Pam Keller Speaks! Apologizes For Not Stopping Our Bad Behavior.

Don’t let the silly hat fool you. There’s nothing underneath.

Yes, ever sanctimonious, ever self-righteous, Fullerton’s Queen Collaboratrix, Pam Keller issued a statement at the June 5th Swan Song of the the Three Bald Tires in which she really outdid herself.

I like the part where Pam declares herself up for a good sidewalk protest. We know all about that. She doesn’t mind screaming at people when her own self-interest is involved. Did Keller even show up at a sidewalk protest in front of the police station to protest the bludgeoning death of an innocent man at the hands of the FPD? Of course not. When there’s nothing in it for her it’s a lynch type mob.

But really, suggesting that Kelly Thomas was even remotely a factor for divisiveness in Fullerton  is stupid even for a dope like Keller.  No Pam, any divisiveness you perceive in Fullerton was caused by rogue, murderous cops and a sclerotic, incompetent regime bent on covering it up; a regime that ripped off its citizenry to pay for it’s own exorbitant salaries and benefits; a regime that handed out free land worth millions to campaign (and Fullerton Collaborative) contributors.

But in reality Keller is as wrong as she can be. We now know that the community is, and was not divided. The people of Fullerton demonstrated solidarity spectacularly on June 5th 2012, the very day Keller delivered herself of her idiotic diatribe. Two thirds of the voters delivered a very different sort of message, a message of unity, hope and reform.

The Recall of Jones, Bankhead and McPension succeeded in every precinct in Fullerton, rich and poor, Anglo, Latino, and Asian-American.

Say goodnight Pam, your party’s over.


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    1. Pam Keller’s article is simply more support for the theory that there is no substitute for intelligence. If one is stupid, one is often going to talk and act stupid.

      The really sad part is not so much that Pam Keller is too ignorant to understanding the logic errors in her article but that she is not able to appreciate the full magnitude of her ignorance, probably in all areas.

      The public sector is the only place someone like Pam is employable. She should apply for employment at the FPD.

  1. What paper printed that Keller slop?

    I’m taking a deep breath as she suggests in the poignant garbage of hers before proceeding.

    The children need to learn, that when you elect someone to office to represent you in a public office according th the U.S. Constitution and the oath that was taken by the person, they now have a responsibility to represent the citizens of the community for which they serve and were elected to, if they don’t do that, then our forefathers made it quite clear to raise hell and get them out of office.

    The children also need to know that when someone is stepping on your foot, you don’t ask them to, you yell at them, to get off.

    Oh and BTW, love the welder sunglasses Keller wears in pic#2 as she is screaming at John Kobylt.

    1. I’ve got a perfect match for Pam Keller. Go back and watch the video of Larry Bennett in front of the City Council and tell me that the the wedding invitations don’t write themselves…
      “we found sanctimony in matrimony so screw the rest of you”.

  2. Don’t forget that as a city council member, Pam Keller contributed to Fullerton’s mismanagement. We might not be in this mess if Pam Keller was even remotely competent and stepped up to do something before Fullerton imploded.

    Isn’t it weird that apparently nobody on the city council — including Pam Keller — demanded to inspect city records until Bruce Whitaker came along?

    I’m dead serious when I say that F. Dick Jones was an all around better councilperson than Pam Keller was. Given the choice I would vote for Dick twice on the same day if Pam Keller was his opponent.

  3. Just another clown who is trying to protect her extravagant benefits and salary. These people get paid a lot of money for 9 months work and the benefits are pretty sweet as well.

    I have a neighbor who is a teacher at Cypress College and is probably pulling down $80k per year and is usually home by 11:00 a.m., Monday thru Thursday. No class Friday. He also likes to grade exams while sitting in his driveway (neighbors walking by, talking to the ladies, etc.) Ridiculous!!

    The college requested that all instructors be on campus four days per week, but the union objected and vehemently protested. They don’t even work a forty hour week and they get paid how much??

    1. must be nice, my wife is an elementary school teacher, makes no where near 80k, works more than 40 hrs week, is on her feet all day everyday. The waste of space top heavy administration likes really big class sizes and this year they took away the morning prep times (even tho that’s in their contract) Usually they get 30min for lunch, but last week they got 15min.
      My wife contributes to her benefits and it is a little better than what my work offers. She works a bit more than 9 months. school just let out, but she is still there packing up the room. Setting up the class for the new year is also a great way she spends her “summer” vacation. Letters out to the new students, all sorts of laminated cards and things she has to write the new kids names on, bulletin boards, etc etc. Heck, I will be in the classroom this weekend moving crap.

      Maybe teaching the big kids (highschool or college) is where my wife needs to work to get those ‘great teacher perks’ everyone talks about….next year her class size will be yet again bigger and they just hired some six figure HR person who does god knows what and is never seen by anyone on the battlefield.

    2. That is not the norm in community colleges. Most faculty at community colleges teach 5 or 6 classes per semester, and with preparation (think 5 hours of preparation average for each 1 hour of lecture), plus grading, administrative work, reading to keep up with new developments in their field, etc. it is a more-than a full time job for most. If someone is making $80k they must have been there for a pretty long time. It is true that after a long career some instructors just start mailing it in, but that is not the average or the norm.

          1. Tenure is not an absurdity. It is necessary to protect academic freedom, which is part of … Freedom. That being said, post-tenure evaluation and review, with teeth, is necessary to prevent late career stagnation. Also, at community colleges tenured faculty still teach at least 4-5 classes per semester.

            1. Forgot to mention, if you don’t think academic freedom is at risk, look up Ward Churchill, fired for anti-war comments in the wake of 9-11.

              1. I generally agree. I don’t have a problem with job protection so that bad administrators (which is most of them) can’t randomly fire good teachers, but tenure or some other system of job protection still has to be based on some measure of satisfactory or above job performance.

                1. I had SEVERAL instructors at Cypress College who were tenured. These guys were so bad, they should have been working the drive-thru window at McDonalds, third shift!! I, along with several other students, complained to the dean and our complaint was summarily ignored!

