What the Hell Is Wrong With Chris Norby?

Okay, I really want to know.

Our State Assemblyman and former County Supervisor has made some really lame endorsements in the past, including the unspeakable corn pone donkey, Dick Jones.

But this time he has really surpassed himself, bestowing his political benediction on an Anaheim city council candidate named Steve Lodge. Except that his name isn’t Steve Lodge at all. It’s Steven Chavez Lodge, a name he recently adopted in an attempt to curry favor with Anaheim Latino voters and, not insignificantly, get his name to the top of the ballot.

If you set aside the fake name and carpetbagging there’s really a lot less there than meets the eye!

Let’s set aside the fake name gambit for a moment and consider a few other unsavory facts about Lodge. First he is an ex-cop with a dirty record, “retired” with a disability at 52, set up in a make-work schmooze job by who knows who, and of course, worst of all, this cypher is a creation of the Kurt Pringle government for sale machine that has a hold of the City of Anaheim by the balls.

“Chavez’s” list of endorsers includes a who’s who of OC repuglicans including “Everything Must Go” Bill Campbell, carpetbagging spouse Dick Ackerman, carpetbagger Harry Hairball Sidhu and the other Pringle puppets on the Anaheim City council. Disney and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce have joined the band, endorsing this miscreant as some sort of businessman who didn’t just move into Anaheim in the past year. Naturally, Ed Royce is a supporter.

And then there is Chris Norby. An endorser. Why? Why on Earth? You’ll have to ask him since the answer isn’t readily apparent. Maybe his political handler John Lewis dictated that it must be so. Maybe Norby was simply flattered to be asked for an endorsement that is now completely devalued.

This guy is an up and comer, Norby. Get on board!

But this Lodge creep stands for everything that is abhorrent to those who want intelligent and responsible leadership. So what could Norby be thinking? Who knows.

Doesn’t look like he is thinking at all.


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  1. It’s pretty simple. Politicians aren’t going to vote how you guys want them to vote very often. Your way of thinking is not the norm. You want it to be and you were able to buy it that way for a short period, but not long term. TBush’s money will run out. You sure can’t buy Anaheim. Not even a chance. So they will vote opposite of how you want because they vote as the people would choose, not how a few radicals desire. Deal with it.

    1. If by “people” you mean the malignant Pringle cabal and lying carpetbagging human slimetrail Dick (Ackerman) band of crooks, then yeah. And by that I mean no.

  2. Why shouldn’t city council members drink the same kool aid as Police personnel? Who else is gonna approve the medical retirements? Adminsure isn’t going to do it on their own… Heck, you can fall out of a chair, be MIA during a transients murder and be “medically retired.”

  3. You missed the worst part about Lodge – allegations of police brutality. Several. Lawsuits. OC Weekly wrote it up. Just hat we need.

    1. Yep. It looks like a bad record — and of course his affliction with Sudden Mexican Syndrome is atrocious.

      Of course, I have no idea who you guys would want to support over Steven Albert Chave Zlodge. Brandman? Leos? Kring? Duane Roberts?

          1. My district includes all of West and most of North Anaheim west of the 57 — a larger population than Fullerton. I didn’t have to move to run there!

              1. Oh no — I’m hearing anonymous voices disparaging me based on arbitrary rules they ginned up!

                Trying to move this back to the topic, I bet I’ll get more votes than Norby!

        1. Lol. Yes This is an infection. No doubt about it.

          Ever see the picture of this zit lounging with the crypto Brandman? Creepy. All part of pringle’s boys to men club.

        2. nipsey and fullertonista I don’t know you but you’ve lost my respect.

          If the choice comes down to Chris Norby or Greg Diamond I’ll just stay home. Our political system is a joke anyway.

          1. Norby and I are not running against each other. Your choice is between me and Bob Huff, the hero of funneling redevelopment money to major private interests from whom he collects major campaign contributions. Stay home if you must, I suppose.

