Travis Kiger Fundraiser @ Matador

Fullerton City Council candidate Travis Kiger held a well-attended fundraiser yesterday at the Matador restaurant in Downtown Fullerton. As you can see, Councilman Bruce Whitaker seemed pretty happy about the prospect of getting some help on the Council.

Travis spoke briefly about his goal of bringing conservative accountability to the Fullerton City Council.

Of course Chris Thompson was on hand to share the good news of integrity and fiscal responsibility coming our way.

And I would be remiss if i didnt mention the presence of Travis’s completely adorable little daughter, Selah.

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  1. Where are all the union hacks and redevelopment bagmen? All I see are concerned taxpayers and business owners.

    1. They’re at Dick Ackerman’s house trying to figure out how to save the St. Anton project for Tricky Dick.

    1. My guess is they’ve given up on June and will try to get a slate of three stooges in come November.

      Pretty risky strategy, but that’s what happened when they crawled into the sleeping bag with HeeHaw, Blankhead, and McCreepy.

      1. No, they’ve already got at least one ‘pug with bipartisan backing and they’ve co-opted another. Nobody is waiting until November.

          1. People that vote to recall three zits who have a proven track record to failure to lead. Why would anyone waste their vote on more of the same?

  2. My front yard is beautifully decorated with Travis signs! Can’t wait for the change he will bring to our city!

  3. Good people, good character, good ideals, good intentions and nice blue signs bode well for a victory in June. Like I have said before, Travis may the wind be at your back.

  4. 15 people is “well attended?” Who needs a fundraiser anyway when you have access to Daddy Bushala’s checkbook?

    1. Said the thief who was beaten up in the locker room for being an obnoxious goth with a ciggy hanging out of the left side of his mouth while sporting a mohawk.

  5. President Truman(1945 to 1953) did not originate but made popular the phrase “the buck stops here”. As president of a rapidly changing post world war II American society experiencing economic calamity, Truman knew the success of his fair deal presidency depended on him accepting responsibility for his domestic and foreign policies.
    Truman tempered his policies with his morals and ethics. He did not dispatch his morality and ethics to task forces, ad hoc committees or commissions. When Truman said “The buck stops here” , he showed his moral fiber and fortitude to the public he promised to serve as president.
    From what I have read about Travis Kiger, I believe Mr. Kiger will honor his promise to serve the community of fullerton’s interests instead of special interests, and his moral fortitude allows him the motto ” the waste of the taxpayer buck stops here” when Travis Kiger represents the good people of Fullerton as their city council person.

    1. Doesn’t read like the 10% will necessarily go away, not for long anyway…..

      Where did all that $$$$$ go?

    1. Do the mindless masses still fall for the female in a red suit will care for you sctick?

  6. due to the lack of responses on my comparing Travis Kiger to President Truman, I am compelled to state why I hope Kiger does at the municipal level what Truman did for Americans at the national level of government.
    During world War 2, Congress authorized billions of US dollars to fund defense contractors. Soon after a flood of complaints about fraud and misuse of these funds came from the ordinary people to Congress. Truman was the only member of Congress who got in his car and drove to the defense contractors places of business. What he saw was piles of lumber bought for construction laying in the rain and trucks, jeeps, tires abandoned in fields. Unfortunately we the modern day taxpayer quickly get the point.
    Truman returned to Congress with the proof that billions of US taxdollars was stolen by these defense contractors and Truman was instrumental in reforming awards of defense contracts.
    A dollar still is a dollar to the taxpayer regardless if it is stolen or misused at the national or municipal level. Kiger and FFFF do for us, the good people of fullerton, what Truman did for the good people of our nation who worked and fought against Hitler’s tyranny in world War 2. give the evil triad hell, Travis and give us honest, prudent government.

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