                  The instructors and professors who are tenured and are not doing their jobs well, or are spewing their skewed political ideology to indoctrinate young minds, should not be protected from termination! Tenure, in many instances, is a disgrace and a SHAM!!!

            2. Boy, you and I will have to disagree there Jt.Tenure is an absurdity at the public, community college level and below for sure. Public colleges are ultimately controlled by the people through elected office holders. Academic freedom does not trump the right of the people to manage their own resources, be them educational or otherwise. I am certain you can come up with real and hypothetical examples of where tenure served the public good, but the net reality is a complete tragedy for all involved.

              1. If the people somehow controlled higher ed directly that might work, though even there I think you are wrong and that academic freedom is comparable to free speech and thus is as basic a freedom as we have. But forgetting the theoretical for a moment, in practical terms what you’d end up with is bureaucratic dictatorship. For example the CSU chancellor is an appointed position, as are the board of trustees. They select campus Presidents without faculty, student, or public input. If a faculty member didn’t have tenure and they disagreed or challenged a President they could be summarily fired, even if they are great at what they do and their students love them. And knowing administrators, they would be only too happy to “purge” their campuses of all “troublemakers” – who are usually the best thinkers on those campuses. So there has to be some system protecting scholars and teachers from the arbitrary exercise of power by unelected bureaucrats.

                In more theoretical terms, what you would see if you got rid of tenure is that the State would purge the Universities of dissenters. All anti-war activists, pro civil-liberties activists in Universities would be the first to go. Universities would become state propaganda mills.

                There might be some sort of possible compromise where tenure is not absolute, but it is in contracts that teachers or scholars are entitled to full academic freedom and freedom of speech and expression. In that case, firing a teacher for their political views or research findings would result in enormous lawsuits and academic freedom could be maintained. Maybe in the best of all possible worlds such a system could be devised. But just getting rid of tenure at the moment would be a disaster for free speech and dissent.

  4. Pam Keller is the face of the old regime that editor of the Fullerton Observer ,Sharon Kennedy,sister of Rusty Kennedy who accuses the community of Fullerton for killing Kelly thomas with their indifference not the six fullerton police officers who beat him to death, promotes and panders to in her fish wrap newspaper.
    Keller, the Kennedy’s and their cling-ons, Jones,McKinley, Bankhead are nothing more than gross flaws that mars the fabric of our community.
    When a fullerton city council member, Keller wanted city funds to set up a propaganda website that said only positive things about her and her fellow council persons and the municipal government of fullerton .
    Keller, here is your challenge. Set up a your own website that puts a positive spin on the Fullerton Police Department paying out millions of our tax dollars in legal settlements for: molesting female detainees, beating kelly thomas to death, perjury leading to prison sentences for the victim, false arrest.
    come on Keller, you are such a good, positive person who seeks out the morally superior road to walk all over our battered community, let us, the good people of fullerton, see how the moral values your website.

    1. Keller’s propaganda website was the best idea she had to offer. Pam Keller is actually stupider than Sharon Quirk and that’s saying a lot!

    2. my error, not the fullerton PD but the city of fullerton under the direction of fullerton city council members paid out millions of dollars of our money to buy hush for the FPD

    3. o.k. I finally get it.

      The only thing that the OC Register is good for is the bottom of the bird cage.

      The Fullerton Observer is for wrapping dead fish.

      Neither paper has any sense of decency, or decent reporters, they might as well be good for the environment.

  5. Another watergirl for the uncivil establishment, eh?

    More ‘don’t do as WE do, do as WE say’.

    It’s okay if Pam’s masters are uncivil. But, by God, don’t you follow their example.

    Time to clean up your own nest first, Pam, before preaching to others.

    1. Good point. How come none of the Establishment drones ever took Jones to task for being a rude, loud-mouthed bully?

      Oh that’s right. They’re drones.

  6. She’s a freakin’ teacher? Look how she misuses question marks – not once but twice when she’s not even asking questions!

    What an ignoramus.

    1. Most elementary school teachers have B.A. degrees in Complete Bullshit. So cut her some slack, I think the Complete Bullshit curriculum requires a “D” grade in English 101.

        1. I tend to agree. I wouldn’t want to be an elementary school teacher if I earned twice what I earn now. Between overfull classrooms, unprepared and troubled kids, and angry neurotic parents, I’d definitely end up with a drinking problem sooner rather than later.

    1. The following is a statement issued by FPOA President Barry Coffman in response to Pam Keller’s comments to city council.

      “I am here tonight to consume as many baked potatoes as possible. “

      “I am all for more BBQ. I have stood on plenty of city sidewalks eating bratwurst and foot-long hot dogs. Our freedom to eat Doritos is what makes America a good place to live. Sometimes we need ice cream to shift attention to what is important. However, we teach our children that with snacks come jumbo-sized sodas.”

      “We are responsible for eating our community. I will admit I have had a large order of nachos while watching people who profess to be protesting pork rinds with what sometimes is closer to bacon. People who are demanding Hostess fruit pies yet are calling you names such as Twinkies and Cupcake.”

      “I have had the same kind of messages left on my phone because people assume I am a pizza delivery service.”

      “The death of the McRib was a tragedy, there is no doubt about that. But I have heard it will return, and I will eat another 7, or 9, or 25. I have to wonder if some meat loafs are watching this from somewhere and shaking their head in disbelief.”

      “In my opinion, a tribute to pork chops would be to join pretzels and work together to rebuild an all-you-can-eat waffles breakfast station. Working together to find more Funyons for our community would be different for each person:

      *more people being trained in deep frying.

      *more people robbing food banks.

      *more lip-smacking at a respectful level and less burping. More swallowing and less chewing.”

      “We can’t and won’t move forward until we pull up our sleeves and deep fry our own ham hocks.”

      “I challenge everyone listening to a grilled lamb eat-off. Stop looking for ways to lose weight and enjoy late-night consumption of pot-roast we mutually love.”