      1. “and of course his affliction with Sudden Mexican Syndrome is atrocious”………… Hmmmmm

        Is the reference to Mexicans racist?

        “and of course his affliction with Sudden Jew Syndrome is atrocious”

        Is the reference to Jews racist?

        1. If someone who was carpetbagging into a largely Jewish district and had no previous outward signs of Jewish identity suddenly adopted the middle name “Yitzhak” and started talking about how proud they were to be Jewish (but heavens forfend, they don’t think that the name Yitzhak would make any Jews more likely to vote for them!), I’d have no problem with describing that as “Sudden Jew Syndrome.”

          Thank you for your vigilant protection of Mexicans against the possibility of bigotry, Stanley.

          1. “I’d have no problem with describing that as ‘Sudden Jew Syndrome'”……….. Hmmmmmm

            In other words, if someone named “Diamond” is carpetbagging into a largely Gentile blog, and has no previous outward signs of Jewish identity i.e. dos not know that Jews don’t eat selfish, wares no Yamaka and is unfamiliar with true meaning of Kol Nidre declaration, starts blogging and commenting and announces himself “I am Jewis” and started talking about how proud he is to be Jewish (but heavens forfend, they don’t think that the name Diamond would make any Gentile anti-Semite to criticize him), would you have a problem with describing Diamond having “Sudden Jew Syndrome”?…… Huh Golem?

            1. You’ll have to forgive me, Stanley — nobody had told me that it was a “Gentile blog, as you say below.” Now let’s get back on target. Norby, remember?

                1. I should add that since 2002 the OJ genesis and my first comment no one ever accused anyone including me of the antisemitism.

                  You are first who feel that way, therefore, you are obviously in wrong blog.

                  However, I do not expect Gröfaz to correct that but his unwise teasing of unknown may!

                  Exorcist (Acts 19:13)

                  “In that sceptical and therefore superstitious age. professional exorcists abounded. Many of these professional exorcists were disreputable Jews, like Simon in Samaria and Elymas in Cyprus (8:9; 13:6).”

                  Other references to exorcism as practiced by the Jews are found in Matt. 12:27; Mark 9:38; Luke 9:49-50. It would seem that it was an opinion among the Jews that miracles might be wrought by invoking the divine name. Thus also these “vagabond Jews” pretended that they could expel demons.

                  The power of casting out devils was conferred by Christ on his apostles (Matt. 10:8), and on the seventy (Luke 10:17-19), and was exercised by believers after his ascension (Mark 16:17; Acts 16:18); but this power was never spoken of as “exorcism.”

                  See https://christiananswers.net/dictionary/exorcist.html

        2. I believe I get credit for identifying Chavez-Lodge’s “Sudden Mexican Syndrome.”

          Chuchua and Roberts are the coolest cats in the race. But
          Leos-Kring is the best bet for keeping out the Pringle-ites (Brandman-ChavezLodge)

          1. “I believe I get credit for identifying Chavez-Lodge’s ‘Sudden Mexican Syndrome'”………… Hmmmmmm

            Sure Gröfaz!

            The only credit you should get Gröfaz is to bring Diamond with “Sudden Jew Syndrome” to OJ and totally fucked up Gentile blog which was #1 blog since 2002 where I was a first commentator.

              1. “Gentile blog”……… Hmmmmmmm


                If Jews can have their exclusive blogs so can Gentiles!… you “Sudden Jew Syndrome” moron mongoloid!

                I should add that your progressive democrats aka Gröfaz ilk boooooed the word God and pro Jew Jerusalem out of platform when they tried to put back in after Obama toked out.

                Villaraigosa look like total idiot which he is, when taking vote.

                We need four (4) more years of Obama so the people are ready to lynch Left-Liberal-Progressives, Limousine Democrats, having their own Gentile Blogs and Gentile Defense League and Christmas tree in the time square again.

