The Dilapitated Dinosaurs Want Their Money Back

Heh heh. The hardest part of the game is gonna be keeping the score down. Heh heh.

If you think about it, anti-recall managers Bennett, Ackerman and Ellis really screwed the pooch (and I don’t use that phrase lightly).

The Three Bald Ties put their reputations in the hands of Amateur Hour.

The metamorphosis into an oxygen breathing creature was slow and painful…

Remember the stupid rescission cards fiasco? The embarrassing website that just reproduced damning posts from FFFF and nonsense from Fullerton’s delusional gerontocracy?

Rock on!

And the of course there was the idiotic Stop Bushala campaign, ultimately doomed to fail since the name Bushala did not appear on the ballot.

Larry had sacrificed speed for size.

Stupid door hangers, stupid mail piece, stupid signs. Remember that awful video they touted as “hard hitting”?

These assclowns found the Recall team waiting for them with knives drawn around every corner as they kept pitching thousands of dollars into old school repuglican moneypits like Jim Bieber and Adam Probolsky.

And they lost by thirty points.

Need a jump?

True, the Three Dead Batteries put almost none of their own money into this disaster, perhaps showing the greatest wisdom of which they were capable. But even so, somebody should be asking for his money back.


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  1. I have two opposing thoughts on this.

    First, I think that the campaign any many other institutions in Fullerton were unprepared to deal with a serious (although humorous) blog that brought up questions, suggested or supplied answers, and let average people’s opinions be known. They used the old newspaper/TV methodology of trying to ignore, minimize, and marginalize competing thought. As a result, they marginalized themselves close to extinction.

    Second, as much as I would like to declare the death of the Dave Ellis smear campaigns, it may be that his method worked wonders. The three recallees garnered 34% of the vote. Do you really thnk that given a calm, rational review of the situation, that 34% of the voters would think that these three were doing a fine job? It may be that only the genius of Dave Ellis in driving fear of Tony Bushalla into the campaign prevented an even larger embarrassment for the three.

    1. Steve, I think you have to look at the total numbers. The Old Guard, left and right, could muster only so many votes and they probably mined them fairly well. Outside of that circle they probably persuaded almost no one. Which means that all the money they spent was a virtual waste.

      The real concern is that coalition could actually put the senile Bankhead back in office in November as head of a repuglican Fullerton Is For Sale Again slate.

      1. I think that those same potential voters would see Larry Bennet as courageous for standing up and would see him as the status quo of the future.

  2. I know a lot of people who don’t read this blog, don’t care about a lot of issues brought up on it or it’s political philosophy, and who voted yes on the recall.

    The indifference and lack of compassion or taking responsibility after Kelly Thomas’s death sealed their fate and no amount of campaign spending was going to change that.

    1. yes. the obfuscation,indifference and lies put forth by fullerton city council members mckinley, bankhead and jones got them recalled and thus publically shamed

  3. They thought they’d win in this game of chicken.

    In the old days, no one bothered to push back.

    1. This blog is a great read and very funny, the satire is over the top and I like it that way. The voters had a clear choice of either keeping the status quo or dumping the status quo. Thank Budda the voters are much (65%) smarter than I thought. I believed it would be a much closer race, I’m guessing all those mailers Bushala paid for made it a blow out.
      Congratulations to all those that voted and who were a part of the recall and to those that run this blog!

  4. Okay, in the third pic down from the top, who is the old Model A with the hot cup of tea?

    1. His name is Bill Gillespie, and he’s one of the old guard establishment stooges

      He filed a 40 page complaint with the FPPC saying that Tony Bushala was breaking the law. His complaint turned out to be a false complaint. Bushala did everything by the book.

    2. He was previously described as a “gnome fossil”, which is perhaps the greatest turn of phrase in the history of FFFF.

  5. I think this was a clear indication, in part, of the gentrification of Fullerton. The old guard who supported the 3 recalled councilmen got out and voted, they just did not have enough votes. the younger voting block had the votes, but did not vote en masse, as the old guard did. That was the only reason it was not more of a landslide.