      Stay greasy,

      1. I got as far as , “I have stood on many sidewalks eating Bratwursts”, and I fell on the floor.

  7. A belated apology for being an A-hole sitting on the fence.

    That is one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen.

  8. Pam reminds me of a nasty pile of crap you step in walking in the park,she smells like crap,looks like crap and spews crap…Pam is crap and will always be crap…by the way Pam,horse called and wants his teeth back….horse mouth looking snail trail leaving vag!

  9. Notice Pam’s first affiliation is with the public employees – not the citizens of Fullerton. That statement says it all.

  10. The divisiveness in Fullerton is due to Bushala and his mindless followers. Bushala and his worthless stupid followers are a waste of space.

    1. The divisiveness in Fullerton is due to Bushala and his mindless followers? Having a rouge police goon squad on the loose and a cover up crew on the city council had nothing to do with it? Yeah you really told us how it is. The voters have spoken,let the haters hate and cry all you want you sniveling little whiner.

          1. Anonymous is just in a bad mood since he knows he can’t golf and go to Starbucks when he’s in jail.

          2. No, it’s about all your pea brain can handle. Don’t kid yourself anymore. You are not smart. Anytime anyone makes a reasonable intelligent statement the folks on this blog jump all over it and make totally insane remarks. There is no reason, responsibility or accountability with this blog. Since you are not intelligent you won’t be able to understand this and will not be able to respond in an intelligent manner. So why waste big words on you…you are an idiot.

            1. Anonymous :
              There is no reason, responsibility or accountability with this blog.

              Way to reinforce your point by posting anonymously. Well done.

                1. What kind of lame response is that? It appears you refuse to respond in an intelligent manner . . .

            2. @Anonymous, “Don’t kid yourself anymore,” since you have NEVER made “a reasonable intelligent statement.”

              “Don’t kid yourself anymore,” you don’t know any “big words,” and whenever you do attempt to use “big words” that you’ve heard, -you have absolutely no clue what they mean, and you can’t spell them anyway.

            1. I’m as open minded as the next guy but I prefer my police not wearing rouge. At least on the job. If they want to wear eyeliner and mascara in the privacy of their homes that’s their business.

    2. Anonymous :
      The divisiveness in Fullerton is due to Bushala and his mindless followers. Bushala and his worthless stupid followers are a waste of space.

      Pam is that you? bitter much?

    3. Hey loser Anonymous, 65% of the voters you’re calling “”mindless followers”. No sale here.

    1. Just threw up in my mouth. I see this lady around town. She appears obnoxious and arrogant at all times.

  11. Would be great to get a side by side of her apologizing for bad behavior and lack of civility with her screaming and KFI.

  12. She says, “The death of Kelly Thomas is a tragedy, there is no doubt about that. But….” An apology with a “but” attached is not a real apology. She revealed her true self.

    Also, she refers to the “people who are demanding higher standards on the moral behavior of our council members and city staff” as creating a “ruckus”. It sounds like she meant that in a negative way but the dictionary defines it as a noisy commotion over a heated controversy. Thank God for those who created a ruckus!

  13. I give her a teenie weenie bit of sense for not running for re-election though, but that’s the only bright spot.

  14. I expect to see Keller on the ballot in the coming election. I don’t think she knows what she is in for.

    1. Filing period begins approximately mid-July; pull papers first, get required number of signatures, file and wait. I don’t remember the duration of time between pulling papers and filing them – two weeks, maybe?

    1. Well none, really, but she takes credit for everybody else’s volunteer efforts and of course she is on the payroll.

  15. Once they get a taste of the limelight the hate to stand outside the circle and look in. They miss that sense of power and apparently feels empty without it. They always try to stay in the news so people don’t forget about them. And they beg for the opportunity to throw their little bonnets back into the ring to restore their power. People who lose their power often feel naked. That’s because they have no sense of self. One thing you can’t hide is when you’re crippled inside.

    1. She strolled in there like royalty. She looked and acted as though she had finally decided she could not remain silent any longer…her royal subjects simply needed to hear from their queen! The whole scene and her demeanor, not to mention the utter nonsense and whining she spewed, were pathetic and sick.

  16. Indoor air quality has been problematic for years in Fullerton’s classrooms. Aspartame laden drinks are consumed enmasse in Fullerton teachers lounges. Lead flux leaching from the taps is also problematic on all campuses. All of this combined with the umbilical cord clamping at birth has yielded an intellectually and morally challenged, bizarre individual that appears to really get off on bootlicking. Oh the humanity. Did I mention all of the sodium fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydrated aluminas and titanium dioxide in the bleaching agents and propyl alcohol in the mouthwash as possible contributors as well? Poor thing. As we become a vasal state descending into austerity, I can envision her her on the sidewalk rallying, not against the shedding of innocent blood, but rather screaming at the top of her lungs for her raise every year, summers off and her pension and to hell with anyone else but her and her own. Kelly Thomas was tried convicted and executed in the street by agents of the state. This and other atrocities will continue to be made possible by people like her that fail to speak out, fail to stand in the gap and blatantly worship the those who violate the public trust and usurp their authority. She needs to go back to her 1984 memory hole. She will feel right at home there where she belongs.

    1. F’ing GOLD post right here folks. 100% truth. These people are products of their environment and the things they put in their bodies.

      Sad really.

  17. Hey the video wasn’t up when I first saw this blog. After seeing her say pretty much what she wrote there, she has the audacity to use Kelly’s name in vain to make her point. That’s.. just wow. I don’t know if she is a tea party member, but she sure sounds like she is “bagging tea”.

    I don’t know if Pam knows the situation about Kelly Thomas, but I would guess that Kelly would be more like the one cursing, indignant, and screaming for justice. I think Kelly Thomas would be siding with his father’s crusade/Kelly’s army/Tony’s recall/FFFF and not this Kelly Thomas who Pam thinks he would want the city to become after his death because and the bottom line is if it weren’t for them, those people that killed Kelly, would be living their lives like nothing happened. Those people who are supposedly in charge of those murderers, public servants, leaders, and all the other words to describe the role of a city council person is, they wouldn’t have even done an investigation (or lifted a finger) if it weren’t for his father and army/Tony/FFFF crew.