  4. Steven Chavez Lodge, ex cop and supporter of Anaheim PD which has been under fire lately! Yup, that police dog just happened to get loose ACCIDENTALLY and BIT A FEW PEOPLE and knocked over a BABY CARRIAGE or TWO.
    Gee aren’t police dogs sworn officers and have extensive training to not do anything unless GIVEN COMMANDS by hand signals or other means? HMMM. Oh well, you can bet one thing, if Steven Chavez Lodge (no relation to Cesaer Chavez) is elected, he will never investigate anything. He was trained by Pat McPension in how to look the other way! So line up Anaheim Sheepie and vote for Mr. See no evil, hear no evil, know no evil! Anaheim is just another Disneyland!

    1. No offense Tuco but your idea of police dogs is far off. That’s why cops get bit by police dogs often. They are dogs. Extensive training but when they go they go and they bite almost anything in their path.

      1. Dogs with a badge. I bet Old Smoky takes his oath a lot more seriously that Wolfe or Ramos ever did. Or you for that matter.


      2. I dont know how many time I asked people, “Does your dog bite?’ Oh no his is friendly and the stupid dog snaps at me. Where is my gun?

  5. Chris Norby is a career politician. Chris Norby is going to endorse anyone who can enhance his political career. We don’t know exactly what act prompted the endorsement. But obviously the bid was satisfied. Whether the endorsee is a good guy or a bad guy has little or nothing to do with it. It’s possible that Norby could despise Lodge and still endorse him for self-preservation purposes. Let’s all grow up and think like worldly adults instead of believing what the teacher taught us back in high school poli sci.

    1. “I guess that Chris Norby must just really like Mexicans who have hidden it well”………… Hmmmmm

      Is the reference to Mexican racist?

      “I guess that Chris Norby must just really like Jews who have hidden it well”

      Is the reference to Jews racist?

  6. Everytime I begin to like Norby he does something like this. Its like he reads my mind and doesn’t want me to have a favorable opinion of him.

  7. I heard he was accompanied to court by the unspeakable toad, Dave Ellis.

    I really don’t think Norby is on the side of good government.

        1. Maybe I should just use all of my FFFF. Ellis, O’Malley, Goodrich, sellers, Bankhead, hamilton, and Hughes.


    1. Dunno what Dave was doing there … I don’t think he was with Lodge. Dave stayed after the Lodge case was over. I thought of staying around to see if Dave was in trouble over something, but … I was hungry!

  8. I was just dropping my kids off at school, and saw Bruce Whitaker walking down Euclid, near Bastanchury.

    Looked like he was trying to figure out where all of his campaign signs went?

    If Bruce would like a picture of the two fellows that I photographed yesterday afternoon removing campaign signs, I have it on my phone.

      1. Doh. Politics is a dirty game. Appears the main goal from the battle is to make TBush spend millions. Buying more signs just pennies but it all adds up?

    1. Sign stealers should be sentenced to hold up their opponent’s signs manually on the spot where from which they stole them.

        1. You’ll need a preety big cane, Julio Perez signs litter Harbor Blvd. From Anaheim to Westminister.

          you’d need a forest of cane to punish him.

            1. One of Diamonds other nemisis’ is reporting that he bailed on Santa Ana shortly after the election on one of Pedroza’s sites.

              preety funny actually, the whole bars on the window thing!

      1. Is it illegal to take down, or creatively adjust signs?

        I have a Flory sign down the hill that has been tempting me each time I drive by it.

        Also, I am less disappointed in my neighbors now. The lack of Whitaker and Kiger signs disturbed me.

    2. FL – my friend had her Whitaker sign taken from her front yard yesterday, she found it this morning dumped in an alley. Please email the photo.

      1. Tis the season. Happens before every election. People get paid for the number of signs they take down. I know TBush used to use that tactic as well. Right TBush? Admit it.

      2. I just sent you the picture. It was taken at approximately 4 pm yesterday. Seemed odd to me that they were taking them down soon, so I fired off a shot.

      3. I’m with you on this one, Actual Tony. I’d love to see a broad statement by candidates condemning tearing down signs. I wouldn’t mind seeing some motion activated cameras set up, either.