  6. Primary elections are almost always associated with low turnout and heavily absentee. They are almost always conservative leaning as well. The recent June gloom has been cast on the the old guard and its a really deep marine layer. it won’t burn off anytime soon. Come November the status quo will be in even bigger trouble in this town. The snowball is rolling downhill, gaining size, speed and momentum. Barring the suspension of gravity there is no turning this thing back. Sorry Charlie all sellouts are final.

  7. I am just delighted that Mr. Bushala beat these freaks at their own game! 🙂 And all of them thought that their game was the only game in town! 🙂 Probably one of the best investments that Mr. Bushala made in his lifetime. And a huge windfall for the citizens of Fullerton. The citizens should get down on their hands and knees to thank Mr. Bushala. Without him – none of this would’ve happened. Fullerton should organize a “Tony Bushala Day”. And, no, I don’t know Mr. Bushala nor have I ever met him. But I have lived long enough to know that if someone is owed a debt of gratitude that you need to express it. That is the grease that lubricates the wheel of civilization.

  8. right on! and kiger, seaborn and chaffee need to fight on for the good people of fullerton who have suffered so much at the hands of mckinley, bankhead and jones.

    1. I am not arguing, but inviting a dissertation. Issues have been raised over the treatment of Kelly Thomas. Issues have been raised over the cost of redevelopment, inside deals, bloated pensions, ect.

      How does the average voter feel that they have “suffered” under McKinley, Bankhead, and Jones.

      Perhaps FFFF take your explanation as a separate post.

  9. The election results are now official. Here are some interesting factoids.

    – Pat McKinley was recalled in EVERY Fullerton precinct.
    – Jones and Bankhead were recalled in EVERY Fullerton precinct except 13068 which is probably Raymond Hills. Either way, it means Jones or Bankhead, one of the two, was recalled by their own neighbors, just like Pat McKinley.
    – Travis Kiger won EVERY Fullerton precinct.

    1. Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest must still be lost in a purple haze asking “What happened?” None of them will ever hold a political office again unless it’s an appointment by one of their enablers. Maybe Royce will throw one of them a lifeline and let him answer the office telephone.

  10. Congrats to Tony Bushala and all. I am glad the recall worked. This is the model in which citizens should copy when they smell corruption. It sends a message: The People are stronger than government. By voting the bile out of office, it shows what a concerted effort can do. Nice going all.

  11. It was probably the most idiotic campaign I’ve ever seen. I mean, what could they possibly have done worse?

    They spent most of their money advertising the recall, and every time they opened thier mouths on camera, they lost votes.

  12. Dave Ellis is used to rolling in to a political fight and ambushing an unsuspecting person or group. His typical m.o. in the inland empire was to jump in and sucker punch an opponent before they knew what was coming and by the time the opponent started to figure it out it was too late to effectively react.

    This time old Dave failed to understand there would be no free shot, no first punch on his terms, and certainly no unsuspecting naive opponent here. Dave walked in to this party and got the shit kicked out of him when he walked in the front door. Before Dave could size things up and take advantage of the situation he was in over his head. Dave is not used to a fight which included the other side landing blows and landing them first, last and often in between.

    Dave was not able to win this fight because the recall effort did not let him define the fight and did not sit back and take it. Dave has not seen war that included needing to play some defense. He knew not the concept of receiving a first strike or a counter attack and had no answer for it in his play book.

    Dave was a bully in a cowards body. He had seen some success in races where there were rules of decorum everyone adhered to but him. Dave had never been required to actually covey a positive message to sell his client, rather, Dave’s playbook has always been to just destroy the other side. Make up enough lies about your opponent and they will just be hated so much your side will win.

    Dave wanted to take a cheap shot and run before FFFF could retaliate. Once he had to actually face his opponent and fight he was exposed as impotent.

    1. True. When he brought in Tony’s divorce settlement it was already all over. And it just got worse for the amphibian – gloves off an no holds barred. He wasn’t up to the task. A flaccid phallus with nothing left. Ellis and Ackerman and Jones, just a couple of old repuglican limp dicks and a dave.

    2. Also, has been exposing who Dave Ellis is for almost two years, so that when us common politicos encounter him, we know how to head him off.

  13. I agree with you RI, they were just tired of the bullshit. They did their time. They just said, See if they can do any better. But as they well knew. Things are not going to change that much, if any.