  18. With the Orange County Board of Supervisors considering a move to hold back funding for the county’s human relations efforts today at their weekly public meeting, the Voice of OC Community Editorial Board sat down with Fullerton City Manager Joe Felz to talk about the work of the OC Human Relations Commission in the wake of the Kelly Thomas police beating.

    1. why does rusty kennedy not mention the other good works his commission has done for the community? In 1999 he gave a then fullerton police chief pat mckinley a thousand dollars along with a community oriented policing award for fullerton PD’s outstanding community policing efforts.
      And rusty does not mention that fullerton police chief pat mckinley served on rusty’s human relations commission as a representative of law enforcement.
      And the Fullerton PD has a history since with mckinley of abusing the civil rights of fullerton’s community.
      and why was rusty unaware of this? After all he has lived all his life in fullerton and is a colleague of pat mckinley?

  19. I love the “don’t look for ways to blame…” Still the same old Keller. Dodging responsibility and accountability every tired step of the way.

    I hope she does run – I can see the mailers now: voted for an illegal water tax every time she was asked to. A signature member of the Kulture of Korruption.

  20. It is awesome and inspiring to see what the citizens of Fullerton have done to demand justice and uncover corruption. It’s got me curious to know what my own local government is up to. Thanks for opening my eyes!

  21. Justice for ALL :
    Anonymous is just in a bad mood since he knows he can’t golf and go to Starbucks when he’s in jail.

    buttonh00k :
    Hey the video wasn’t up when I first saw this blog. After seeing her say pretty much what she wrote there, she has the audacity to use Kelly’s name in vain to make her point. That’s.. just wow. I don’t know if she is a tea party member, but she sure sounds like she is “bagging tea”.
    I don’t know if Pam knows the situation about Kelly Thomas, but I would guess that Kelly would be more like the one cursing, indignant, and screaming for justice. I think Kelly Thomas would be siding with his father’s crusade/Kelly’s army/Tony’s recall/FFFF and not this Kelly Thomas who Pam thinks he would want the city to become after his death because and the bottom line is if it weren’t for them, those people that killed Kelly, would be living their lives like nothing happened. Those people who are supposedly in charge of those murderers, public servants, leaders, and all the other words to describe the role of a city council person is, they wouldn’t have even done an investigation (or lifted a finger) if it weren’t for his father and army/Tony/FFFF crew.

  22. wow this is not about pam keller. she she saw a chance for publicity unfortunatly she only opened her mouth to change feet. Sad but true. leave her “family out of this” The poor homeless man(Mr. Thomas) WHO SLEPT IN A GARBAGE CAN( so they cant find hime to beat him to death in a dark ally )and those dirty cops are all I will focus on. Hello…… My son needs a job badly and my son wont even think about working for the fullerton police dept. FOR FEAR HIS CO-WORKERS ARE IN ON IT even Helen Keller can SEE,THE FALSE SENSE SECURITY FULLERTON P.D AS GIVEN US p.s while THE REST OF THE SUPPOSED STILL GOOD COPS JUST STOOD AROUND AND DID NOTHING. I REST MY CASE

    1. As I was saying… Officer Cyclopse said something to the effect “You talk tough but when the cops pull you over, you’ll shit your pants”. I say, when that’s a normal reaction to a police stop, Houston we have a problem. Police stops shouldn’t make people goof their panties. It’s part of a larger problem, coast to coast, nationwide. The message we’re suppose to pick up is “Obey or else”.

  23. ps im a different chickie pooh #73 not # 71 dumbass like i said this is about KELLY THOMAS OH WELL i guess he’ll NOW be STAYING in a COFFIN , YOU FILTHY ANIMALS no more trash cans for him. Hope you can LIVE with your selves, which is moe than i can say for KELLY THOMAS.

    1. Kelly is not in a coffin. Ron Thomas made sure of that. No going back for evidence. He was burned.

          1. Yup after reading the John Doe posts, Tuco firmly believes he will BURN!! The Lord works in mysterious ways. Why even my brother became a priest! Do you know him? Father Ramirez. He is a good man!

  24. “I have to wonder if Kelly is watching this from somewhere……..” NEWSFLASH Pam:

    He’s dead. He’s Dead at the hands of criminal conspiracy, that the folks you are apologizing to tried to cover up.

    Her holding hand comments remind of the famous Jay Leno line: ” I want to solve homelessness too, I just don’t want to hold hands with Robert Blake in the Desert to do it”. In reference to the HandsAcrossAmerica campaign.

    She is a hack.

  25. After watching the Keller video I have even less respect for her than before the video was posted. Leaders should not have to read prepared speeches before a public assembly of people. For all I know that speech could have been written by Dick Jones. Real leaders ad lib. They don’t read a script like a 10 year old in english class. How was she ever elected by the Fullerton citizens in the first place?

    1. “How was she ever elected by the Fullerton citizens in the first place?”

      Her and McKinley..

      1. Because she works for the Fullerton School District. That’s how. Same for Sharon Quirk. Women voters in Fullerton are drawn in by FSD employees, probably because lots of women choose teaching as a career choice. And those women tell their girlfriends who tell their girlfriends, and before you know it, Pam Keller and Sharon Quirk are elected.

  26. OMG-zzzzzz

    That woman sounds exactly like a dial tone.

    Yikes, I bet a lot was accomplished when she was on the council. not,

    1. This broad hasn’t lived 1 single day in reality. She was once a city official? Scary shit.

  27. Pam should be ashamed of herself. A human was murdered by cops acting like thugs. Please keep your dumb mouth shut Pam.

      1. Dude Im going to totally download their album off of napster or irc once I get call waiting on my phone line. I would totally be stoked if they tour with Len or Tal Bachman.

        That would be SICK! WHOOO!!!

  28. Other then spending more money on cops, unless of course it’s training them not to beat people to death, her ideas did not seem that bad. I wonder how many of the people on here who make sexist insults and attack her for being unintelligent know her personally. Seems like most just agree to hate and insult whomever the writers of these posts tell them to hate. Not sure how that is going to bring healing to Fullerton, but I guess it makes people feel better about themselves.