  9. I do not think Disney/SOAR has endorsed yet beyond Jordan Brandman, The second seat is not decided yet, although the constant photos of Lodge with their principal players says it all.

    I wondered about Norby myself, and then realized he may have endorsed early on. When lodge first hit town as the anointed golden boy of Anaheim’s political elite, Tom Tait had endorsed him. Apparently Tait managed to do the background check that the others failed at, and he pulled his endorsement for Lodge, taking Lewis with him (That is one aspect of Tait I still cannot manage to deal with.Yuck. But Tait has otherwise proven to be a good man working hard to pull Pringle’s jack boot from the neck of Anaheim. ) Anyway, that may be where the Norby endorsement came from. But yes, these guys should be vetting candidates before just relying on their phony smile and list of powerful friends as reason for endorsement. No way would I take the word of any of these politicians if co-signing for a loan, they do not make for good character references.

    Lodge’s connection to Dave Ellis, there is a WAY bigger fish to fry. They all entered the courtroom together yesterday. Ellis sat next to my husband, remind me to dry clean that jacket.

  10. Don’t forget Esteban is also supported by Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham, he of the outing of sex-abuse victims.

      1. “That’s cold blooded”……….. Hmmmmm

        My ESL dictionary telling me that “cold blooded” means Lacking feeling or emotion.

        FYI, Arellano has no feelings or emotions!

        He is another Maxican who likes to read his own articles.

        One time I criticized this Mexican pipsqueak and he demanded an apology. I refused, so he orgasmically pushed the ban button like Golem did.

        And that is why he and Golem com here to bitch about their crapola.

    1. Cunningham can’t wipe his bottom wuthout an okay from Pringle or Lewis. What does that tell you?

      BTW, Cunningham was at OC Central tonight shilling for Jennifer Cowan. Another ‘pug.

  11. Like when Norby named your ex-wife Orange County Woman of the Year. I knew (slightly) Freydel a number of years ago, and she is a delightful lady — but Woman of the Year???

  12. This place is so slow lately. Weak posts that struggle for anything of substance and barely anyone posting anymore. Sign of the times? Make up something good to get your peeps going. I’m bored.


        1. Good article. Any bit of credibility was lost when he said the cops in NY could have done better. They did a great job and the only other option was to let the bad guy kill them. Bad guy came out with the gun. No other choices. Good article other than that. I think all cops should have video and audio at all times. More often than not the video and audio proves liars of most complainers. The best day in policing was when PDs started putting audio and video in cars. We need it everywhere. It will benefit the cops in a big way, as well as the public.

              1. I’m not dodging it, but I’ve been kinda busy. I actually have a life. I also won’t be online for much of the next week.

                I just don’t have the time, nor is it really my place, to analyze every case based upon published (frequently biased on both sides) media reports and speak for all cops. I can only offer my opinion.

                Besides….Porky’s opinions and logic seems to match up with mine fairly closely. What he said….

                My advice to everyone isn’t to ignore the past….there are remedies of lawsuits and criminal prosecutions for the victims if what they claim is true. IMO the focus should be on the future, changes that have been made, changes that still need to be made, and for everyone to make an informed, rational decision about whether to switch to OCSD. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. I think it’s a horrible idea. Much decreased customer service.

                Not passing judgement here, because I’m waiting for more info on this as well. But how would you feel if you had OCSD and the Sgt. Loggins incident happened in Fullerton? Would you be screaming for the formation of a city police department?

                Be careful what you wish for.

                1. The System Works. Just Trust it and Give it Time. Things are Getting Better. Unity is Strength. Let’s Look to the Future.

  13. Audio and video on police cars and via an item that has to be worn on police uniforms all the time are only good for police IF they keep them turned on. I would support audio and video but it must be turned on all through the shift. You turn it off, you get three strikes. On the third one you are gone!
    Audio and video should never be selective. It will show people when police have to deal with vermin, and it will also show police they need to deal effectively with the public. A great way to institute trust.