    1. “Things are not going to change that much, if any”

      Famous last words.

      Watch and learn, amigo. It’s cleanup time! 😀

  14. F you reality is and your stupid faces. If I were the admin of this blog I would have booted your sorry ass a long time ago.

    Again, go f your self you sorry lame ass loser.


    I really don’t see what the big deal with this is, the officer asked the man to stop loudly cursing several times. The man was cursing in front of him and his wife while they were having dinner, I would have been offended also. The man wouldn’t listen, and sometimes shit happens when you just ignore an officer. Kelly Thomas would still be here today if he had just listened.

    1. You seem to be ignorant to the details of Kellys case. There is really no differnce between these two cases. If a cop has it in for you it dosen’t matter what he is saying for his DAR ,… there is a problem when you begin to dicern that his intentions are different than what he is asking. His goal could be just to antaganize you. This is probably a trainded police tactic to lie and intimidate as a means of getting information. This may work with a criminal or rebel rouser but this tactic doesn’t work well with the homeless and emotionaly unwell. 29 jump… I hope you think about . If you were to trade places for a while I wonder if you would have a different conclussion altogether.


    Pam has apologized on the city’s behalf for the outrage and lack of calm .However, it seems that outrage would be the natural reaction to indifference. It seems her solution is more of everything…. even though we already care for our homeless well in this city.
    I would really like to tell her to …”Please don’t speak on behalf of the homeless & from Kellys vantagepoint unless you work alongside the homeless. What Kelly needed most wasn’t more… but less from city leaders who have the power to legislate more control and peace officers who too often violate basic human rights on the streets. Please don’t speak for Kelly if you lack a basic understanding of the true needs of the homeless.What the homeless and mentaly ill both need most… is the same God given rights that our country fought for and for which all American citizens deserve.They don’t need to be smothered with kindness or help they didn’t ask for.

    1. Whos idea was that? Most of the help in this city is from unpaid vollunteers and churches. It seem this is the way it should be.Some chuches do recieve some sort of compensation but many don’t and are very happy to opperate in that capacity. Many needy people don’t bother to go to dinners offered for the needy because they recieve overwelming monetary compensation and food stamps in thier mail boxes. No wonder our state is nearly bankrupt. We throw money everywhere!

  17. OC supervisor meeting to argue paycuts to department of community relations today. More money doesn’t necissarily mean better public public relations. The most basic compassion this department needs to operate seems to be missing. Did anything good happen in fullerton from Kennedys work for community relations in the Kelly Thomas aftermath. It appears the underlying agenda in kennedys taskforce recomenation is to inact more measures over the emotionaly challenged. Yes, force them off the streets. Put medication down their throats. Only put yourself in that position yourself first.Subject yourself to the confines of a mental hospital, the same way a police officer subjects himself to a tazing treatment during his training.

  18. I really don’t understand why it’s the taxpayers job to foot the bill for lawsuits against organized goons, or how you can make six figures with a GED. But it is pretty easy to understand why we should help the homeless, at least those who are mentally ill or otherwise unable to care for themselves.

  19. In her letter to the Fullerton Observer, Pam Keller fails to recognize the biggest problems facing Fullerton CANNOT be solved by joining hands and working together to rebuild our community. In fact, average citizens are completely hopeless and incapable of fixing specific problems on our own.

    She just doesn’t get it. Never has, never will. Feeding the homeless will not fix Fullerton. Nor will additional graduates from the Citizens’ Police Academy, which is a complete joke.

    And more listening and less blaming? I think that’s Kellerspeak for don’t hold the unions and their members accountable for anything.

  20. I was wondering why the three dead batteries put almost none of their own money into the recall fight? After all, they all make good money off of the munificent municipal union pension system, and ol Doc Jones makes a pretty penny as a brain surgeon. So money is no object, yet they chose to put little of their own money into the anti recall effort. Can anyone explain to this dumb Tuco Maria Ramirez why three relatively well off residents/councilmen were so parsimonious with their contributions to staying on city council? It truly makes no sense since as Jesse Unrah said, “Money is the Mother’s Milk of Politics!”

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