    1. We don’t need to know her personally to determine she isn’t very intelligent. She was on the city council for years and I saw more than enough to make a fair assessment.

      In case you missed it, Pam’s smug demeanor and condescending remarks are the reason she is being criticized here.

      1. Unbenounced to her lame, pathetic stockholm syndrome hide, she lectures and gloats in front of the mother of a murder victim named Michael Nida who leaves behind 4 children who was shot with a machine gun in the back by the Downey PD. Watch the mother who is astonished by her smug and idiotic diatribe, comments and demeanor. Michael Nidas mother is seated in plain view of the camera directly behind her. I stand behind my comments posted earlier.

        1. Truth Seeker: I couldn’t help but wonder and guess what was going through Jean’s mind as she sat there listening and shaking her head.

    2. Kelly Thomas died of cop, not of being homeless. None of Ms. Keller’s ideas propose to fix anything that is obviously broken that substantially contributed to Kelly’s death.

      For the record, the insults your reading aren’t sexist (maybe I missed one, but it sure isn’t enough to lump folks into a group.) No need to drop that bomb without cause. Mean and malicious will do just fine.

    3. Assuming that was really her at the podium reading what SHE wrote and not some howler monkey in her likeness, how is knowing her personally going to change anything?

      And her bullet pointed thoughts were useless feel good, tree hugging, unrealistic B to the S

      More people trained in the Citizen’s Police Academy? really? Isn’t that neighborhood watch with a fancy name?

      More people volunteering at homeless shelters/food banks/meal programs? which one does she volunteer at regularly? and how does eliminate any problems? what does that have to do with the issue she was whining about in the first place? I believe it was apologizing to the Droopy Drawers, Deputy Dawg, Chicken Hawk and the rest of the Looney Tune gang

      Less screaming and more conversing at a respectable level? Now that’s just funny, especially as I look at that picture (above) of her screaming at John Kobylt, doesn’t look like its at a respectable level, to me.
      If you see someone robbing your house do you gently and respectfully tell them to stop?
      If more people raised a little cain and stopped being so politically correct all the time, you might see numbskulls like Keller think twice before talking and acting like they just invented a cure for cancer.

      1. As a graduate of the Citizens Police Academy, I can assure you that these classes arn’t even on par with Neighborhood watch. It is a class to learn the inside workings (what they will tell you) of the FPD. I enjoyed the class, but does not help the Fullerton situations going on by one iota.

    4. Ideas? How about stupid empty-headed, feel good cliches.

      Pam Keller is a vacuous fool. There I said it. She sold us out to development interests downtown as soon as she could. Boat rides and drinkies with developers.

  29. There are numerous attacks on personal appearance, calling her an airhead, vag, etc. People can say what they want. And maybe the people who dislike her know things about her I don’t. I was just basing my opinion on the posted article, which seemed to be calling for an end to slandering opponents and joining in unity for the sake of the city. Maybe not everyone is ready to do that though.

    1. You must live in the same camp of confusion and denial that Pam comes from.

      This idea of unity and joining hands and volunteering and rebuilding our community is just pure unadulterated nonsense. It’s not a solution to anything and doesn’t come close to addressing the core problems in Fullerton.

      Our city has problems because there is no accountability at City Hall or the Police Department. That’s the bottom line. Until somebody starts kicking ass at City Hall, figuratively speaking, NOTHING will improve for the better in Fullerton.

      Don’t kid yourself by buying into Pam Keller’s fantasy world ideas.

    2. Well, no, that’s not what the post was about.

      It was about demonizing the belligerent mob. Quite frankly, you don’t move on together as a community by insulting people who are upset over a state-sponsored murder.

      She made three critical errors in her statement.

      1) First paragraph– She has absolutely no authority to do anything to stop anyone. Stating that she’s coming forward now to do something is arrogant and elitist.

      2) She used a false dichotomy to separate herself and her opinions from those of the general pro-recall community. I can most certainly be for higher moral standards without resorting to violence or insulting council members from a podium. By using the false dichotomy, Ms. Keller is supporting the mob myth and further dividing the community. She could have simply leaned on the 2-1 vote to make her point for forward progress.

      3) Her ideas for moving forward have nothing to do with the murder of Kelly Thomas. Again, he didn’t die of being homeless– he died of cop. We need to unite and move forward to protect our civil liberties. While her ideas may have merit on their own, the context in which she uses side steps the issue. In fact, she spends the first three paragraphs blaming the mob for bad behavior and turns around to state we shouldn’t be blaming anyone. Nice move.

      Yeah, would Kelly Thomas have more citizens go through the police academy, more volunteers at hunger kitchens, and more conversation? Sure.

      You know what else he’d like? To rest in peace knowing that no one is going to get killed by another cop in Fullerton ever again. Don’t make a statement on unification without addressing how we fix this really obvious freakin’ problem.

      1. Part of me wonders if this sideshow orchestrated by Pam is out of self-preservation. Every problem Fullerton is now facing was present in one form or another during her tenure on the council, yet she did nothing to correct it.

        I think she’s genuinely afraid of the truth coming out and exposing her failures. That’s why her “ideas” steer clear of any decisive action at City Hall.

  30. why no city council meeting tonight, website says it was cancelled. You think there might be a correlation between 2/3 of the voters saying yes to the recall?? Gee let me think!

    1. The ousted three (or is that “outed”?) didn’t want to man up – personal opinion; quorum requires 3 of the 5 to be present (at least physically).

  31. I will admit, I voted for her long a go. I see now that I was idiot. So useless, I put her on the same line as Wilson.

  32. Thank you for apologizing for me Pam. By doing so you proved that “Bourgeoisie” is still an appropriate word at times. As in your watered down Bourgeoisie liberal sensibilities have an allergy which prevents you from choosing the correct side in any conflict, if that truth would force you to start to question things within your privileged bubble. That’s why you don’t get it and you never will.