    1. It will never be 24/7. Privacy issues. Just like you can’t be recorded on audio and video 24/7. You have to have privacy on breaks and anytime you talk to family, your kids, etc. I agree on all calls for service. That’s where the problem arises. How it turns on and off and the storage capacity. Say it holds for 30 days or 90 days, then if the video is gone at 120 days its going to be a conspiracy.

      1. He said all through the shift there genius. You were to busy thinking of reasons not to turn it on, you did not read what was written…… typical.

        1. I read it. That’s why I said what won’t happen. Get a clue. You will never audio and video a cop taking a shit. Good luck though.

    2. How about at your work you have to call a number every hour so they can trust you and make sure you are doing your job. It would be a pain in the ass. You are asking for something that is beyond resonable. You would hate it.

  14. 8/27 Robbery Attempt – A caller says a man and a woman hit him and left the scene on W. Pomona Avenue and E. Commonwealth Avenue at 4:08 p.m. The man had a shaved head and the tattoo “818” on the front of his neck. The woman was blond. He’s not sure what weapon they struck him with. He thinks the pair may have been homeless.

    8/27 Transient Problem – A caller wants police to know a woman is sleeping in the upper level parking structure on 229 E. Commonwealth Avenue in a spot that says “Future Resident” parking space at 2:23 a.m. Police arrived, and at the caller’s request, moved her along.

    8/28 Transient Problem – A property manager says a man is sleeping on the parking lot on the east side of the building at 440 W. Commonwealth Avenue.

    8/29 Disturbance of the Peace – A caller says a transient man on south-side train track #3 near the Amtrak Station who keeps throwing rocks he’s collected at oncoming trains almost got hit by one. He says the man, described as white and wearing a blue shirt, is still there, yelling at the conductor at 6:40 p.m.

    8/30 Transient Problem – A caller says a gray-haired homeless man in a red polo shirt is bleeding from the face on the 500 block of Blue Water Lane at 2 p.m.

    9/30 Transient Problem – A caller says a black transient man in his 50s is helping people take their bags to their cars and asking them for money at 1845 W. Orangethorpe Avenue at 10:23 a.m. The caller asked him to leave, and says he refuses. Police arrived, but were unable to locate the man.

    8/31 Man Down – A caller says a transient man is on the ground and not moving at Burgertown on 2720 W. Orangethorpe Avenue at 11:43 a.m. Police arrived and determined “Mr. Dupree” was okay.

    9/1 Vandalism – A man says a transient broke off the steel door to the trash room for the City Point Apartments on 130 E. Chapman Avenue. He has a witness who saw the whole thing, and the man is still there at 10:14 a.m.


    1. What’s your point? Yes we have a homeless problem. Homeless are now camping along Commonwealth Ave, and Brookhurst by the underpass. The trash is building up……

        1. FPD, caused this problem. That’s how I see it. Now the residents must deal with it. As I see it the FPD have become in politics, what we call a lame duck. “Useless”….BTW what the HELL is wrong with Norby? Must I change my vote? What a choice “Norby” or “SQS”, just great.

          1. Some homeless aren’t very smart but all homeless know there isn’t a better place to invade than Fullerton. All surrounding cities thank Fullerton for assisting with the county homeless problem.

            1. Porky, your time is now. Break the chain of your past. And quit laughing, Because it appears someone is watching you. I don’t know who? But it is clear. Do yourself a favor and get a new career, or retire on medical. It is clear you are done.

              1. Me and JustUs and Justice For All and Anti Corruption Unit all have breakfast each morning and then we all have a lemon party for desert. You know what a lemon party is? Google it. Join us.


                1. do you breakfast at the restaurant on the N/E corner of State College and Orangethorpe? I may have to join you one Wednesday morning

  15. Lodge is trying for the Central Committee endorsement tonight. GOP Anaheim needs your help, please. This man does NOT represent the Republican party I talked my kids into registering for.

