OC Register endorsed her campaign.

      Jay Eastman’s little pipe dream of a trolley would surely infringe on private property rights. Let’s see if Jennifer flip flops on this issue.

      1. “Jenn” stand for something?

        Hoo boy! A Chamber of Commerce corporate welfare queen I bet. Hey, she went after Ackerman for opposing an informal price comparison with OCSD. Whatever happened to that?

        1. Thanks for the reminder on that! I think I’ll have to do a post on our new council woman and her open mindedness on the OCSD issue.

  14. March 1, 2013. A Stampede is going over the cliff. Looks like we all have to follow. Can I say, to the “politicians”, do something!!!!!! or not, and let’s see what happens.
    I am trying to look at the bigger picture.

    1. The sequestration is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Remember THEY print the money. As long as the US out of the barrel of a gun through the military industrial complex’s shackling of foreign nations to the US dollar can by force continue to keep the Bretton Woods system propped up, what you hear out of the idiot box is nothing more than mere bantering over a false dichotomy. The real cliff looms and we will reach it someday when the US dollar is no longer the world reserve currency. This will happen when the major players really tell us to stick it and don’t accept our monopoly money anymore. The M1 graphs are absolutely staggering over the last decade. God help us and them when that day comes.

  15. Fullerton Lover :
    Does a man have spend a lot of money on a woman in order to be a “good catch”?
    I think the same thinking should apply to politics.

    Interesting comparison!

    If the women in this case represents the public the politician must be “good public fucker” to be a “good catch”.

    I think that Obama proved that.

  16. Speaking of possible censorship, iepolitics.com is being redirected when “iepolitics” is put into Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

    If my understanding is correct, the administrator of iepolitics.com was warned that SBCO law enforcement personnel were actively trying to take over the server. Currently, any search of that domain is being redirected.

  17. “fullertons future” it seems should be about not just whats wrong with fullerton but what is going right with fullerton. Too build a better fullerton is to see not just the problems but the progress and to hope for a better future.
    Speaking about Hope. Did anybody bother to go the the Mayors townhall meeting at Hope Univ. autitorium tonight? It seemed to be a very posistive constructive meeting.Uniting the two campus’ may not be such a bad prospect.The reps from Hope seemed very eager about this prospect. Integrating the nearby homeless could be a possitive community effort. The thusday night wishire outdoor market is a working example of all community citizens(even homeless) initgrating together in a positive way.

    1. Fullertons future, nice observation.
      Fullerton is the nation’s “Main Street” due to FFFF’s gritty comments, topics and opinions that dare expose Fullerton’s municipal corruption and mocking the sycophants, cronies of this same corrupt government.
      FFFF highlights Fullerton’s community’s problems and the hope is found in the many comments, suggestions and observations made on this blogsite that forces the reader to pause and ponder a variety of viewpoints.
      It is this fact that inspires hope because it inspires creativity from the local populace to solving a municipality’s problems that arise due to unbalanced power.
      Freedom of speech, that is read on FFFF,not adherence to hollow, polite comments labled “civility” that our most craven, corrupt ,local politicians and Fullerton’s “pillars of society” use to hide their nefarious deals that only benefits them and always to the detriment of the populace, forces all levels of government to respect and fear the force of an individual’s words that may inspire or persuade the populace away from the current loci of political power and towards a more intelligent, honest and sincere political entity that truly desires to represent the interests of Fullerton’s community .
      If you believe uniting CSUF and Hope University is “not a bad prospect” thankfully, you have freedom of speech to state your reasons on FFFF that supports your belief on this matter.

    2. Hope wants to unload their campus on the tax payers and the dim-wits at the CSUF Auxillary are only too happy to contiue to metastascize. BTW, check out the Planning Commission Agenda. Review of a use that will serve alcohol at what was supposed to be “student housing.”

      What is it about alcohol and Fullerton?

  18. Off topic but was anyone else annoyed by Lou Ponsi’s latest fluff piece in oc register regarding DiCaprio? Interesting that he portrays himself as being so concerned about the homeless and knew Kelly Thomas well yet he never got up in any city counsel meeting and defended Kelly or condemned his fellow officers for killing him. He never even got up and expressed sadness over Kelly’s death. As the homeless liaison I would have expected at least that. Sooooo, I’m not impressed by anything that any Fullerton officers do for the homeless. The fact that they put pictures of themselves on Facebook feeding the homeless with Coast to Coast does not impress! IMO it’s all pr!

    1. I was always taught that when you give of yourself you leave the trumpets at home and do so in silence.

      What’s even worse is that as a “Homeless Laison Officer”, DiCaprio really isn’t “giving” anything, he’s compensated very well for his efforts.

    2. I would have expected FFFF to embrace a homeless shelter considering the outpouring of love for Kelly and the desire for justice in his death. DiCaprio deals with the shit every day, who the fuck are you, “Anonymous 60?” I know, another fucking hypocrite. By the way, your talk is very, very cheap.

      1. Incorrect. Kelly was murdered. FFFF never made it a cause about homelessness – it was about a killing. The deflection of a homeless issue was done by Rusty Kennedy, Sharon Quirk, Shawn Nelson, et al.

        1. I agree with you, in principle, with what you’re saying. However, I think Kelly was the victim of manslaughter due to the gross negligence of three Police Officers. I was around during the Recall and noticed that, perhaps not you personally, many people who post on here did indeed get some mileage out of the fact that Kelly was homeless. To seperate the issue of Kelly’s death and the issue of homelessness in general is a doomed, very short-sighted enterprise. The issues are inseperable. How are we going to villify those who are at least working to make a difference? The only person other than Officer DiCaprio to do something concrete about this whole shitty mess is Shawn Nelson. Yet people have the gall to criticize their efforts and offer nothing in return. These two individuals are displaying the leadership that everybody was braying for at the time the three bald tyres were deep-sixed. What happened? I think it might be a problem of definition. Many people like to talk about leadership, but few understand the actual weight of the crown.

    1. I respect Mayor Whitaker more and more every day. Keep the good fight going, Mayor Whitaker. For too long, the silly action figures like Pat Mckinley and associates have paraded themselves as the people’s heroes only to turn and run away when confronted with their obfuscation of the kelly thomas murder by Fullerton Police officers.

    2. I believe that Bruce Whitaker is the only politician that I can think of who is capable of being trusted to do the “right thing”.

    3. The two articals out of Cal STate fullerton this one are not only inacurate but downright deceptive. The Mayor is not opposed to the new homeless shelter. If you were there at the mayors town hall meeting you would have seen that he is quite in fact for it, but his concern is that it is done in a more community orrientated way in which the community is well informed. The Mayor asked for a delaywhen this was decided on at the superviser not because he was against it but to give all the interested parties the ability to understand and be apart of the process. He orriginaly thought as he said at the townhall meeting that it would be more toward the center of the industial park rather than on the border and he liked that idea better, but that is a far cry from a denouncement of the project as a whole.

  19. Banner campaign: The Fullerton Downtown Business Association has launched the second phase of its banner campaign, aimed at fostering community spirit by showcasing a local “person, place or thing.” The newest banners, 30 inches wide and 8 feet long, have a heart created for the All the Arts for all the Kids Foundation; the phrase, “We Love Fullerton”; and an image of the person, place or thing being recognized. Businesses and individuals can sponsor a banner for $310. Information: fullertondba.com.

    Lou Ponsi


    1. holy cow! this is being accomplished without tax dollars? If redevelopment funds were still legal, our recalled city council persons would have spent close to a million dollars on this venture popularly known in political circles as buying the downtrodden some fun with bread an circuses.

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