    Now, I have my own apology. I would like to apologize for all the times i took a beating defended you against some of the nut jobs on this blog. That apology was not actually to you, it was to my psyche.

    Question: Did you ever confirm what I told you regarding why I had less faith in the system than you did? You know the fact that this is the first time in modern, perhaps any, OC legal history, that an on duty officer, let alone (2), have been criminally charged for any kind of brutality against a witness or a suspect. When the cops beat the shit out of you (in this case kill you) getting justice without making a little noise seemed to be about a 16K to Zero long shot. I can’t imagine that the DA will not also file on Wolfe, so assuming he does, if any one of these three is convicted of murder, it will also be a first, but this time a first in all of California. I know, right, how fortunate for the State of CA that in it’s legal history no cop has ever killed a suspect without justifiable reason. We are after all the sunshine state, but your reality is the sunniest of all. Out of respect for you and Kelly’s family I will not address you invoking the victims name in whatever this thing of yours was, other than to say that I found it more offensive than any amount of screaming or yelling so far related to this case.

  33. Pam Keller just needs to go away. Pam only cares about Pam. I was disgusted to watch her at that podium spewing that self-rightous shit. Who does she think she is? Go away Pam!

  34. Ah, the liberal boilerplate of nebulous solutions for undefined problems.

    As I stated before, I worked on the two failed precursors to the Fullerton Observer. The second was The New Voice of Orange County. The publisher, Mike Metzler, went on from the newspaper into non-profits; The Boys and Girls Club and then the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce. He was heir apparent to Tom Umberg for the 69th Assembly seat and had the Democrat nomination in a safe Democrat district. But the Republican revolution took place in 1994 while the hispanics stayed away from the polls in protest that the district was not being represented by a hispanic, and Republican Jim Morrisey took the seat.

    Young Eric Norby bought into the newpaper at the end to provide cash to save it, but that didn’t work. There were many volunteer reporters. I was the sole fulltime paid reporter, covering politics. Rusty Kennedy worked halftime as a comsumer reporter.

    At the time, the Orange County Register and the Daily News Tribune of Fullerton (with Silvia Palmer as lead reporter) was deemed too beholden to conservative advertisers and the staus quo to represent the common people. If there was an alternative newspaper to give the common people’s views, things would be different, it was believed.

    I tell you, if we had access to blogs in those days, we would have dispensed with the expense of paper, ink, and distribution and started a blog. As it was, I am not sure that we were actually allowing the view of the average person but the view of an out of power elite. It seems that now this elite do not like hearing the voice of the average person on the blogs.
    in the street, or at council meetings.

    Ralph Kennedy showed us how to do it right and the Fullerton Observer has existed for decades. Rusty Kennedy took control of the Orange County Human Relations Commission and that has existed for decades. As Pam Keller states, food banks and hot meal programs have been running for decades. And with all this, Kelly Thomas was still beaten to death in the town square of Fullerton while the public looked on.

    Personally, I got bored with the liberal boiler plate a quater century ago and have come to prefer the conservative process of the accurate definition of a problem followed by a realistic solution, if solution is even possible.

    Pam Keller wants people to work in the rebuilding of Fullerton, without defining what it was that was destroyed and what needs rebuilding.

    1. Yeah, And I also heard that some of the homeless that were hanging around that night took cheap shots at Kelly also. Cause Kelly would steal their food from the garbage cans. It will all come out in the trial.

    2. its not about politics , Steve. It is about the beating death of a homeless, disabled man by brazen, Fullerton police officers in full view of the public.
      It is about the bi-partisan, members of diverse social strata obfuscating evidence in this beating death, pointing the fingers at everyone but the culprits, complicity amongst Fullerton’s city council, its municipal government and police department.
      It is simplistic to dice and chop our society with dollar signs and politics, liberal and conservative.
      The fact is evil has no problem appealing to fools at all levels of socio-economic strata. Evil in our politics, our local government manipulated the stunted fools who need to hear what evil says and ignores what it does to society.
      Pam Keller is a perfect example of this fool.

      1. I agree with most of what you write, but political philosophy does enter into problem solving.

        There is such a thing as society which is the aggregate of the personal actions of all individuals. There is the need to create systems to guide the personal actions of individuals. But personal responsability can be ignored by letting the actions of individuals fall back on society or the system; at great risk to the society and the system.

        This seems to be the case with Dan Hughes and the rest of the police brass falling back on POBAR and not creating a well-disciplined police force. This seems to be the case with the three deposed council members determining to not say anything that could be construed as accepting liability while falling back on the slow wheels of the justice system to provide the leadership they were elected to provide.

        There is a particularly liberal/progressive belief that the “collective” is an entity greater than personal sovereignty. Although individuals are encouraged to examine their place in the collective, the solution is always to go back to the collective to move forward. This is why Pam Keller, and Rusty Kennedy in his letter a few weeks ago, can state that we should not place blame. It is a denial of personal responsability compared to the greater responsability of the collective.

        This is largely ow I was raised to believe and something that I had to learn my way out of. I could easily have written a letter similar to Pam’s or Rusty’s in my youth.

        They want all individuals to feel personal responsability for the death of Kelly Thomas and use that feeling of collective guilt to rededicate to the collective. Pam says that only then can we move forward without defining where the collective is progressing forward to.

  35. Its nice to see intelligent posts like Mr. Brow’s! I can easily understand those who dislike Pam Keller. Reading her missive to city council was like a rehash of the very same information sent out by the side that lost 2-1 in the recall election. It was as if she needed to get her last gasp in for the side of the three wheezer geezers!
    Maybe Pam is now an official “Wheezer Geezer?”

    1. Yes Pam suffers from the same elitist mindset that motivates the Boohoos and the “repuglicans.”

      They can’t stand it when their little cliques are challenged from outside their own tight little circles. Then they will even join each other in group hug.

      This time there will be no encore for the Old Guard. They are dying out a lot faster than they are being replaced.