  16. I get the alleged bad endorsement. I get it. Here’s what I’m stuck on though. Who the hell followed Norby to get that picture? Not only is that strange, it’s creepy!

  17. OK OK too many retired and “disabled” on this log!! Damn, Tuco is supposedly 92 and Blondie was babbling to an empty chair at the Repub convention!
    Its a slow night, but Democrats have hope and change! They hope Clinton’s speech energized the record number of people on Food Stamps (41 million) to go out and vote. But they do not want the middle class to change their votes.
    The rhetoric in the newspapers that Gallop poll says its a TIED election 50 – 50 is for old line newspaper selling! Actually all the campaign money is being spent in only 8 states and Obama is ahead in 7 of those 8 states.
    Conclusion: As we know from the FPD instances of abuse and misuse, you can’t always trust news organizations for quality factual reporting. They edit out all the good pertinent info. We all know that they come to California, raise money and spend it in the 8 states thus screwing the California economy. Al Gore won on popular vote and i heard 50 times that legislation would be introduced in congress to replace the electoral college system. Ummmm, they must have forgot since no such bill ever was introduced in committee much less voted upon in the house or senate. And Gore? The democrats forgot his name I guess. He didn’t make it to the convention.

  18. Lodge did not get the endorsement tonight from the endorsement committee. I spoke in opposition to his endorsement as did Lucille Kring and Tim Whitacre.

    1. Good job Allan! You will be called a racist since Lodge has a mexican name now. He has named himself after Cesar Chavez, former president of the United Farm Workers. Another Honkey masquerading as a brown person!
      Hmmm isn’t that how Loretta Sanchez got elected to the House of Reps? She beat B52 Bob Dornan by using her latino name instead of her real Anglo name and never moved from Palos Verdes to Garden Grove. But who was looking?

      1. Sanchez dropped her married name after she was divorced, I believe. Not the same thing although the result was an absentee representative of a Latino constituency who lived (and still may) in Palos Verdes.

        [Dimebag enters, stage left]

  19. Mr. Diamond we finally agree on one point. I too believe that sign stealers should have to hold up those signs manually for the duration of the campaign season.

    Next they should right a check to that campaign for the total cost of all the signs. Lastly, they should be thrown in jail for theft.

    1. Agree. Thiefs are thiefs. On the flip side anyone that doesn’t remove their sign should be forced to stand at that spot everyday for a week after the election is over. Same as littering.

      All politicians are dirty. Grimy. Even politicians that are bought and paid for.


  20. So I heard from MY DAUGHTER (who doesn’t work for me, a canidate), but is closely alligned with a associated campaign, that Sharron Quirk Silva, doesn’t know whether to piss or cum over this:

    She had a “Mexican themed” event planned for (Santa Ana??? AGAIN) on September 16, featuring Carnitas from a local favorite.

    The trouble is: Rosh Hoshanna, the “High Holidays” (a school Holiday in New Jersey) begins at sundown. THIS IS A HUGE CONFLICT and according to the campaign, a point of contention with some DPOC members and others.

    This is the shit’s! Sharron was only set to make $400-$600. on this but the value of SILVA-QUIRK name recognition in Santa Ana is HUGE.

    Perhaps the whole Santa Ana “theroy” is BS, but this whole mess will add to the questions.

    L’Shana Tova voters!

    1. I just tested Dimebag’s website. He is screening all comments. I guess that explains why the site seems to have no traffic except for him.

      1. First, it’s Vern’s website, not mine. The first time that someone comments, it goes into moderation and needs to be manually approved. After then, it’s usually OK. When I saw your e-mail I went onto the site to approve it, but Vern already had.

    2. She can finish it before sundown, finish a substantial part of it before sundown, or resign herself to devout Jewish supporters not attending — which is not likely to be a big problem at a carnitas event in Santa Ana.

      Devout Jews don’t expect non-Jews to avoid work from Friday sundown through Saturday sundown. It’s not an issue. (Well, maybe in New Jersey….)

      So you’re a candidate? What race?

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