  36. Remember she also hired the chief of police who went awol when his leadership was needed most. Come to think about it Quirk, Jones, Bankhead and Nelson also hired that guy. Let’s hold everyone who hired him accountable. Since Nelson is still in the politcal field let’s have Nelson explain why sellers was selected.

  37. Isnt pam Keller a Democrat? This makes no sense to me. Why is she taking the position of being in opposition of the recall teasm and mission? It would still be non sensical if she were a Rep but to my best recollection she is a dem? Am I correct or wrong?

    1. It doesn’t matter what party affliation a person is, some donkey’s are huge hypocrites who not only think they’re superior but also think they will receive a big gold star from anyone in the political arena (dirty repub or otherwise) for being politically correct.

    2. Here is one way to think about it:
      95% or more of Democrats are sellouts.
      95% or more of Republicans are sellouts.
      Why should them supporting each other surprise you?

    1. This quote in the article stuck out to me

      “Fullerton, like most of North Orange County, is considered park poor because political leaders in the 1950s and later allowed development without providing for community park space.”

      Park poor? due to politicians of the 1950’s and beyond? and who would that be? and why?

  38. I’m sure it didn’t take long for our resident Lori Galloway wanna be to figure out it was much tougher to shake down local businesses for contributions to her “collaboration” once she was not on the city council. I expect the impotent left wing in our town to hoist Ms. Keller back to the top of their dream team for this Novembers election. Keller needs the cash and the libs need their security blanket.

    I am preparing for many more self serving diatribes from Ms. Keller in the coming months along with a renewed campaign. Not looking forward to it at all. The only upside of a potential Keller redux is that the sister city trips will get a lot more lively.

  39. I look forward to a Keller campaign. She sold us out to development interests last time, and some of us haven’t forgotten.

  40. One for the books :

    The instructors and professors who are tenured and are not doing their jobs well, or are spewing their skewed political ideology to indoctrinate young minds, should not be protected from termination! Tenure, in many instances, is a disgrace and a SHAM!!!

    It sounds like you unfortunately had a bad academic experience. I agree with the first part of what your wrote above completely – teachers who don’t teach well should not be retained. Of course they should never have been tenured in the first place and that is where a lot of the problem lies – tenure requirements are way too lax and people who never should get tenure frequently do.

    The political ideology part is more tricky. Let’s say the professor is a libertarian and they espouse libertarian, free-market ideas. Would you object to that? If not, then how can you object to them espousing Marxist ideas? Depending on the class and the topic, lots of different political ideas could be introduced. As long as you’re not *requiring* that students agree with whatever political ideas you’re introducing them too, exposing them to a wide range of political or economic ideas is fundamentally good educational practice. The problem only arises when instructors force students to agree with their subjective political views. That shouldn’t happen at any level of education, but of course pro-American and pro-government propaganda are part of the basic curriculum starting in elementary school.

  41. The only information disseminated to the public about the opening of the new SOCO parking structure was announced for wed morning at 10:00 am on the city of fullerton website. . However according to a news reporter on the scene press releases where sent by fullerton to newstations that it would be on tuesday afternoon. It truly was a suit and tie affair. accept for a couple of homeless people who noticed all they festivities and stopped by.Howeve by. There seemed to be a noticible change in the lineup at events like this but all in all it was a great opening and beautiful structure but I have to admit the new FPL book dispencer was the frosting on the cake.

  42. Shawn Nelson puts up a great fight to stop the age old tradition of the OC human relations department and the wastful money to finace it. “there is no price we can pay to fix this”. He brings to light what community members are already and that an agency with money behind it doesn’t necisarrily mean less bullying, community tensions, etc. Its what we are already doing as a community of people working as vollunteers that makes a differnce. Commentary at oc supervisor meeting here at 1:03: 52 for june 19 video.
    Kennedy however had his backers which were council members who felt pride with the 40 year age old tradition of this department. Many other supporters where there with him. Descision will be postponed till next tuesday.

  43. The attempted coverup and brutal murder of Kelly Thomas has rightly divided the community. There are those those that foolishly believe going along with this sordid debauchery, blatant evil and trying to ride the tiger is a safe bet. You are very very wrong. Elitist liberals are nothing more than toilet paper to those that comprise the sociopathic and psychopathic power structure. History is replete with examples of the fate of the delusional. This woman truly is and sadly enough she is not alone but fortunately for Fullerton as of late increasingly in the minority.

    1. heres some truth for you. i, a liberal was mixing it up in the street with the pigs, when you were suckin on mommy.


    Costa Mesa cop avoids punishment for on-duty affair with woman
    June 19th, 2012, 9:40 am · · posted by Teri Sforza, Register staff writer
    inShare.2Updated 10:13 with judge’s name

    By Kasia Hall and Teri Sforza

    A Costa Mesa motorcycle officer who admitted romancing a woman in her apartment during his work shift has won a two-year battle to defeat charges of neglect of duty: His punishment was voided last week by a Superior Court judge.

    It’s an eye-opening tale that begins with a dog named Lucy.

    Lucy, Wes Cleaver’s Bichon, demanded three walks a day through the condo complex, and each promenade took the better part of a half-hour. It was on one of these that Cleaver first noticed the officer, in full uniform on his distinctively marked Costa Mesa police motorcycle, chatting with a neighbor. They were chatting when he left with Lucy; and they were chatting when he returned.

    Cleaver saw this about 10 times over the course of a month in 2008 and 2009, according to court records. That bugged him: Cleaver was president of the homeowners’ association, the condo complex was having problems with traffic and noise from nearby bars and nightclubs, and he was irritated that an officer who was supposed to be on patrol was spending personal time with his neighbor. Once he stopped and glared at the couple in an attempt to telegraph his frustration: He was angry that his tax dollars were being wasted on the officer’s salary, court records say.


    Rieckhof didn’t deny any of this, the city said. ”He admitted visiting with Rodgers privately in her condo during that time period for up to two hours at a time while on duty,” the city said in court paperwork. “He admitted that during those time periods he and Rodgers did what people normally do in getting to know one another (i.e. kissing, hugging and ‘playing grab ass’). He admitted going to dinner with her while on duty many times …. He admitted shopping for eggs and delivering them to her …. He admitted involving other officers in purchases of merchandise for Rodgers,” including a $100 Victoria’s Secret gift card. “All of this conduct was accomplished while he was on duty,” the city said. “The commingling of personal private conduct and official business in this matter is staggering.”


    Rusty Kennedy at 2:50 PM June 15, 2012
    OC Human Relations Commission responded quickly and effectively to the tragic death of Kelly Thomas at the hands of Fullerton Police.
    While the District Attorney conducted the criminal prosecution, the OIR undertook an independent internal investigation, the City Manager directed comprehensive training of all police, OC Human Relations led a broad based Task Force on the Mentally Ill Homeless.
    The Task Force included Kelly’s dad, Ron Thomas, diverse ethnic community representatives, the Chamber of Commerce, Fullerton Interfaith Ministerial Assoc., shelter providers, faith based community groups, parents of the mentally ill, county mental health experts and OC Human Relations Commission.
    Over the last 8 months facilitating this task force with hundreds of members of the public included was a top priority of OC Human Relations Commission. The final report was delivered to the City of Fullerton with 8 recommendations last week.
    The terrific people who served on this task force have committed to continuing to see this through to implementation.
    To suggest that OC Human Relations Commission didn’t do enough is just ill informed.
    Rusty Kennedy, Executive Director, OC Human Relations Commission

    1. Didn’t do enough? They didn’t do a damned thing. Absolutely pathetic. The cops murdered a man and Rusty wants to let us all know it was just the problem of not understanding how to deal with the mentally ill.

      Kennedy has a full pension of over $120,000 a year (that’s ten grand a month, folks). On top of that he gets another hundred Gs from the Human Relations Council through a contract with the County. THAT’S $220,000 GRAND A YEAR RACE HUSTLING!

  46. That proves it. I’m ill informed. Thanks for clearing that up Rusty.

    PS…FPD has told me that your task force has not done a damn thing for the homeless.

  47. Wow all that work accomplished by OC Human Relations Commission on a paltry $2.5 million budget. Wow! How does Rusty do that? I am impressed! Not!

    1. NO! The hired guns will just tell the city what they want to hear. The city is not going to hire to company to do a bunch of negative reports that costs it more money.

      I’m going to throw up if this turns out to be Gennaco’s “Office of independent review”

      All use of force cases should be handled by state or federal agency.

  48. The police chief who failed to act in the Trayvon Martin case was just fired. The reasons given could’ve applied here.

    Note to Joe Felz: You failed us. You’re fired.

    1. SherBear :
      The police chief who failed to act in the Trayvon Martin case was just fired. The reasons given could’ve applied here.
      Note to Joe Felz: You failed us. You’re fired.

      Applied 100X over, I liked seeing them squirming on News Camera, the whole bunch of them ASSHOLES!

  49. Emotionally damaged, sick fools have absolutely no place in authoritative positions.

    A modern leadership philosophy is of a supporting role, as opposed to central “Control Freaking.”

    I got the crawly feeling out of me by watching a Very successful, very very intelligent unbelievably sweet, incredibly influential and powerful lady, (Pam Kellers opposite, she is seriously damaged).

  50. So what Pam’s apology is all about is Pam.

    What’s this with her allegation of name calling? Her claim that council members were taunted with names so vile over the microphone at the city council meetings comes up short.

    Sorry, but I really don’t see this city as more fractured than it has been ever since moving here and not being able to get a moral pulse.

    Her logic doesn’t make sense. To her, the ability to 1. Gather enough signatures to force a recall, and 2. Vote to oust 3 city council members is indication to her of a city “torn apart?”

    Actually, her perception is the opposite of the truth. If the “establishment” has been rocked by a great cross section of people, including those who: 1. Don’t usually get involved with city stuff; 2. May not even vote that often –I’d call it nothing less than a sweeping gesture demanding changes which include unity, safety, and most of all justice.

    Also, for her to infer what Kelly Thomas would have thought is manipulative and pure conjecture.

    If she wants to galvanize people to work at the shelters, help the mentally ill, go through community police training, then that’s one thing. But being an apologetic while browbeating the public cements her image as a cohort who was pushed to the side and is desperate to get credit for doing good works on behalf of the marginalized.

    If anything, the actions of the last year –the exposure of the crime, the protests, the gathering of signatures, and the vote showed a lot of courage on many levels to stand up for what was right. A lot of sacrifice went into this fight.

    Good job Tony, Chris, Travis, and so many others who patiently gathered signatures throughout the city, or went to the protests on Saturdays, and who doggedly pursued the events of what happened that night. Without their energy, the changes would never have happened.

  51. Keller wants to defend those three stooges. An article from the OC Register today:

    “A big beef of redevelopment-haters was that those dollars went to pay city staffer salaries, rather than to truly battle blight.

    And that beef may be valid in at least two Orange County cities — Placentia and Fullerton — where more than half of redevelopment dollars went to administration costs, according to a new report from the Orange County grand jury.
    In Placentia, 67.8 percent of redevelopment dollars went to administration,
    while in Fullerton, 55.5 percent of redevelopment dollars went to administration.

    To put this in perspective, the law that drove the stake through redevelopment’s heart mandates that no more than 5 percent of redevelopment dollars be spent on administration this year; and it aims for no more than 3 percent spent on administration next year.

    Few are poised to meet those goals easily.

    Only four of O.C.’s 24 cities spent less than 5 percent on administration last year. Most managed to keep it below 30 percent, the grand jury found, and the O.C. average was 14 percent for 2010-11.

    There are some heroic figures, though. Seal Beach managed to keep administration costs down to 2 percent, while Mission Viejo kept them at 2.6 percent. Buena Park kept them to 4.8 percent, while Yorba Linda kept them at 4.9 percent.”

    Yes, our beloved Fullerton had one fifth the budget and spent three times that of Santa Ana. Fullerton ranks below Santa Ana in good local government. Ouch. Guess it is time to move.

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